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august 2019 by shawnday
لقاء سري بين رئيس "الشاباك" الإسرائيلي وقادة من "حماس" في القاهرة | اندبندنت عربية
اللقاء جاء بوساطة من رئيس الاستخبارات المصرية اللواء عباس كامل الذي اقترح على أرغمان الاستماع مباشرة إلى شروط "حماس" لتهدئة طويلة، ولطرح الموقف الإسرائيلي بشكل مباشر. وذلك بعدما كانت المفاوضات تحصل بتحرك مكوكي للمصريين بين مقري إقامة الوفدين الإسرائيلي و"الحمساوي"، لتثبيت التهدئة ووقف إطلاق النار.
rumors  Hamas  Gaza  Shabak  Egypt  diplomacy  ceasefire 
march 2019 by elizrael
Study: Oakland's Ceasefire Program Curbs Shootings, Homicides
Violent crime is down overall in Oakland. Between 2011 and 2017, shootings with victims went from 710 to 340, a 52 percent drop.

Dr. Anthony A. Braga of Northeastern University and a team of researchers, however, compared areas of Oakland where Ceasefire was used and neighborhoods where it was not. The study, “Oakland Ceasefire Impact Evaluation,” also took into account population trends in Oakland and crime data in other California cities.

Among the key findings: Ceasefire is credited with a 31.5 percent drop in homicides involving a gun since it began in 2013. Shootings involving both gang members and non-gang members significantly decreased, but the decline was steeper among gang members. For example, Braga said the number of gang shootings in the two years before Ceasefire compared to four years after it was implemented dipped 43 percent. Non-gang member shootings were down 23 percent over the same period.

Of 12 cities throughout the state examined, the study authors said only two other cities, San Francisco and Stockton, experienced such significant reductions between 2010 and 2017. Richmond, East Palo Alto, Fresno, Sacramento and Long Beach were among the other cities.
Oakland  ceasefire  gun  violence  solution 
november 2018 by Quercki
The Humanitarian Crisis in Syria’s Northern De-escalation Zone — Syria Deeply
The Syrian government’s escalated attacks on Idlib have cleared 300 villages in southern parts of the province of their inhabitants, displacing around 250,000 people in recent months, said Bockenfeld, who is the IRC’s senior officer for international programs, policy and advocacy.
Mar15  Idlib  IDPs  ceasefire 
february 2018 by elizrael
Syrian family returns to Daraa province after three years in Jordanian refugee camp: ‘There was no future’ - Syria Direct, Sep 14, 2017
More than 1,300 families previously seeking refuge in Jordan have returned to Daraa province since the de-escalation deal went into effect, a member of the opposition’s Provincial Council told Syria Direct this month.
refugees  Mar15  Jordan  Daraa  ceasefire 
january 2018 by elizrael

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