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Force My Hand by thegreatpumpkin
The worst timeline is the one where everyone lives.

The Second Kinslaying is avoided. The consequences are felt in every corner of Arda thereafter.
curufin  celegorm  maedhros  maglor  ambarussa  warnings  celegorm/curufin  5-10K 
january 2019 by elftrash
Assignation by dawnfelagund
When Turgon discovers a forbidden affair between his sister Aredhel and cousin Curufin, he has all intentions of telling his father. But Aredhel and his cousins devise a way to keep safe the secrecy of connections which will last Ages.
turgon  aredhel/celegorm  aredhel/curufin  aredhel/curufin/celegorm  celegorm/curufin  5-10K 
december 2018 by elftrash
out of bounds by thegreatpumpkin
Celegorm laughs at that, a dangerous sound. “Boundaries! Shall we talk about how every one of your trysting spots is carefully within the boundaries of my favorite hunting grounds?"
celegorm/curufin  curufin/finrod  nargothrond  2-5K  celegorm  curufin 
september 2018 by elftrash
straight down the rabbit hole by LiveOakWithMoss
In the tension-steeped atmosphere of Nargothrond, Celebrimbor grows close to his uncle.
celegorm/curufin  celegorm/celebrimbor  curufin/finrod  nargothrond  20-30K  celegorm  curufin  celebrimbor  finrod 
september 2018 by elftrash
What Of It by orphan_account
Curufin does not want for anything, Celegorm does not give it (and both of them lie).
celegorm/curufin  2-5K  curufin/finrod  nargothrond  curufin  celegorm 
september 2018 by elftrash
No prison, no shrine by LiveOakWithMoss
Surely, if Finrod takes the lead this time he will remain in control of the wild pair he takes to his bed.
celegorm/curufin  curufin/finrod  nargothrond  2-5K  celegorm/curufin/finrod  finrod  celegorm  curufin 
september 2018 by elftrash
Authentic vice by LiveOakWithMoss
Finrod is patient, until he isn’t. Finrod is gentle, until he isn’t.

Finrod deals with his frustrations in a healthy way – until he doesn’t.
finrod/celegorm  celegorm/curufin  celegorm/curufin/finrod  nargothrond  2-5K  finrod  celegorm  curufin 
september 2018 by elftrash
radioactive by LiveOakWithMoss
Celegorm and Curufin in Nargothrond. Unhealthy everything.
celegorm/curufin  warnings  nargothrond  10-15K  curufin  celegorm 
september 2018 by elftrash

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