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"Meant to Say" by Kirinin
(Harry Potter)
Summary: Harry, Snape and Draco are cursed with a new and frightening relationship with the truth. Voldemort seeks to exploit it, but Draco aims to stay one step ahead.

Notes: This story is in two halves. The first half is the expected humour and mayhem of what happens after a potions accident with odd side-effects, which I enjoyed. Harry wishes he could stop up his ears, Draco wishes he could stop up his mouth, and we get to unexpectedly see behind Snape's snark.

The second half is serious and thoughtful, with almost a mythic feel, which I adored. When evil is face to face with truth, what happens?
fanfic  author:Kirinin  universe:Harry_Potter  length:Novella  ranking:Very_Good  finis:Complete  category:AU  category:Canon_Divergence  category:Angst  category:Humour  category:Potion_Accident  category:Redemption  characters:Harry_Potter  characters:Draco_Malfoy  characters:Severus_Snape  characters:Voldemort  characters:Hermione_Granger  characters:Ron_Weasley 
may 2016 by KerrAvonsen
"How We Fall" by JAWorley
(Harry Potter)
Summary: After helping Draco Malfoy escape the custody of Sirius Black, Harry endures the wrath of his Godfather. When Snape comes looking for Draco, Harry tells him that Draco has run away, and that he won’t tell him where Draco is unless Snape takes Harry with him. **Note** I'm aware that some of you don't like bad!Sirius stories. Don't worry, Sirius isn't actually in the story much, however there is redemption in the end. It's not so much that he's just bad, more that he's fallen. This story is about how people fall, and how they can make it back out in the end, getting a second chance. It is NOT a character bashing story.
fanfic  author:JAWorley  universe:Harry_Potter  length:Long_Novel  ranking:Good  finis:Complete  category:AU  category:Canon_Divergence  category:Abusive_Dursleys  category:Mad_Sirius  category:Friendly_Draco  category:Redemption  category:Final_Battle  characters:Harry_Potter  characters:Severus_Snape  characters:Draco_Malfoy  characters:Sirius_Black  characters:Remus_Lupin 
april 2016 by KerrAvonsen
"If I Knew You Were Coming, I'd've Baked a Cake" by Pitry
(Harry Potter)
Summary: It was funny to call it normal, but life can be funny sometimes: that was what Lavender had said, and Dudley, who knew he wasn't very clever, was bound to agree with her.

Notes: A lovely little story written for the "Dudley Redeemed" ficathon. A collection of incidents has Dudley Dursley standing in front of the charred wreck of Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlor, when the whirlwind of words and optimism that is Lavender Brown, catches him up, and before he knows it, they are working together to re-open it. Both Lavender and Dudley have been changed by the war, but they are still themselves as well. The author manages to craft something believable, awkward, hopeful, friendly and redemptive.
fanfic  author:Pitry  universe:Harry_Potter  length:Novelette  ranking:Good  finis:Complete  category:Post-Voldemort  category:Friendship  category:Redemption  characters:Dudley_Dursley  characters:Lavender_Brown  characters:George_Weasley 
october 2015 by KerrAvonsen
"Insurgere" by Silver Pard
(Harry Potter)
Summary: Hufflepuff is the house of the leftovers, the losers, the forgotten. Well, Tom Riddle thinks, it's time to change that.

Notes: The strength of this story is that Tom Riddle has the same burning ambition, cunning and charm that he had in canon, and yet these different life experiences change the direction of his life.
What's more, it isn't all about the Power Of Friendship making him a nicer person, either. It's more interesting than that.
Definitely worth reading.
fanfic  author:Silver_Pard  universe:Harry_Potter  length:Short_Story  ranking:Very_Good  finis:Complete  category:AU  category:Canon_Divergence  category:Redemption  category:Different_Sorting  category:Pre-Canon  characters:Tom_Riddle 
april 2011 by KerrAvonsen
"Who We Are" by Persephone Kore
(Harry Potter)
Summary: Voldemort makes an electrifying return, and Harry talks the illustrative illusion of a young Tom Riddle into reality - and into supplanting his older self. Also involves a loyal snake, an unwontedly animate frog, and Quidditch.

Notes: An intriguing story, in which the turn of the world can depend on the turn of a word.
Very character-driven.
We are left with a beginning, which means it's just as well that this is the first in a series.
I love the potential for this, because I love redemption stories, and this is definitely Tom Riddle's redemption.
fanfic  author:Persephone_Kore  universe:Harry_Potter  length:Novelette  ranking:Very_Good  finis:Complete  series:Times_Riddle  category:AU  category:Canon_Divergence  category:Redemption  category:Hogwarts-era  category:Unknown_Year  characters:Harry_Potter  characters:Tom_Riddle 
november 2010 by KerrAvonsen
"Now We Have A Map Of The Stars" by Zauberer Sirin
(Doctor Who)
Summary: Total AU: Martha never left and the Master was never killed. The Doctor keeps his promise of taking care of him. Sort of. Martha helps. Kind of. And then Dalek plot happens.

Notes: The prologue entices you in; vivid in the second person present tense, like a lucid dream.

The rest is mostly third-person (still present tense), but there is some lovely, lovely writing. Some typos, some PoV problems, and sometimes I've had to go back and re-read something to figure out who is saying what, but it's still worth it. Oh, the mind games the Master loves playing. And the way the Doctor and Martha hold their own, especially Martha. Then we get portents, and approaching menace, and the feeling that the very things they are doing to prevent it are actually bringing the menace closer.

Another thing I like about this is that, with such a long story, the character relationships have time to develop gradually, and thus, believably.

The Torchwood characters felt a bit off to me, but I think that was because I was expecting them to behave like Season 2 Torchwood, and they weren't.
fanfic  author:Zauberer_Sirin  universe:Doctor_Who  length:Long_Novel  rating:Teen  ranking:Very_Good  finis:Complete  series:Map_of_the_Stars  category:AU  category:Canon_Divergence  category:Episode_related  category:Timey-Wimey  category:Friendship  category:Redemption  category:Romance  characters:Tenth_Doctor  characters:SimmMaster  characters:Martha_Jones 
may 2008 by KerrAvonsen

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