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RT : A story about two fish keratocytes.

Cell 1: “I like going right.”
Cell 2: “I like going left.”
Cell 1…
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march 2019 by rubywhite
RT : The "Scientist of Tomorrow" competition is back! Undergrads in have the chance to win a 1-week trip to…
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february 2019 by 555nick
It could be both. Math is hard.
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july 2018 by cshier
We encourage the cross-fertilisation of ideas and disciplines. We support new ideas, innovation and bold leaps in thinking. We ensure that experimentation is at the heart of biology.

We bring people together – sharing learning and experiences, building contacts and relationships, creating links between new and established scientists, supporting the next generation of biologists.

We foster experimentation amongst scientists - encouraging new methods and novel techniques
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may 2018 by derishus
RT : Migrating melanoma cell; actin (purple), Golgi (blue) and nucleus (yellow) are labeled.
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february 2018 by maverickny
New mission for mitochondria: sort and destroy aggregate proteins
A few references regarding the thing BIG TEXTBOOK WON'T TELL ABOUT

coz it's really recent
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april 2017 by Xaverius
Transcriptic: The Robotic Cloud Company
Access a fully automated cell and molecular biology laboratory,
all from the comfort of your web browser. Transcriptic is a robotic cloud laboratory for the life sciences. Our automated, scalable platform accelerates time to market, reduces costs, and improves reproducibility.
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march 2016 by derishus
Firefly BioWorks
Firefly BioWorks has developed a novel best-in-class validation platform for multiplexed detection of microRNAs from serum, plasma, and blood in a high-throughput format. This Firefly Circulating microRNA Assay works directly from purified RNA with no required preamplification or cDNA library prep, and utilizes a novel, post-hybridization amplification step - enabling both greater efficiency and decreased bias compared to currently existing methods.
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july 2014 by derishus
Scientists Who Unravelled Cell Traffic Win Nobel - Businessweek
Their work helped unravel processes such as how pancreatic cells release insulin, how embryos liberate growth factors to stimulate organ development and how viruses infect. Changes in those pathways explain diseases that include the most common form of diabetes as well as the lethal impact of bacterial illnesses such as tetanus.
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october 2013 by jmbond
Virtual nanoscopy: Like Google Earth for cell biologists | R&D Mag
Journals dev tools FTW!!! MT : Virtual nanoscopy: Like Google Earth for cell biologists --JAG Awesome!! ...
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august 2012 by august.fly

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