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arabesque05: untitled ballet AU
Sid/girl!Geno. Taylor drags Sid to the Nutcracker in New York. Geno is one of the principals. Sid is utterly smitten
fandom:hockey  genre:rpf  genre:au  au:alternate-reality  evgeni-malkin  sidney-crosby  taylor-crosby  trope:rule-63  profession:dancer  p:crosby/malkin  cat:w.i.p.  from delicious
february 2013 by notabene
khalj: Falling for you
Sergio sees Fernando for the first time walking down the street, and just like that, he falls in love.
fandom:football  genre:rpf  genre:au  sergio-ramos  fernando-torres  AU:alternate-universe  profession:model  cat:w.i.p.  from delicious
january 2013 by notabene
khalj: The Vacancy
Half AU fic in which Fernando Torres is an international football star in search of a new agent, and Sergio is a retired footballer in need of a job. He soon finds out there is a fine line between love and hate.
fandom:football  genre:rpf  genre:au  au:alternate-reality  sergio-ramos  fernando-torres  setting:chelsea-fc  cat:w.i.p.  from delicious
january 2013 by notabene
winter_stars: Follow
Things usually go according to plan for Fernando. They don't when he is paid to stalk Sergio Ramos.
fandom:football  genre:rpf  genre:au  au:alternate-reality  sergio-ramos  fernando-torres  profession:criminal  setting:real-madrid  cat:w.i.p.  from delicious
january 2013 by notabene
smittywing: Not Your Mother's Alma Mater
It starts one day when Darcy glances at the calendar and comments, “Semester starts in two weeks.” It takes her a beat to realize that Jane and Erik are staring at her with a kind of badly-disguised shock, like they forgot this internship was for a summer and not for the rest of her life.
fandom:avengers  darcy-lewis  clint-barton  phil-coulson  pepper-potts  natasha-romanov  tony-stark  jane-foster  cat:w.i.p.  from delicious
march 2012 by notabene
zanoranna: Sweetheart Masterlist
Lukas Podolski transfers to a big-city club over the summer, leaving behind everything and everyone he knows, but it doesn't take long until he's found everything he never knew he wanted: Bastian Schweinsteiger.
fandom:football  genre:rpf  genre:au  au:alternate-universe  setting:mafia  bastian-schweinsteiger  lukas-podolski  mesut-ozil  cast:spanish-nt  cast:german-nt  cast:chelsea  cast:brazilian-nt  cat:w.i.p.  from delicious
november 2011 by notabene
elf_md: Assignment
Fernando walked into Martin and Daniel's room unannounced one day. Side story to Cramp
fandom:football  genre:rpf  martin-kelly  martin-skrtel  daniel-agger  fernando-torres  setting:liverpool  cat:w.i.p.  from delicious
september 2011 by notabene
anon: Blow the Man Down
The Liverpool players are pirates, Xabi is a Spanish noble. They capture his ship and Captain Steven Gerrard decides to take him prisoner.
fandom:football  genre:rpf  genre:au  au:alternate-universe  setting:historical  steven-gerrard  xabi-alonso  pepe-reina  fernando-torres  iker-casillas  cat:comment-fic  cat:w.i.p.  from delicious
august 2011 by notabene
scheherazade: The Tale of the Prince and His Bodyguard
When a prophecy threatens a young prince's life, it's up to his loyal bodyguard to keep that fate from becoming reality.

