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One Last Kiss At The End Of The World - Yahtzee - X-Men (Movies), X-Men: First Class (2011), X-Men - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
When Raven gets mixed up in a mutant cult, Charles infiltrates the group, pretending to be a true believer in the hopes of getting her out. What surprises him is the charisma and uncanny wisdom of the cult's leader, Elisha Ammon -- the emotional power of this isolated group of mutants working to create a home together -- and his powerful connection to Ammon's right-hand man, Erik Lehnsherr. But Ammon's fear of humanity, and of the future, makes him desperate for control ... and when the bond between Charles and Erik can't be contained, Ammon's reaction proves deadly.
fandom:xmenfirstclass  pairing:charles/erik  pairing:erik/omc  pairing:charles/omc  author:yahtzee  category:au  content:arrangedmarriage  content:suicide  content:dubcon  content:noncon  pairing:surprise  category:plotty  content:violence 
february 2014 by Ktown
Jail Bait - Villain - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
Charles is the new psychiatrist at a high profile correctional facility for rogue mutants, and Erik is the notorious criminal who takes a liking to him.
(I thought their relationship could have used a bit more slow build vs love-at-first-sight, but otherwise I really liked this story.)
fandom:xmenfirstclass  pairing:charles/erik  author:villain  category:au  content:noncon  content:dubcon  content:aftermath  content:prison  category:plotty 
february 2014 by Ktown
Everyday Love in Stockholm - tahariel - X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
Prompt: Magneto is the ruler of the posthuman world. His only secret? Charles Xavier, the human he's kept locked in his bedroom ever since his right-hand woman, Mystique, came to him pleading for mercy for her stepbrother, who accepted her mutant form and protected her as a child. The human he started fucking after Mystique was killed in battle, despite the guilt he feels at contaminating even this last promise to the woman who was integral to his life's work and happiness.
(This was really, really good. Love)
fandom:xmenfirstclass  pairing:charles/erik  author:tahariel  category:au  content:dubcon  content:captivity  content:stockholmsyndrome  category:plotty  content:characterdeath  content:politics 
february 2014 by Ktown
Paralyzer - Yahtzee - X-Men - All Media Types, X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
In 1965, Erik Lehnsherr has infiltrated the NYPD for his own purposes -- but his powers make him a brilliant detective. Yet that's not why FBI agent Charles Xavier has sought him out. It's because the mysterious killer they're both trying to find is murdering people like them: other mutants.

Their search for a madman binds them together. Their inner demons may tear them apart. But the greatest danger comes when the killer they're looking for looks back ...
fandom:xmenfirstclass  pairing:charles/erik  category:au  content:casefic  content:violence  author:yahtzee  content:serialkiller  content:homophobia  content:noncon  category:plotty 
february 2014 by Ktown
10th Century Boys - khaleesian - X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
Viking AU:

Beloved of ravens: 978 A.D. Charles never uses his power, Erik never hesitates. Can a man be both the void and what fills it?

the western shore: 979 A.D. Charles and Erik sail away to find Raven....and Sebastian of Sammelsberg learns that there are some people you just shouldn't fuck with. (Sequel to 'Beloved of Ravens')
fandom:xmenfirstclass  pairing:charles/erik  category:au  category:historical  content:noncon  content:violence  author:khaleesian  category:plotty 
february 2014 by Ktown
Shaw's Captive - Chapter 1 - swoopswoop - X-Men: First Class (2011), X-Men - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
Magneto killed Shaw, it had to be done for the sake of mutant-kind but what he wasn't expecting to find hidden deep with Shaw's complex was a man held captive, obviously tortured, that somehow made Magneto turn into Erik.

