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Follow Me, What's the Harm? Considerations of Catfishing and Utilizing Fake Online Personas on Social Media.
This essay centers on the concepts of catfishing and online impersonation. Utilizing the Manti Te'o catfishing hoax and the Texas Tech football coaching staff's admittance of using fake profiles on social media to follow their players as a basis, this piece will examine past instances of athletes and catfishing and the connection between collegiate athletics and catfishing. Past legal incidents that focus specifically on catfishing, as well as specific laws that could have ramifications on catfishing and fake online personas will be discussed. Finally, the legal considerations that may have a potential effect on the various communication elements within social media platforms will be explored. Recommendations for future research will also be presented.
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march 2018 by craniac
Inside the fake Facebook profile industry •
Jeff Yates:
<p>There’s more than one way to lie in order to achieve success on social media. I’ve been covering fake news and online disinformation for three years now, and I thought I’d seen it all. But a Facebook profile by the name of Béatrice Boistard really gave me pause.

She was gorgeous, she was mysterious and she had created an online audience of several hundred thousand followers. The thing is, she also stole the identities of handicapped or sick people to get it.

So began the strangest investigation of my career, which catapulted me into the kaleidoscopic world of fake Facebook profiles, where nothing is real.

I first got acquainted with Béatrice’s profile in February 2016. She would regularly share pictures of amputated or bald people, asking her followers to write “amen” in the comments section. Why? Because “no one loves me since I got cancer”, or “my husband left me because I lost my legs.”

These posts invariably got thousands of likes, comments and shares on Facebook. It’s no surprise, then, that Béatrice’s page has over 671,000 followers. That’s significantly more than major Canadian news outlets such as the National Post and the Toronto Star and almost as many as the Globe and Mail…

…Surely, this must be about money, I thought. In fact, certain posts within the network send links to fraudulent websites, where you are asked to enter your credit card information. But I also believed that these fake accounts were used in sextortion schemes. The report by Corde sensible confirmed this.

This all suggests that this massive network is used primarily to attract men online and send them careening towards different fraudulent schemes. But by analyzing the network, I was able to determine that different accounts play different roles. All of them co-operate to create a huge trap that filters potential victims in order to find the most vulnerable targets.</p>

This gets very weird. But it's a rewarding read.
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november 2017 by charlesarthur
Google Reverse Image Search on Mobile Phones
Google Reverse Search, available at, lets you search by images instead of keywords. Upload a picture from your desktop, tablet or mobile phone, and Google will show all the other web pages on the Internet that have similar images.
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october 2017 by cogdog
Spoofed Grindr Accounts Turned One Man’s Life Into a ‘Living Hell’ | WIRED
In the worst cases, the suit alleges, the impersonator requested a “rape fantasy.” In one instance, Herrick says, a man refused to leave Herrick’s apartment building, and wrestled with Herrick’s roommate in the hallway until Herrick broke up the fight. Others have screamed obscenities at Herrick at his workplace, stalked him outside, and tried to have sex with him in the bathroom of the restaurant. On one day earlier this month, six men seeking sex came to the restaurant where Herrick works in just a four-minute span. And Herrick says the person controlling the fake profiles will often tell the visitors Herrick will “say no when he means yes,”
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february 2017 by jomc
Detecting Forged (Altered) Images – Forensic Focus – Articles
Are digital images submitted as court evidence genuine or have the pictures been altered or modified? We developed a range of algorithms performing automated authenticity analysis of JPEG images, and implemented them into a commercially available forensic tool.
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december 2016 by cogdog
The real story behind the kid whose mom used Craigslist to find him a feminism tutor.
A few days ago, a woman in Bel Air posted an ad on Craigslist looking for a “feminism tutor” for her 22-year-old son. The ad since been removed, but he ...
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april 2016 by nathanen
Spotting Fake Online Reviews - by @mfauscette
" If a review is completely or mostly lacking in specific details about the product, the user experience and the reasons for a good or bad review rating, there may be something wrong. In the course of using a product, and then relating your experience it is natural to share specific details, something about the process of using the product, the way the experience makes you feel, or what happened when it was used. Vague reviews are of little value in general, and could signal that a person really doesn’t have personal knowledge of the product."
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april 2016 by jonerp
Cyber femme fatale targets South Korean government
The Choson Ilbo reports that North Korea has set up a series of Facebook profiles with pictures of “pretty women” to attract the attention and cyber friendship of South Korean officials.

The National Intelligence Service told parliament, “If a beautiful stranger wants to become your friend on Facebook, you should turn them down,” the newspaper reported.
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march 2016 by jomc
collision detection: "Wired Love": A tale of catfishing, OK Cupid, and sexting ... from 1880
In the Victorian era, telegraph operators were the first people to live with virtual reality. It’s all quite nuttily modern. Wired Love anticipates everything we live with in today’s online, Iphoned courtship: Assessing whether someone you’ve met online is what they say they are; the misunderstandings of tone and substance that come from communicating in rapid-fire, conversational bursts of text; or even the fact that you might not really be sure of the gender/nationality/species of the person you’re flirting with.
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february 2016 by cogdog

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