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The secrets you learn working at celebrity gossip magazines • Vice
Jessica Evans:
<p>Being on the sausage-making side of the ever-grinding fame machine, you see a different side to the world of celebrity and the glimmer of being famous: the constant hustle, the fake friendships and the even faker smiles, the fact that you have to post one Instagram selfie a day (one a day! Think how many good pictures you have ever taken of you in your lifetime. One a day!): plus, you're constantly drinking lukewarm prosecco next to a showbiz editor at a Wednesday night sponsored party, deciding what pound of flesh you're willing to cut out of your life and sell to the highest bidder.

If you fancy being famous: hey, go for it, I'm sure your Soundcloud page will take off any day now. But consider this behind-the-scenes peek at the world of gossip mags to be a warning: as soon as you get an Instagram blue tick, it's fair game to say pretty much anything about you. And once it starts, you get into a weird place where you never want it to stop, to the point you start making up shit about yourself just to extend your 15 minutes of fame up to 16, 17, maybe 18 minutes. Think about it like this: do you want to be Antony Costa? Because you're probably going to end up being Antony Costa.

And here's how showbiz journalists like (formerly) myself are going to make that happen.</p>

I don't know who Antony Costa is, but anyway, you're probably going to click through to read the full article, and if you don't, you've really missed out. Essential knowledge.
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september 2018 by charlesarthur
Avicii’s death is not an excuse to ignore ethical guidelines on suicide reporting - Vox
Sensational headlines like these continue to crop up following the death of 28-year-old DJ and artist Tim Bergling, better known as Avicii, who died by suicide last month. The news of Avicii’s death is deeply painful and confusing for many.
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may 2018 by mayrav

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