Erik now has a potential human in his citadel as he continues the war with the human's.
fandom:xmenfirstclass  author:swoopswoop  pairing:charles/erik  category:au  content:war  content:hurtcomfort  content:angst  content:noncon  content:torture  content:captivity  content:violence  category:plotty 
december 2013 by Ktown
Burn Your Kingdom Down - Chapter 1 - spicedpiano - X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
Erik’s people were brutally massacred when the Crusaders took Jerusalem. The sole survivor, Erik fled to northern Europe, only then to be captured as a thrall by Viking raiders. Since that day he has fought his way up to leading a group of Vikings on an invasion of the Christian mainland, killing every Crusader he can find. But when he captures a thrall of his own, a young witch who gives his name only as Charles, he discovers that there is a darker magic than his at work - and the fate of the known world may rest in his hands.
fandom:xmenfirstclass  author:spicedpiano  pairing:charles/erik  category:au  category:historical  content:dubcon  content:somnophilia  content:captivity  content:violence  content:war  content:bloodplay  content:drugs  category:dark  content:interspeciessex  content:magicalcreature  category:plotty 
december 2013 by Ktown
Chaos War - astolat - Thor (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
It was never easy to find Loki when he wanted to hide, but he wasn't doing a particularly good job of it at the moment. Probably he didn't think anyone from Asgard would be wasting their time hunting for him while the shining ones churned their way steadily through all the realm.
fandom:avengers  pairing:loki/thor  author:astolat  category:plotty  content:war  content:dubcon  content:collars 
november 2013 by Ktown
The Lotus Eaters - aldora89 - Star Trek (2009) [Archive of Our Own]
Stranded on the planet Sigma Nox while searching for a missing away team, Spock and Kirk find themselves pitted against a disturbing native life form. With the captain out of commission on a regular basis and Spock struggling to preserve his stoicism, staying alive is difficult enough – but when a slim chance for escape surfaces, their resolve is truly put to the test. Together they must fight for survival in the heart of an alien jungle, and in the process, uncover the mystery of the planet’s past. Slow build K/S.
fandom:startrekreboot  pairing:kirk/spock  author:aldora89  content:romance  content:actionadventure  content:hurtcomfort  content:mindcontrol  category:plotty 
june 2013 by Ktown
Sins of Omission - Kiyaar - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
A Post-Civil War, Pre-Secret Invasion AU where Steve is dead, Tony's a mess, and everything sucks.

In which Tony deals poorly with Steve's death, falls off the wagon, sees ghosts, and misses a lot.

Oh, and the Skrulls are about to invade.
fandom:avengers  pairing:steve/tony  author:kiyaar  category:au  category:dark  category:plotty  content:angst  content:abuse  content:sexualviolence  content:torture  content:bdsm  content:noncon  content:suicide  content:characterdeath  wip 
june 2013 by Ktown
Making the Best of It | audiofic
“He’s not telling us everything,” Fury reached out and shut the projection off, “I’m not comfortable with this.” Coulson didn’t respond, didn’t need to. “Let Rogers know I want Barton watched; he doesn’t go anywhere alone until we understand exactly what’s going on. I’m not losing him to some egotistical mind-f***ing blade-dancer who has mentor issues and wants to take it out on our asset.”

Phil nodded efficiently. He couldn’t agree more.
fandom:avengers  pairing:clint/phil  author:dentalfloss  reader:crinklysolution  podfic  content:childabuse  content:violence  content:hurtcomfort  content:actionadventure  content:friendship  content:bamf!character  category:plotty 
may 2013 by Ktown
You'll Get There In The End (It Just Takes A While) [audiobook] | audiofic
Spock. Just say 'I don't trust Starfleet not to mess up the only captain in the fleet who I can train up to my expectations and enjoys running into danger wearing a blindfold as much as I do'.
fandom:startrekreboot  pairing:kirk/spock  author:seperis  reader:revolutionaryjo  podfic  content:angst  content:ponfarr  category:plotty 
may 2013 by Ktown
Helix 'verse - paleogymnast - Supernatural RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Meet Jensen Ackles, a poverty rights lawyer with an over-active imagination and an insatiable science fiction addiction. He worries constantly about his husband, Misha, and best friend, Jared, who always seem poised on the brink of disaster because of their politically controversial work for an environmental nonprofit. Jensen’s solution? Escaping the exhausting repetition and stresses of everyday life with vivid fantasies in which he stars as a sci fi action hero.

