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Flaque/quirk: ✨🐙 A GPL Licensed Cognitive Behavioral Therapy app for iOS and Android
✨🐙 A GPL Licensed Cognitive Behavioral Therapy app for iOS and Android - Flaque/quirk
CBT  therapy  app  react-native 
14 days ago by mcky
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) app:
cbt  opensource  android  ios  reactnative 
15 days ago by Z303
CBT Author Engine
SimExams.com introduces offline Computer Based Test software author engine,The author engine is free to download and use. Any number of tests may be created using author engine. There is no limit on the number of questions in a particular test.

The Author Engine enables an author to perform several activities including Creating, editing, and/or deleting a test/Groups and Candidate profiles, Questions.
SimExams  CBT  Software  Authour  Engine  Offline  Tests 
5 weeks ago by anandsoft
Chatbot therapy
Since virtual therapy seems to work, some innovators have started to suspect they could offer patients the same benefits of CBT—without a human on the other end. Services like Replika (an app intended to provide an emotional connection, not necessarily therapy) and Woebot (a therapy service that started in Facebook Messenger before breaking out on its own) allow human patients to interact with artificially intelligent chatbots for the purpose of improving their mental health.
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7 weeks ago by terry

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