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You've heard by now that marijuana is a powerful medicinal herb. But, just how powerful is it? The list of medical benefits for these top 10 cannabinoids seems endless.
The term “cannabinoid” refers to one of a number of chemical compounds found in the weed plant. If we want to get technical about things, the proper name for these plant-based molecules is “phytocannabinoid”. When you smoke or ingest marijuana, these are the chemicals that interact with cells in your body to produce medical benefits.
1. THC
The Stoner’s Cookbook has written extensively on THC, so for the purposes of this article, we’ll highlight a few of the big points on this famous cannabinoid. THC is the abbreviation for Delta(9)-tetrahydrocannabinol. As most cannabis lovers probably know, THC is the primary psychoactive compound in marijuana. It’s what creates the high feeling weed has become so famous for.

The list of medical benefits of THC is a long one, but here are a few of the big ones to get us started.
Alzheimer’s Disease
Neuropathic pain
Multiple Sclerosis
Parkinson’s Disease
Crohn’s Disease
For a more complete picture of this cannabinoid, be sure to check out our “What Is THC?” article.
2. CBD
CBD, short for cannabidiol, is the second most famous cannabinoid. Like THC, the list of medical benefits of this cannabinoid just keeps getting longer. Unlike THC, CBD is non-psychoactive. It’s also now legal in more states than its more controversial counterpart.

Once mainstream media learned that CBD had medical value, a whirlwind of cannabis research ensued. Just to give you a quick summary, here are a just a handful of conditions CBD can treat:

Psychotic Disorders
Chronic Pain
This is just a small glimpse into the world of CBD. For more information, check out “Everything You Need To Know About CBD” and “5 Must-Know Facts About CBD“.

The lesser known cannabinoids
3. CBC
Also known as Cannabichromene, CBC is the third most common cannabinoid in the marijuana plant overall. In some strains, CBC may even take dominance over CBD. Like CBD, cannabichromene is non-psychoactive. Here’s what you can expect from CBC:

CBC is effective at fighting inflammation on its own, but 2010 research has found that it’s even more effective when combined with THC. This finding helps support the idea that cannabinoids work synergistically with each other. While scientists have been successful at finding and isolating over 100 different compounds in the marijuana plant, the strongest medicine is created when different components work in harmony with one another.

When coupled with THC and other cannabinoids, CBC has also shown some promise in fighting breast cancer. The anti-tumor effects of CBC alone are not quite as exciting as the potential of CBD, THC, and CBG, but together they make for one powerful tumor-fighting combination.

In the science world, there’s a sure-fire way to test if a rodent is depressed. You suspend it by its tail and watch to see how much it struggles to get away. The more it struggles, the more elevated the mood of the mouse. This test is known as the Tail Suspension Test (TST). Researchers from the University of Mississippi found that mice treated with CBC struggled significantly more than mice treated with other cannabinoids.

The amount the mice struggled also depended on how much CBC they were given. Mice given 40mg of CBC struggled less than mice that were given 80mgs.

In a review of cannabinoid literature, author Ethan Russo reported that CBC was mildly anti-fungal.

Encourages Brain Growth
A 2013 study found that CBC may actually help you grow new brain cells. Regardless of your age, cells in certain portions of your brain continue to grow through a process known as neurogenesis. The portions affected are responsible for memory and learning. You run the risk of developing diseases like Alzheimers when your brain stops developing new cells in these areas.

4. CBN
Short for Cannabinol, this cannabinoid emerges when you’re dried flower has gone a bit stale. THCa breaks down into this compound over time. If you leave some bud out sitting out in the open air for too long, you’ll eventually have a product with larger amounts of CBN. CBN has been found to have these medical properties:

Appetite Stimulant
Researchers out of the UK found that CBN stimulated appetite in rats. During the testing period, rats treated with CBN ate significantly more than rats treated with cannabinoids CBD and CBG.

CBN was one of the three cannabinoids identified by Italian researchers as being effective against antibiotic resistant MRSA infections.

Potential Medication for ALS Patients
A study conducted in 2005 found that CBN delayed symptom onset in mice that were genetically designed to have a rodent version of Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Lou Gehrig’s disease is also known as Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). These findings show that CBN may be effective at easing symptoms for patients with degenerative, motor neural diseases.

Pain reliever
As early as 2002, Sweedish researchers found that cannabinol has strong pain-relieving effects. Interestingly enough, CBN and THC were the only cannabinoids that fought pain through the release of endorphins and by relaxing tense blood vessels.

Featuring strong anti-inflammatory properties, research from 2003 found that CBN stopped allergy-related asthma in mice. The cannabinoid achieved this by boosting the rodents’ immune systems and easing the inflammation associated with an asthma attack.

Berkeley-based Steep Hill Labs has claimed that CBN may be the most sedative of all of the cannabinoids. The cannabis testing and research laboratory stated that a good dose of CBN is equivalent to 2.5 – 5mg of pharmaceutical sedative diazepam. Diazepam is also known as Valium.

Potential Medication for Glaucoma
Along with THC, CBN was effective at lowering the ocular pressure which produces blindness in glaucoma patients. This cannabinoid’s ability to decrease ocular hypertension may also point medical professionals in the right direction when it comes to understanding marijuana’s effect on blood pressure overall.

5. CBG
CBG is short for cannabigerol. This cannabinoid is found early on in the growth cycle, which makes it somewhat difficult to find in large quantities. CBG, however, is non-psychoactive. This means that it can be cultivated via hemp. The medical potential of CBG makes it a prime target for research these days. Here’s what the science says so far:

Cannabigerol was another one of the cannabinoids tested on the MRSA virus in 2008. As far as antibiotic properties go, CBG was stronger than CBN and comparable to CBD. CBG is also known to be mildly anti-fungal. Research as early as 1982 found that isolated CBG is antimicrobial and kills various types of bacteria and fungi.

