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Grew up watching this for dinner. Never realized some people trust body counts, , & "enemy combatants"
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april 2017 by stringsn88keys
Many casualties in aftermath of bursting bubbles -
November 12, 2009 | FT | from Mr Edward Chancellor.

Prof Mishkin classifies the technology bubble as a mere case of irrational exuberance. He claims that its collapse posed no systemic risk. If that were the case, then why did the failure of WorldCom and Enron in 2002 drive his former colleague at the Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke, to worry publicly about a “deflation” threat? And if the US economy was in such a robust state, why did the Fed keep interest rates so low for so long, thereby creating a real estate bubble?
A legacy of excessive debt is only one of the problems posed by bubbles. They contribute to the misallocation of resources – too much fibre optic cable or too many McMansions – which acts as a drag on economic growth. Asset price inflation also redistributes wealth in an arbitrary way between winners and losers. Bursting bubbles damage both corporate and household balance sheets, creating many innocent victims as people lose their jobs or suffer depleted savings.
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october 2016 by jerryking
'What Is Aleppo?' There's No Easy Answer : NPR
The humanitarian group says that at least six children and seven young adults have attempted suicide in the past 2 months alone in the town of Madaya, which is also besieged, like Aleppo.

"The children are psychologically crushed and tired," a teacher in Madaya told Save the Children. "When we do activities like singing with them, they don't react at all, they don't laugh like they would normally."

Those of us who have covered wars may be especially staggered to know this. Usually in war, you are amazed to hear the laughter of children rise above the rubble and sorrow.
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september 2016 by Michael.Massing

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