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(PDF) Curating Simulated Storyworlds
So, how can the pain of emergent narrative be alleviated while simultaneously maintaining the pleasure? This dissertation introduces a refined approach to the form, called curationist emergent narrative (or just curationism), that aims to provide an answer to this question. Instead of treating the raw material of simulation as a story, in curationism that material is curated to construct an actual narrative artifact that is then mounted in a full-fledged media experience (to enable human encounter with the artifact). This recasts story generation as an act of recounting, rather than invention. I believe that curationism can also explain how both wild successes and phenomenal failures have entered the oeuvre of emergent narrative: in successful works, humans have taken on the burden of curating an ongoing simulation to construct a storied understanding of what has happened, while in the failures humans have not been willing to do the necessary curation. Without curation, actual stories cannot obtain in emergent narrative. But what if a storyworld could curate itself? That is, can we build systems that automatically recount what has happened in simulated worlds? In the second half of this dissertation, I provide an autoethnography and a collection of case studies that recount my own personal (and collaborative) exploration of automatic curation over the course of the last six years.
interactivenarrative  theory  narrative  storytelling  catharsis  froth  academic  toread 
4 weeks ago by mildlydiverting
A Fly Over the Fringes: Depressive Suicidal Black Metal, Past, Present, and Beyond
There is an unlikely message of hope in depressive suicidal black metal: either explicit, like the integration of brighter sounds in post-black metal, or implicit, like how earlier acts have managed to persist, using their dark days to keep making new art. The result is a whole museum of art that is unified by darkness, but aware of the light that lurks just around the corner.
black-metal  metal  depression  mental-health  catharsis  from instapaper
august 2018 by StJohnBosco
How Undertale Helped Me Grieve
There's something you can do in Undertale that never appealed to me, but this highly-personal essay finally makes sense of it as a powerful example of how games can help us process difficult emotions. (Spoilers for Undertale. Content warning for loss of a loved one.)
undertale  catharsis 
may 2018 by docprof
White Flag - by AnnaKnitsSpock (T'hy'la Bang 2017)
He was true to the treatments Bones had prescribed: he worked out, he went to the ship’s therapist, he followed Bones’s nutrition plan for officers with eating disorders.

But it was all only helpful to a point. Sure, he had struggled with mental health stuff most of his life, and this was by no means his first bout of depression, but right now the main problem was Spock. Not only was he not in love with Jim, now he hated him. Jim found it utterly shameful to admit, even to himself, that such a thing could send him into so severe a downward spiral, but that didn’t make it less true.

His efficiency rating continued to plummet, and crew morale dipped. Something had to change; if things stayed like this the crew would eventually be at risk. If Jim and Spock couldn’t work together anymore, if Jim’s depression and pathetic unrequited love were getting in the way, the most responsible choice was to remove himself from Spock’s orbit.

The announcement of shore leave on Yorktown was met with universal excitement. They had been long in the big empty, and everyone was eager for the Earth-like delights of the new starbase. Jim didn’t think he’d ever seen Sulu so excited, and the overall boost of crew morale was a bittersweet satisfaction.

Bittersweet because when the Enterprise left Yorktown, Jim wouldn’t be on it.
st:aos  kirk/spock  stb  depression  pining  h/c  sleeping/together  training  rejection  honesty  crying  catharsis  firsttimes  bodies  bottoming  <3 
june 2017 by runpunkrun
The Book of Life -- The Importance of Books
'...The great writers build bridges to people we might otherwise have dismissed as unfeasibly strange or unsympathetic. They cut through to the common core of experience. By selection and emphasis, they reveal the important things we share. They show us where to look. -- They help us to feel. Often we want to be good, we want to care, we want to feel warmly and tenderly – but can’t. It seems there is no suitable receptacle in our ordinary lives into which our emotions can vent themselves. Our relationships are too compromised and fraught. It can feel too risky to be very nice to someone who might not reciprocate. So we don’t do much feeling; we freeze over. But then – in the pages of a story – we meet someone, perhaps she is very beautiful, tender, sensitive, young and dying; and we weep for her and all the cruelty and injustice of the world. And we come away, not devastated, but refreshed. Our emotional muscles are exercised and their strength rendered newly available for our lives. -- Not all books necessarily contain the simplifications we happen to need. We are often not in the right place to make use of the knowledge a book has to offer. The task of linking the right book to the right person at the right time hasn’t yet received the attention it deserves: newspapers and friends recommend books to us because they work for them, without quite thinking through why they might also work for us. But when we happen to come across the ideal book for us we are presented with an extraordinarily clearer, more lucid, better organised account of our own concerns and experiences: for a time at least our minds become less clouded and our hearts become more accurately sensitive. Through books’ benign simplification, we become a little better at being who we always really were.'
psychology  reading  empathy  bibliotherapy  catharsis 
january 2017 by adamcrowe
Cathartic: Share your story with complete anonymity
This is a place for you to share your story, your thoughts or whatever is on your mind in complete anonymity.

