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Causal Consistency and Latency Optimality: Friend or Foe?
First, we present a protocol that implements “almost latency-optimal” ROTs but does not impose on the writes any of the overhead of latency-optimal protocols. In this protocol, ROTs are nonblocking, one version and can be configured to use either two or one and a half rounds of client-server communication. We experimentally show that this protocol not only provides better throughput, as expected, but also surprisingly better latencies for all but the lowest loads and most read-heavy workloads.
distributed-systems  causal-consistency  latency 
june 2018 by graydon
Static Serializability Analysis for Causal Consistency
In this paper, we propose a static analysis for detecting non-serializable behaviors of applications running on top of causally-consistent databases. Our technique is based on a novel, local serializability criterion and combines a generalization of graph-based techniques from the database literature with another, complementary analysis technique that encodes our serializability criterion into first-order logic formulas to be checked by an SMT solver. This analysis is more expensive yet more precise and produces concrete counterexamples.
distributed-systems  causal-consistency  consistency 
june 2018 by graydon
Wren: Nonblocking Reads in a Partitioned Transactional Causally Consistent Data Store
Transactional Causal Consistency (TCC) extends causal consistency, the strongest consistency model compatible with availability, with interactive read-write transactions, and is therefore particularly appealing for geo-replicated platforms. This paper presents Wren, the first TCC system that at the same time i) implements nonblocking read operations, thereby achieving low latency, and ii) allows an application to efficiently scale out within a replication site by sharding.
distributed-systems  causal-consistency  consistency  transactions 
june 2018 by graydon

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