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RT : After the heroic rescue of the boys in I wrote to PhD alum Dr. Ronrapee Leelaw…
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9 days ago by emelaktas
open source ham radio hardware in the Thai cave rescue
the Heyphone, a voice radio designed by UK radio ham, John Hey
ham-radio  heyphone  voice  radios  cave  rescue  thailand 
9 days ago by jm
ASUS's Blue Cave Router For Smart Homes Packs Intel Wi-Fi Tech
Launching in Singapore at the CEE show on the 24th May 2018, ASUS’s Blue Cave Wi-Fi Router combines powerful Wi-Fi connectivity and comprehensive security with striking looks. It sports a high-performance dual-band AC2600 Wi-Fi router with Intel connected home technology, and comes with free-for-life ASUS AiProtection for commercial-grade security and options for Advanced Parental Controls....

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ASUS’s  Blue  Cave  Router  For  Smart  Homes  Packs  Intel  Wi-Fi  Tech 
8 weeks ago by vrzone

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