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Small StrongHold Bag - Gold - Paraben
small bag to prevent any signal access to your mobile
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16 days ago by piperh
Stem Cell Clinical Trials Show Remarkable Results Against Age-related Frailty | | LEAF
Note - allogenic! So harvesting your own bone marrow may not be worth it if you're old. And a market may develop for "donors" with good MSCs.

"In the first trial, 15 patients with age-related frailty were given a single transplant of MSCs from donors aged between 20 and 45[6]. Six months later, all patients in the trial showed an improved level of fitness, lower levels of inflammatory tumor necrosis factor (TNF), and improved quality of life in general. TNF is one of the regulators of inflammation and contributes to the chronic age-related inflammation known as “inflammaging”, which drives a number of age-related diseases[7].

The second trial was a randomized, double-blind study including a placebo group. An improved physical performance level was observed in patients, and, again, the level of systemic TNF, and thus inflammation, was reduced[8]. Once again, there were no adverse effects observed in the patients, and the researchers wrote:

Treated groups had remarkable improvements in physical performance measures and inflammatory biomarkers, both of which characterize the frailty syndrome.

David G. Le Couter and colleagues have written about the clinical trials in a guest editorial in The Journals of Gerontology:

There are always caveats associated with interpreting efficacy in small numbers of subjects, yet it is remarkable that a single treatment seems to have generated improvement in key features of frailty that are sustained for many months"

https://www.leafscience.org/stem-cell-therapy-for-aging-frailty/ is less excited.
healthspan  extension  life  longevity  stem  cell  transplant  infusion 
17 days ago by dandv
Speed up your Old iPhone | IT Support Blog
If you have an older iPhone or iPad that you've been using for a while and that has been through several iOS upgrades, chances are you've noticed its running ever slower.  This happens for two reasons:
Cell  Apple 
25 days ago by bfsmith9
How to: Transfer an Existing Bell Line from Physical SIM to eSIM on iPhone [u] | iPhone in Canada Blog
If you've been wondering if it's possible or not to transfer an existing Bell line to eSIM, here's your answer.
esim  bell  troubleshooting  e-sim  cell  mobile 
26 days ago by cat_chunks
Understanding Cellular Networks, Signal Strength, Factors Affecting Coverage and Methods of Capacity Augmentation
A mobile phone network is called a Cellular Network since it is made up of a large number of signal areas termed as cells. These cells overlap or join each
wireless  radio  spectrum  capacity  coverage  cell  size 
4 weeks ago by stevesong

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