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Memos from Jiangzuo by cease, Nirvana in Fire, Changsu/Jingyan, 1,738 words, G.1
2016-10 Author's summary:
It is Mei Changsu's birthday. The Mei household is busy, so are the magic carrier pigeons, it seems.
(lángyábǎng)  [changsu|shu/jingyan]  #fiction  ~.1000-3750words  2016  cease  *POV:chromaticensemble 
october 2016 by janebot
A good omen by cease, Nirvana in Fire(/Petshop of Horrors) AU, Changsu/Jingyan, 5,974 words, Teen+.
2016 | Set vaguely in modern times:
Mei Changsu is a Qi Lin and Xiao Jingyan takes him home. Petshop of Horrors AU

It's a Petshop of Horrors AU so be forewarned, it's heartbreakingly sad:
The ‘Langya Pavilion’ was not what one may have imagined it to be. The name evoked mystery and gave no clue as to what kind of shop it was, or what type of products or services the shop would offer.

The master of the shop rose from the leather couch and lifted the teapot. He gently poured a cup of tea for his old friend.

‘It has been many decades since I last saw you, I had hoped that you would not return here.’

He stared at the magnificent creature in front of him. The creature currently took the form of a human man, with long black hair and pale skin. His lips thinned into a small smile.

‘I am here because he needs me,’ the creature said.

'But he does not remember you,’ the shop master reminded him.

'It does not matter. As long as I can hear his call, as long as he needs me, I will return time after time.’
[changsu|shu/jingyan]  #fiction  ~.3750-7500words  2016  cease  {alternativeuniverse}  {crossover/fusion}  (lángyábǎng)  *POV:xiāojǐngyǎn 
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AMD responds to Asetek's Cease & Desist on the R9 Fury X
Earlier this week, Asetek issued a Cease & Desist to AMD, stating that the vendor suspend sales of the R9 Fury X as it was found to infringe Asetek’s patents. The issue was with the liquid cooler used in the Fury X, which was manufactured by Cooler Master. Asetek won a patent lawsuit against Cooler Master...

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AMD  responds  to  Asetek’s  Cease  &  Desist  on  the  R9  Fury  X 
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