Possible Treatment for Psoriasis
This cannabinoid just-so-happens to be good for your skin. Not only does it help prevent the reddening of the skin, but it’s been shown to have therapeutic potential for skin conditions like Psoriasis.

Pain Reliever
CBG is reportedly a more potent pain reliever than THC.

Back in 1998, Korean researchers found that CBG was effective at slowing the growth of cancerous cells in the mouth. More recent research published in the British Journal of Pharmacology found that CBG also had mild anti-tumor effects in prostate cancer cells. The study focused on non-THC cannabinoids. While CBG did have an effect on tumor growth, it was CBD that really shined through as a potential treatment for prostate cancer.

Antidepressant & Mood-Stabilizer
As early as 1975, researchers found that CBG prevented the uptake of amino acids that help regulate mood. The amino acid in question, GABA, was better regulated by CBG than THC or CBD.

Further studies have shown that CBG is a moderate anti-depressant, working to increase serotonin levels in your brain. The antidepressant effects of CBG were first found in 2006 in by Richard Musty and Richard Dayo who tests conducted on lab rats.

6. THCv
Short for tetrahydrocannabivarin, THCv is another cannabinoid that works in tandem with THC. Some studies cite that THCv has about 20% the psychoactive capacity as THC, but recent research has shown that THCV actually mitigates some of the negative psychoactive impacts of THC. THCv’s medical properties include:

Researchers out of Berkshire, UK put the anti-epileptic properties of THCV to the test in rat brains. First, they tested whether or not THCV stopped seizure-like activity in brain slices. THCv reduced the amount of convulsive “bursts” observed when the brain segments were treated with the compound before seizures were induced. They then tested whether or not the cannabinoid stopped convulsions in adult rats. They found that THCV significantly reduced seizure incidence.

If you’re familiar with smoking weed at all, then you know that you might be a little slowed down after smoking a high-THC strain. This is where THCv comes in handy. Smoking a strain high in THCV may help mitigate some of the short-term memory and speech impairment that goes hand-in-hand with being a little too high.

Promotes Weight Loss
There have been several studies that highlight the appetite suppressant effects of CBD, but more and more research is coming out linking THCV and weight loss. A paper published last year by C4 Laboratories in Arizona cited evidence that THCV decreased body fat and boosted energy metabolism in mice.

7. CBDv
BDv is short for cannabidivarin. So far, not a whole lot of research has been done on CBDV. But, what little is out there looks extremely promising. CBDv is very similar to CBD, but it is a slightly degraded version of the cannabinoid. This changes the shape of the … [more]
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RT : Debaixo de chuva, manifestantes seguem na Praça da Estação. Críticas ao PT dão o tom.
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RT : Manifestantes formam filas para assinar manifesto de apoio à PEC que pede autonomia da Polícia Federal.
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Sync based chat/multimedia app with signing/verification for ICN tutorial.
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Google Fiber will go to 10Gbps - Delimiter
Google Fiber will go to 10Gbps via - Ha! All Australians will have 25Mbps by the end of 2016
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Philadelphia 76ers vs. Oklahoma City Thunder Pick-Odds-Prediction 1/25/14 – Sports Chat Place
Sports Chat PlaceThe Oklahoma City Thunder head to Philly on Saturday to face off against the Sixers. The Philadelphia 76ers are sitting at 14-29 this season, and on their home floor, the Sixers are just 8-13 this year. Philly has a decent offense, putting up 101.3 points per …Preview: Thunder at 76ersGlobalPostThunder wins big in […]
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Morning Briefing: Jan. 24, 2014 – Yakima Herald-Republic
Yakima Herald-RepublicNEW YORK — Stephen Curry, Kevin Love, Paul George and Kyrie Irving were voted NBA All-Stars Thursday, putting four first-time starters in the Feb. 16 game in New Orleans. Kobe Bryant was elected by fans to his 16th All-Star game, second-most in NBA …NBA All-Star Starters AnnouncedESPNNBA All-Star game starters announcedSan Jose Mercury NewsGolden […]
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Kevin Durant fires career-best 54 points as Thunder top Warriors – Gant Daily
Gant DailyOklahoma City, OK, United States (4E Sports) – Kevin Durant scored a career-high 54 points to help the Oklahoma City Thunder overcome a barrage of triples from the Golden State Warriors en route to a 127-121 win Friday at Chesapeake Energy Arena.Kevin Durant has Monster GameGuardian Liberty VoiceNBA roundup: Kevin Durant scores 54Boston GlobeKevin […]
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The Massive Civilian-Military Divide — In Two Emails – Houston Chronicle
Houston ChronicleEarlier today I wrote a post about CNN anchor Jake Tapper, who’s come under fire after an interview with Marcus Luttrell, the Navy SEAL who inspired the film “Lone Survivor.” I won’t rehash the entire post (you can read it right here if you’d like), but Tapper …Review: Patriotism, pashtunwali in ‘Lone Survivor’ABS CBN […]
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CAR crisis: Stranded foreigners to be evacuated – BBC News
BBC NewsEmergency evacuations of the first of thousands of foreigners stranded in the conflict-ridden Central African Republic (CAR) are due to begin. The International Organization for Migration (IOM) said it would start airlifting 800 Chadians from the capital Bangui …AU roadmap is the only solution to CAR crisis: SASouth African Broadcasting CorporationPresident’s resignation brings rare […]
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