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By any other name by grundy
After the Sack of Eregion, Celebrían is trying to reach the valley where her father's forces have taken refuge. The situation is grim until she gets some unexpected help.
celebrian  celebrian/elrond  elrond  gildor  celeborn  5-10K  wip 
12 weeks ago by elftrash
Hold Back the Dark by keiliss
Celebrian married Elrond because 1) her mother thought it was a politically astute move, 2) she was very fond of him and thought they could be mutual support, and 3) love, given time, can grow.
celebrian  celebrian/elrond  elrond  2-5K 
12 weeks ago by elftrash
Home's not merely Roof and Room by undercat
After the War of the Elves and Sauron, Elrond and Celebrían talk of how to make Imladris a place of welcome for all kindreds.
celebrian  celebrian/elrond  1-2K 
october 2019 by elftrash
undying by ecphrasis
Elrond Peredhel has finally arrived on the shore of the Undying Lands, but he cannot help but feel that he is a failure, as a lord, as a husband, as a father, as a man. He is content to live the rest of his days in obscurity, but when Maglor arrives, shipwrecked and half-starved on the shores of Valinor, Nerdanel and Maglor's wife beg him to advocate for the last of the Fëanorians, to prevent him from suffering the punishment of the Kinslayers. As he reveals his memories of Maglor, he reconciles with his wife, but will he manage to save Maglor from the vengeance of his kin?
wip  elrond  celebrian  maglor  nerdanel  earendil  celebrian/elrond  glorfindel/ecthelion  gil-gilad  40K 
july 2019 by elftrash
And Fair She Was And Free by herenortherenorfar
"You are the forest, Nimrodel. The light that filters through the leaves, the starlight in the pools, the flowers. I look at you and I see the earth, black and red and white. I see the flowers, elanor and niphredil. The strength of stone and the transparent delicacy of the spring tadpoles. I did not think much of being a prince of this place before you taught me how to love it.”

my note: like some of her other fic, a little clumsy but always thoughtful about canon and with beautiful imagery.
amroth  amroth/nimrodel  nimrodel  celebrian  celebrian/elrond  5-10K 
july 2019 by elftrash
Cornflowers in Belfalas by bunn
Just after the fall of Eregion and the death of Celebrimbor, Celebrían came to Imladris and met Elrond for the first time. Elrond first saw Celebrían then and loved her, but 'said nothing of it'. But how did things seem to Celebrían ? And how did things go, over a thousand years later, when Elrond finally told Celebrian that he loved her?

Sequel to 'Coming to the Valley', itself following on from 'Faithless is he that says farewell when the road darkens' which is a sequel to 'Quenta Narquelion'. They're each close enough to canon to stand alone but this one does benefit from having read 'Coming to the Valley'.
celebrian  elrond  gil-gilad  galadriel  celeborn  celebrian/elrond  5-10K 
may 2019 by elftrash
A Star in Your Constellation by peasantswhy
Three elves find each other after a long, hard road.

Sequel to Ulan's "Arda Marred" Series.
celebrian  gil-gilad  elrond  celebrian/elrond  gil-gilad/elrond  gil-gilad/celebrian/elrond  80K 
january 2019 by elftrash
by any other name by grundy
After the Sack of Eregion, Celebrían is trying to reach the valley where her father's forces have taken refuge. The situation is grim until she gets some unexpected help.
elrond  celebrian/elrond  2-5K 
january 2019 by elftrash
Familiar Faces by ncfan
following on from Valinor in the First, Second and Third Ages and The Care and Feeding of Half-Human Children
elrond  celebrian/elrond  idril  tuor  fingon  aredhel  nerdanel  2-5K  gen 
december 2018 by elftrash
The Price of Vengeance universe by encairion
In order: The Revolutionary and the Usurper (170k), The Secret Language Brother (27k), The Price of Vengeance (540k), Earendil on the Purchasing of Whores (14k), The Price of Duty (170k), The Vanyar's Rebellion (17K), The Price of Memory (140k), Lost Children of the Sun (61k), The Price of Vengeance II (400k), and Heralds of the Dawn (130k and counting).

My note: hopelessly addictive, surprisingly interesting worldbuilding and race/colonialism work, but also very old school slytherfen (elftrashfen?) in that many Good Guys are now Bad, and vice versa, and everyone is gay, also there's way more incest than I bargained for, and I thought I was in for a ton (why would you make unrelated characters super related to make them bang?), and certain female characters are Shrill/Bad/Mad (but there are redemptive arcs for most of them paying off by now admittedly. STILL. YOU COME AT GALADRIEL YOU BEST NOT MISS). Would I rec this? No. Would I admit to someone who respected me that I'd read it? No. Did I lose a week to this and gasp like a fish on dry land when I ran out of story? I did.


It's like the Saving Connor of elftrash only longer and it drags much less. And instead of everything being child abuse and torture everything is incest.
feanor/fingolfin  fingon/maedhros  eol  lalwen  glorfindel  feanor  finarfin  maeglin  celebrimbor  celebrimbor/sauron  elrond  celebrian  celebrian/elrond  elrohir  elladan  erestor  erestor/lindir  gil-gilad  glorfindel/gil-galad  maglor  maglor/glorfindel  finrod  gildor  elenwe  warnings  1500000+K  finrod/curufin 
november 2018 by elftrash
Fields and Mountains Ever-Blessed by starspray
Celebrían has not been idle while waiting for Elrond to come west.
elrond  maglor  celebrian  celebrian/elrond  5-10K 
november 2018 by elftrash
Arda Marred by Ulan
"Did you not know that I loved you in Lindon?"

Has 80k clumsily written but extremely emotionally satisfying Elrond/Celebrian/Gil-Gilad sequel by another writer that does all the actual work to make an ot3 make sense but somehow forgets that Gil-Galad and Celebrian are second cousins? https://archiveofourown.org/works/12809193
elrond  gil-gilad  celebrian  celebrian/elrond  5-10K 
october 2018 by elftrash
This Taste of Shadow by Mira_Jade
Massive collection of ficlets spanning the First to Third Ages, in thematic rather than chronological order. Canon-compliant; canon pairings, gen, family, etc. ENORMOUS.
400+K  gen  celeborn/galadriel  celebrian/elrond  fingon/maedhros  beren/luthien  melian/thingol  galadriel  elrond  elros  fingon  maedhros  maglor  celeborn  finarfin  haleth  caranthir  Caranthir/Haleth  celegorm  luthien  melian 
september 2018 by elftrash
Mother and Daughter, a silmarillion fanfic | FanFiction
Some very AU speculations about Elven gender, Maedhros, textual transmission, and the parentage of Gil-galad. Silmarillion-based.
lotr  fanfic  ff.net  author  Deborah  Judge  het  Celebrian/Elrond  mpreg  fem!Maedhros/Fingon  fem!Gil-galad  fem!Maglor  alt.reality  twins 
february 2013 by cptnsuz

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