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Raya (app) - Wikipedia
Raya is a private, membership-based social network application for iOS, first launched in 2015.[1] The application was initially a dating app, but added features to promote professional networking for members of the entertainment industry.[2][3] Membership in Raya costs $8 per month.[1] To join Raya, users must be referred by an existing member, and then their application is voted on by a membership committee. The acceptance rate for Raya membership applications is approximately eight percent. In addition to subscription fees, the company also charges for sponsored placement of user requests.[3]
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2 days ago by dancall
Kim Kardashian enters China's influencer world, setting the trade war aside. - Los Angeles Times
Twelve million people watched as Kim Kardashian West opened a mah-jongg set on screen, displaying the domino-like tiles of the popular Chinese game.
“My friends play all the time,” Kardashian said. “I’m the only one who doesn’t know how to play. ... Now I have to learn.”

The Los Angeles-based reality TV celebrity was speaking on a livestream channel run by Chinese influencer Viya, a spunky, bright-eyed woman in her 30s with more than 9 million followers on China’s e-commerce platform Taobao, many of whom are die-hard fans who call themselves “women of Viya.”
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YouTube live streams get even more Twitch-like with Super Stickers launch - The Verge
YouTube decided to implement the stickers after seeing the success of Super Chat, its Twitch-like tool that allows people to purchase better placement for their messages to streamers. More than 100,000 channels use Super Chat, according to the company, with some creators earning more than $400 a minute.
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8 days ago by dancall
YouTube rolls out Super Stickers, a new way for creators to make money | TechCrunch
Super Stickers are only one of many new ways YouTube has been expanding creators’ monetization opportunities in recent years. The company also in 2018 launched new products like channel memberships, merchandise and premieres.

Twitch’s influence has been apparent in some of these launches. In addition to the similarities with Super Chat and Super Stickers with Twitch features, the Twitch-like channel membership model had come from YouTube Gaming, where it was first called sponsorships. Twitch also offered the ability to schedule premieres, but a message on its site says this feature is being shut down on November 12, 2019.
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Scott Galloway on WeWork - Webinar Registration - Zoom
We’ve just witnessed one of the most spectacular disasters in modern business history. In less than two months, WeWork lost $40 billion in value. What happened, and what can you learn from the company?
It’s a case study they’ll be teaching for decades in business school, but Prof G and the team at Section4 are delivering it now. Join Prof G for a one-hour livestream class to hear new insights and learnings from WeWork’s demise.
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@mikekelsey: Christian fam, It’s important to remember that, historically and theologically, the gospel has not primarily spread through celebrity. It has primarily spread through the sacrificial courage of unknown, marginalized people.
Christian fam,

It’s important to remember that, historically and theologically, the gospel has not primarily spread through celebrity. It has primarily spread through the sacrificial courage of unknown, marginalized people.
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15 days ago by cbearden
Sean Penn The Novelist Must Be Stopped | HuffPost
“Behind decorative gabion walls, an elderly neighbor sits centurion on his porch watching Bob with surreptitious soupçon.” ― page 71
“While the privileged patronize this pickle as epithet to the epigenetic inequality of equals, Bob smells a cyber-assisted assault emboldened by right-brain Hollywood narcissists.” ― page 99

This is all, apparently, supposed to seem deeply witty and profound. Instead, it’s akin to the product of a postmodern literature bot. It doesn’t seem quite possible that a human person wrote this mess.
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21 days ago by kme
RYAN-MARK (Apprentice candidate)
An exciting journey has started for RYAN-MARK. Very soon, an announcement will be made about the launch of his new consultancy company that will be accepting business later in the year.
The services offered will range from personal branding to public speaking training, (just to name a couple of the propositions available to clients). If you are looking to achieve full transformation in all aspects of your life, RYAN-MARK is here for you.
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