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...and the people will believe whatever tell them.
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11 days ago by jstenner
Star Trek: Picard
The end is only the beginning...
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4 weeks ago by ethauvin
Nach der Forderung von das Fanprojekt zur Enterprise D vom Netz zu nehmen, heißt es nun zum wiederholten Mal i…
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5 weeks ago by NullPlusEins
Windows 7 log file compression bug can fill up your hard drive | Computerworld
Microsoft has known about this bug in the Trusted Installer log for years, but done nothing about it
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9 weeks ago by vangoethemstef
[ #리얼미터 · ]
#文대통령 ' #국정지지도 47.1%, 민주당 지지율 38.9%로 동반 상승~!
부정평가는 2.2%내린 47.2%~!!
<정당 지지도>
• #민주당=> 39.9%▲
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march 2019 by JINHONG

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