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october 2018 by kamal
Corbyn uses conference speech to tell May he would back Brexit deal on Labour's terms – Politics live | Politics | The Guardian
You've got to love this. "Much of Labour’s vision for a more sustainable and fair country is absolutely right"
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september 2018 by yorksranter
Citizens of anywhere
Tighter regulation is hitting Chinese demand. Although China does not allow its citizens second passports – those who buy them have to be discreet, for instance by keeping their other passport in a safe-deposit box in Hong Kong – the Chinese are big buyers of most schemes. They snap up around 80% of America’s EB-5 permits. But there are signs demand is softening, says Larry Wang of Well Trend, one of the largest of China’s 1,000 or so legal immigration consultancies (there are perhaps ten times as many without licences). Rising living standards at home are part of the explanation, as are tighter currency control
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may 2018 by elrob
Citizenship for sale: the countries whose biggest export is passports | Apolitical
“If you want to find corruption in this business, where you’ll find it is Malta,” said Katz. He believes that the Malta program is vulnerable to special interests because it’s run by a single company, rather than a consortium whose members must agree on rules and procedure. “We don’t work in any country that has such a connection,” Katz said. “Such a thing would never happen in Canada or the US. It’s just wrong.” Canada’s visa programs, for example, are run by a licensing board.
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april 2018 by elrob

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