Beautifully realised fantasy epic, reminds me a little of Guy Gavriel Kay's Lions of Al Rassan in its writing style and worldbuilding
fandom:football  genre:rpf  mesut-ozil  sami-khedira  cast:barcelona  cast:real-madrid  cast:spanish-nt  cast:german-nt  genre:au  au:alternate-universe  cat:w.i.p.  from delicious
august 2011 by notabene
SandraDeee: Dangerous
Author's Note: This alternate reality Jericho fanfic mostly takes place after the end of season 1, though some of the action from season 1 is highly referenced, particularly in this first chapter. While I am a huge fan of the show and am delighted that it has returned for an abbreviated season, one of the things I am missing during this second season is the character interaction, as well as the emotions that go along with putting back the pieces of broken lives. Also, since my favorite character, Heather Lisinski, has not been featured as prominently, I took it upon myself to (A) put together the backstory of where she's been and what she's done and (B) write what I would have liked to see happen upon her return. Be warned that I do tend to delve into all things sappy, though as the story progresses, I will be incorporating Jericho's action/adventure aspects, as well, with my own twists.
fandom:jericho  jake-green  heather-lisinski  eric-green  gail-green  edward-beck  stanley-richmond  emily-sullivan  genre:AU  AU:divergent-timeline  cat:w.i.p.  from delicious
december 2010 by notabene
sharkflip: Enslaved
A triumphant war party returns with an exotic slave, a gift for the ruling house. Katara and Zuko AU
fandom:avatar-last-airbender  toph-bei-fong  genre:AU  AU:alternate-reality  cat:w.i.p.  aang(avatar)  zuko(avatar)  sokka(avatar)  katara(avatar) 
october 2010 by notabene
nkb-92: It's Official
Nothing turned out the way Rachel Berry wanted it after Sectionals, nothing. In fact, things might just be worse than they were before. She still doesn't have Finn, still doesn't have friends, she doesn't even have her fellow 'Glee Clubbers' anymore.
fandom:glee  genre:AU  AU:divergent-timeline  noah-puckerman  rachel-berry  cat:w.i.p. 
october 2010 by notabene
loveadubdub: One Sentence
All it takes is one sentence. One sentence to put a target on her back. One sentence to ruin her life. One sentence to make her question everything she's ever thought she knew.
fandom:glee  noah-puckerman  rachel-berry  genre:AU  AU:divergent-timeline  cat:w.i.p. 
october 2010 by notabene
smc-27: Whole World Can Change In A Minute
She vaguely registers Quinn's sister saying things like 'car accident' and 'dead on impact' and 'they're gone, Rachel.' But who in the world would trust the man next to her with raising a child? Like it or not, they're in all this together. AU.
fandom:glee  rachel-berry  noah-puckerman  genre:AU  AU:alternate-reality  genre:kidfic  trope:domesticity  cat:w.i.p. 
october 2010 by notabene
anon: "Baby"
Arthur laughs then, and the forger is satisfied, no matter what the pointman says next.

“Baby, that was entirely your fault. And you know it.”

Eames opens his mouth. Closes it again. The endearment chases itself around in his head and he knows he’s staring as Arthur turns to look at him after a several long seconds of silence, one dark eyebrow raised, and it’s as if that word has singlehandedly destroyed and rebuilt his entire world. The laughter is still there in Arthur’s eyes, but it’s a warm expression rather than one of mocking.
fandom:inception  eames.the-forger  arthur.the-pointman  cat:comment-fic  cat:w.i.p. 
august 2010 by notabene
rilla_: The Long Experience of Love
Roger has a genetic condition in which his bodyclock periodically resets itself, and flings him into the past or future. He's able to meet his own self in the past and future, and his connection with Rafa is instantly clear.
alternate link: (each consecutive chapter can be found by clicking next entry)
fandom:tennis  genre:AU  genre:rpf  AU:alternate-reality  rafael-nadal  roger-federer  trope:timetravel  l:epic  cat:w.i.p. 
july 2010 by notabene
gryps_scribis: Public Relations
What if history reversed itself? What if it was Roger who had problems with injuries and had to retire early and Mirka who rose to tennis stardom? And what happens when he meets up-and-coming ATP star Rafael Nadal?
fandom:tennis  roger-federer  rafael-nadal  genre:AU  genre:rpf  AU:alternate-reality  cat:w.i.p. 
july 2010 by notabene

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