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Women in the Book Trade
This website is devoted to women in the book trades during the hand-press period (ca. 1455-1820). The book trades here refer to all trades involved in the manufacture and distribution of printed material, including printers, compositors, publishers, binders, illustrators, and auctioneers.
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UKIDSS Home Page
UKIDSS is the next generation near-infrared sky survey, the successor to 2MASS. UKIDSS began in May 2005 and will survey 7500 square degrees of the Northern sky, extending over both high and low Galactic latitudes, in JHK to K=18.3. This depth is three magnitudes deeper than 2MASS. UKIDSS will be the true near-infrared counterpart to the Sloan survey, and will produce as well a panoramic clear atlas of the Galactic plane. In fact UKIDSS is made up of five surveys and includes two deep extra-Galactic elements, one covering 35 square degrees to K=21, and the other reaching K=23 over 0.77 square degrees.
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In which we get deeply nerdy about museum dates…
This is where EDTF (Extended Date/Time format) comes in. It's a format specified by the Library of Congress that gives us way to distinguish between these nuances, in a way that computers can make sense of.
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What is FRBR? - FRBR.PDF
functional requirements for bibliographic records
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Organizing Ideas Has Never Been Easier | Eagle
Eagle helps you manage pictures, screenshots, user interfaces and designs that make your lightbulb shine.
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Catalog Record: American bibliography; a chronological... | Hathi Trust Digital Library
American bibliography; a chronological dictionary of all books, pamphlets, and periodical publications printed in the United States of America from the genesis of printing in 1639 down to and including the year 1820. With bibliographical and biographical notes.
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