You can write about anything that is important to you – your whole life, personal trauma or events that have affected you in the past.
november 2015 by gdw
New horror text games give voice to marginalized women - Offworld
via New horror text games give voice to marginalized women "Twine horror games can act as catharsis for both creators and players by claiming ownership of fictionalized terror and fear," writes Carli Velocci in Bitch Magazine. Read
IFTTT  Delicious  ZOLWA2R  New  horror  text  games  give  voice  to  marginalized  women  "Twine  can  act  as  catharsis  for  both  cre 
august 2015 by ZOLWA2R
Catharsis Fonts: Maestrale
From the site: “[Christian Thalmann’s] Maestrale is a paradigm-breaking new take on calligraphy, built around a compact, serif-style core and outrageously long, flamboyant extenders. The font comprises 1299 glyphs, including many stylistic alternates, ligatures, small capitals, and initial, terminal, and linking forms, and offers extensive OpenType programming to support them. The calligraphic form of Maestrale is complemented by a matching text font (Maestrale Text) with short extenders, available in three cuts (a serif-style Roman, an upright Cursive, and a tilted Italic). Maestrale is all about the lowercase; its capitals are deliberately understated so as not to steal the limelight. In fact, the font works very well when set exclusively in lowercase. Maestrale’s small capitals are fitted into the core space of the lowercase, allowing them to be freely interspersed with lowercase characters. Alternately, an OpenType feature is available to replace a and e in small-caps text with their lowercase equivalents for a fresh unicase look. Maestrale Text is a less extravagant but more versatile variation on the design of Maestrale, replacing Maestrale’s swashes with efficiently compact extenders. It is intended to serve as a perfectly matching text companion to Maestrale calligraphy, but constitutes a full-fledged typeface in its own right. It is equally at home at display sizes as it is in pull quotes, titles, and high-impact blocks of text. Maestrale Text comes in three complementary faces: A serif-style Roman, an upright Cursive, and a tilted Italic. Maestrale is the Italian word for “masterful”. It is also the traditional Italian name for the northwesterly mediterranean wind, better known by its French name, Mistral.”
tn152  typedia  typography  type  typeface  catharsis  maestrale  christianthalmann  calligraphic  decorative 
july 2013 by splorp
Teen Wolf - Spark, Smolder, Catch, by qthelights Derek/Stiles
Stiles tries to make Derek see he doesn't have to be alone. By tearing his house down.
teenwolf  derek/stiles  length:15k-50k  friendship  via:northern  angst  catharsis 
april 2013 by cee_m
rock_mafia: Get It Right (Adrift tag)
"Don't you walk out that door, Rodney," he says and Rodney knows it isn’t a request, but an order.
sga  mckay/sheppard  angry  spanking  catharsis  ep-related 
april 2013 by runpunkrun
listen to the truth inside you
Gerard is Jersey born and bred, but California's home now. So even though he knows it puts him at a disadvantage, he asks Frank to meet him in the city. It's a calculated move; Frank's walking into this meeting on the defensive, and Gerard needs all the help he can get.
b:andeincascade  b:lucifuge5  gerard_way  frank_iero  p:none  bandom  my_chemical_romance  breakup  501-1000  r  catharsis  2013  band_as_family 
march 2013 by akamine_chan

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