Only, in Jensen’s world, nothing is as it seems. After finding a mysterious paperweight in Misha’s briefcase and surviving a car accident through an impossible sequence of events, Jensen is about to discover how deep his personal rabbit hole goes.
fandom:supernatural  pairing:jensen/misha  author:paleogymnast  category:rpf  category:au  content:angst  content:hurtcomfort  content:genocide  category:scifi  content:actionadventure  wip  category:plotty 
may 2013 by Ktown
Through the Glass | audiofic
“Thoughts Coulson?” Fury asked, finger tapping idly on Barton’s file.

“He’s dangerous. He has trust issues that we may not be able to breach, he will not like working with others, he will lie to us about his motivations every chance he gets and, most likely, be successful every time.” Coulson’s gaze drifted back to the empty chair Barton had chosen earlier, boxed in the corner yet protected on as many sides as possible. “It won’t be easy, but if we can win his loyalty he has the potential to be the asset we’re looking for.”

Fury agreed, though neither of them would ever dream that they already had Barton’s loyalty, or that the price it cost was so steep.
fandom:avengers  pairing:clint/phil  author:dentalfloss  reader:liannabob  podfic  category:plotty  content:violence  content:torture  content:hurtcomfort  content:angst  content:slavery 
may 2013 by Ktown
series|best practices | audiofic
Someone is sitting at the desk outside his office.
Mark comes to stand by the desk. “Do I know you?”
He is given a quietly appraising look. The man stands and offers Mark his hand. “Eduardo Saverin. You’re supposed to be interviewing me.”
Written for a prompt at the kinkmeme: They meet when Mark's already a billionaire and Eduardo is his new personal assistant.
fandom:thesocialnetwork  pairing:eduardo/mark  author:blackeyedgirl  reader:knight_tracer  podfic  category:au  category:plotty 
may 2013 by Ktown
Just a Life Story and No Climax [audiobook] | audiofic
Mark and Eduardo are pornstars who meet and bond over fucking machines.
(i really loved this story...and the read was really good!)
fandom:thesocialnetwork  pairing:eduardo/mark  author:abriata  reader:lunchee  podfic  category:au  category:plotty  content:pornstars  content:fuckingmachines 
april 2013 by Ktown
The Secret Life Of Daydreams [Audiobook] | audiofic
When the wealthy Dustin Moskovitz arrives in Meryton with two companions in tow, he throws the quiet lives of Christopher Hughes and Eduardo Saverin into chaos. Christopher finds himself falling in love with the charming, affable Dustin while Eduardo and Mark never cease arguing long enough to realize that they may be a good match.
fandom:thesocialnetwork  pairing:chris/dustin  pairing:eduardo/mark  author:hapakitsune  reader:lunchee  podfic  category:historical  content:romance  category:plotty 
april 2013 by Ktown
Never Marry for Money (You Can Borrow it Cheaper) [audiobook] | audiofic
Eduardo & Mark have to attend some kind of shareholder's/young-and-a-billionaire's meeting in Vegas/Vermont/Illinois. One thing leads to another and they WAKE UP MARRIED. A quicky divorce/annulment would be easy if not for the fact that Mark drunkenly changed his facebook status to MARRIED TO EDUARDO SAVERIN.

Or, Mark and Eduardo get drunkenly married. Chaos ensues.
fandom:thesocialnetwork  pairing:eduardo/mark  author:hapakitsune  reader:knight_tracer  podfic  content:wokeupmarried  category:plotty 
april 2013 by Ktown
Just Gonna Get My Feet Wet Until I Drown - justbreathe80 - Social Network (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
Good thing he hadn’t tried too hard to picture Mark Z., because after Sean’s hyper, condescending reminder about how important this client was, he wouldn’t have imagined this guy staring him down, not blinking, for the world.
fandom:thesocialnetwork  pairing:eduardo/mark  author:justbreathe80  category:au  category:plotty  content:sexworker 
april 2013 by Ktown

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