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Who are some of the famous people who are into BDSM? - Quora
One thing you have to be aware of, when talking about celebrities and BDSM, is that there's a big difference between looking like you're into BDSM and actually practicing BDSM.

If you're a young singer and want to move beyond bubble-gum pop, or you're an actor who wants to court edgier roles, then there are numerous examples of kink makeovers that are designed to get ink in the press. It works too.
celebrity  kink  bdsm 
2 days ago by StJohnBosco
Mary and Giles from Gogglebox: ‘Fame hasn't changed us. We fly under the radar'
My earliest memory is seeing the tassels on the pram hood, surrounded by high hedges in a garden in Sussex. It led me to a lifelong interest in hedges. I tell other people in the village not to cut their hedges too early because the nesting birds have second or third broods. Annoyingly, they tend to ignore my advice.
television  celebrity 
2 days ago by terry
Has Fashion Week's Influencer Bubble Finally Burst? | Opinion | BoF
A lot of those who request seats but don’t get in will show up at the venues anyway with a print-out of the email they sent requesting a seat. “We’ll be very polite about it and say, did you receive a confirmation? And they’ll say no and we’ll say you cannot attend,” Franco said. “We’ve dealt with every type of crasher in the book. The good ones and the smart ones will show up and be polite about it and ask if there’s any extra standing room and often we will let them in if there’s space.” (Friedman said she wormed her way into shows she wasn’t invited to in her first season by lingering at a venue after she got into one show.)
luxury  celebrity  fail  instagram 
6 days ago by dancall
Christina Khalil is creating Fun & Playful Content | Patreon
My name is Christina Khalil. I am a YouTuber and social media influencer that creates content based around try-ons, fitness, motorcycles and more. This is a great way for you to support what I do and get behind the scenes access to me. 
Many of my videos on YouTube have been getting demonetized and they've become much stricter of what you can share on their platform. I want to continue to make content and Patreon is a great place to do that. 
celebrity  youtube  crowdfunding  funny 
11 days ago by dancall
Christina Khalil - YouTube
YT influencer - fitness and motorbikes
youtube  celebrity 
11 days ago by dancall
Buffalo Bill Gates makes celebrity portraits like you've never seen
Buffalo Bill Gates, aka Swedish artist Kalle Mattsson, a creator whose work is very much perfect for the part of the web made up of memes, idol irreverence and anarchic art. His weirdo celebrity portraits mash up famous faces with other celebrity identities or even fictional entities to create offbeat hybrid personalities like Putintin featured here.
art  photography  celebrity  humour 
12 days ago by terry
Anthony Bourdain Wins First Emmy for Outstanding Writing | TV News | Consequence of Sound
“He’s off on a journey to parts unknown. We wish we could be there to shoot that journey..."
This year’s Emmy Awards don’t take place until Monday, September 17th, but the Creative Arts Emmys were handed out this past weekend at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. Among the big winners were Saturday Night Live with a whopping seven wins, Atlanta with three wins, Rick and Morty winning Outstanding Animated Program for “Pickle Rick”, and the late Anthony Bourdain going six for six with his posthumous nominations.
adventure  bourdain  celebrity  food  RIP  suicide  travel  tv  award 
14 days ago by rgl7194
MasterClass raises $80M after doubling sales last year | TechCrunch
In the last year, MasterClass has added a writing class with Margaret Atwood, a comedy lesson from Judd Apatow and more. Co-founder and CEO David Rogier told TechCrunch this morning that he hopes to bring Elon Musk, LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman and J.K. Rowling on board one day.
celebrity  education  ideas  new-companies 
17 days ago by dancall
Teachers Are Moonlighting As Instagram Influencers To Make Ends Meet
Groesbeck is part of a community of “teacher influencers” who amass enormous followings by sharing photos of their classrooms and what goes on inside it. Through color-coded storage bins, perfectly organized bookshelves, and bubble-lettered bulletin boards, these teachers find hordes of fans in both fellow teachers and nonteachers alike.

Many of these teachers started out as “teacher bloggers,” but most became Insta-famous through Teachers Pay Teachers, an online platform that allows teachers to sell classroom resources they’ve created, such as worksheets and bulletin board decor.

By promoting their Teachers Pay Teachers products on Instagram with hashtags such as #TeachersOfInstagram and #TeacherLife, as well as sharing classroom tips and snapshots, these teachers acquire tens of thousands of followers. Many even exceed the 100,000 follower mark.
instagram  celebrity  funny 
18 days ago by dancall
Influencers now drive nearly 70 percent of sales at Revolve | Glossy
Led by chief brand officer Raissa Gerona, Revolve’s influencer strategy is a robust operation nearly 10 years in the making. The company, which now has 2.4 million Instagram followers, first began sending free clothing to early bloggers in 2009 and hired its first influencer relations team in 2014.

Revolve’s influencer strategy now pulls the most weight as part of the retailer’s overall marketing strategy, driving nearly 70 percent of all sales, according to Revolve. The rest is driven by more traditional marketing tactics, like social media retargeted and promoted posts on Facebook and Instagram, as well as Google ads. Gerona said that performance marketing and brand marketing are separate teams, and while she didn’t share the specific breakdown, she said influencer marketing takes up a “significantly smaller” piece of the overall marketing budget.
retail  celebrity  stats  ecommerce  casestudies 
18 days ago by dancall
Scarlett London (@scarlettlondon) • Instagram photos and videos
example of a beauty / lifestyle blogger. Did the Listerine post that got ridiculed
instagram  celebrity  fail 
18 days ago by dancall

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