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Celebrities Seek Her Advice. M.B.A.s, Executives Line Up for Her Harvard Class. - WSJ
Professor Anita Elberse built an academic career—and a massive Instagram following—studying the conditions that create the greatest success stories in sports and entertainment.

At 38, she became one of the youngest women to earn tenure at Harvard Business School. Now 46, she leads an executive course where Grammy winners and MVPs learn to leverage their talents and compete in the business world.

Originally from the Netherlands, Prof. Elberse holds a Ph.D. from London Business School and is the author of “Blockbusters: Hit-making, Risk-taking, and the Big Business of Entertainment.” What follows is an edited version of her reflections on teaching the business of stardom, as told to The Wall Street Journal.

"I have a special affinity for athletes and entertainers. I admire people who are highly accomplished. I have no aptitude for ballet, whatsoever, but I can really admire a great ballet dancer. For me, that’s where it starts. These people are committed. These are also business people, and they’re looking to get smarter about business."


"LOL. A wealthy, elitist academic with star power who caters to the whims, hobbies, interests, and advancement opportunities of wealthy, elitist entertainers with star power. What a great business accomplishment. What a progressive dream, er, nightmare, er whatever."

Bunch of bitter old fucks in the comments. Classic example of "crabs in a bucket" mentality. I wonder if these commentators believe themselves to be elitist too, or is it only elitist when OTHER people are successful?

Elitist has become another code word for uppity.


"And yet they despise the most successful celebrity/executive/entrepreneur of all time."

"Well, there is a certain casino i want to go to, a steak i want to eat, a University i'd like to attend, but i can't because they no longer exist. One man's trash is truly another man's treasure."

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11 days ago by cmananian
Gossip Cop
Policing Hollywood And Celebrity News, Gossip Cop Separates What's Real From Rumor For The Most Accurate Entertainment Reporting
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Taki - Get personalized videos from your favorite talent
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The Hollywood primary
"5. Joe Biden
The former VP, with his years-old programming, is the CBS of the race, popular with those who don’t have premium cable. Crossover episodes where he invokes President Obama are crowd pleasers."
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5 weeks ago by bankbryan
Why is Chrissy Teigen’s new website so bad?
Traditional platforms provide plenty of fodder to react to and position around—you can stand out by being messy where others strive for perfection, or by matching the president’s foul language where others demure.
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5 weeks ago by dirtystylus
Why are Catholics raving about Kanye West’s new album?
Pope Francis coined the phrase “the God of Surprises” to highlight the many ways that the Holy Spirit has orchestrated shocking events throughout salvation history. The latest example of this is the surprising events surrounding the life and faith of Kanye West.Jesus is King’ depicts the artist’s ongoing battle to escape the dictatorship of relativism.Kanye’s children, with their mother Kim Kardashian West, were recently baptized in Armenia. In the photos from the baptism we see Kim wearing a chapel veil, an act of reverence cherished by every generation — excluding, of course, the baby boomers — of Catholic women.While we should not read too far into a few selfies posted to Instagram, we should not dismiss the way that beauty draws people nearer to God and His Church. The faith that touches our soul must first pass through our eyes and ears.Earlier this year, millions of non-Catholics wept at the videos from Paris showing the destruction of Notre-Dame Cathedral, a clear reminder that God has placed the love for beauty in every human heart, and that He uses this love to draw His people nearer to Him. Interestingly enough, Kanye West has previously used Notre-Dame de Paris as a prominent image in his music videos.When Kanye speaks about the contradictions of modern society, he expresses a frustration that every practicing Catholic confronts on a daily basis. This, more than anything, makes Kanye attractive to Catholics. The idea that objective truth exists, and that knowledge of the truth has consequences, is a Catholic idea. It is an idea that has become strange in a world that elevates choice above truth. Kanye has chosen to embrace this strange idea and has become quite strange himself. As Catholics, we must celebrate the strangeness of our faith, instead of attempting to blend seamlessly into our surroundings. In this sense, Kanye’s message is quite compatible with arguments put forth by Sohrab Ahmari in the ongoing “Ahmari vs French” debate.
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7 weeks ago by thomas.kochi
‎Gradient Photo Editor on the App Store
Hot new product on Product Hunt: Gradient — Upload a photo to find out who's your celebrity twin https://ift.tt/35d0WrP
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