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Long-Term Consequences of Castration in Men: Lessons from the Skoptzy and the Eunuchs of the Chinese and Ottoman Courts | The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism | Oxford Academic
Castration of men and males of other species was almost certainly the first experiment in endocrinology (if not in zoology), and the literature on the subject i
april 2019 by alexmel
Luo Binghe noticed that Shizun had changed.

Luo Binghe had a hard time explaining it, but it was like before the demonic wolf hunt, there had been a fire within Shen Qingqiu, but after he had returned and refused check-ups, it slowly diminished to the point it appeared to have sputtered out.

By fire, Luo Binghe meant Shizun’s anger. Before, he was always quick to anger, and aggressive. These days he was calm and patient, rather than cruel and punitive.

By the dampening or disappearance of the “fire” Luo Binghe associated with Shen Qingqiu, he did not only mean his anger. Luo Binghe also meant his lecherous inclinations. It appeared Shizun only had eyes for books now.
=scum.villain  2018  wc:1-5k  author:spearpoint  *bing-ge/shenjiu  canon.AU  castration  first.time 
december 2018 by claudine
Request: Dean/Sam*,a/b/o, OPTIONAL: turning, castration, h/c
A/b/o world.
Generally, there is only one alpha child per family, because the alpha sibling (usually the older one) turns his younger; often before the younger boy even presents formally. Sam always considered himself lucky in that respect because when he’d come home in tears because his (current) best friend had been withdrawn from school on account of being turned into an omega by his older brother, and asked Dean if the same thing was going to happen to him, his brother had promised him that Dean would never do that to him. ... so though they fought and argued and got on each-other’s nerves, they were both secure in the knowledge that no one was getting turned.

In their teenage, people often ridiculed Dean for being ‘weak’ (because what other reason could there be for Sam presenting as ‘alpha’?) and on a memorable occasion, some boys even ganged up on the older Winchester, intending to turn him. Sam found out about it later when people started giving him a wide berth: Dean had put the four boys in their place and since he couldn’t turn Sam, then Sam was obviously super-strong, right?

Eventually all their deference started going to Sam’s head and he challenged Dean to a private match- they weren’t going to actually turn anyone, just see who was the stronger one between them. ... Sam got a rude shock when Dean put him on his back in less than ten minutes, not even breathing hard. And though he tried to ignore it, Sam couldn’t stop wondering what it would feel like to actually be the omega for such a powerful alpha.
Sam gets caught by the cops and given his records, they don’t want to lose him once again, so instead of a cell, they take him straight to a processing room where he’s anesthetised (optional) and castrated. (When someone is ‘turned’ as punishment, they are castrated to make the transition irreversible- no amount of hormone supplements and reconstructive therapy/surgery can return an alpha’s knot; in normal turnings, its the alpha’s choice whether the omega keeps his genitals intact or modified). Optional cruelty- the cops wait for Sam to become lucid before making him watch as his surgically removed dick and balls are put in an incinerator.

Dean rescues him before he is sent for ‘training’ (and files the paperwork to claim him –false name, obviously- before he can become the property of some other alpha). Cue healing and h/c as Sam comes to term with his new body, eventually figuring he hadn’t been wrong on that long ago summer when his brother had pinned him: Dean was a worthy alpha to serve.
:spn  fps  pairing:sam/dean  alpha/beta/omega  turning  castration  hurt/comfort 
october 2017 by Mayalaen
Request: Bobby/Sam, castration, abo, bodymod, dubcon
Bobby's never seen the need for a set of balls on an omega, or a dick longer then needed to aim with. Sam's too spunk drunk to wonder why they're at the Omega clinic.
:spn  fps  pairing:sam/bobby  castration  alpha/beta/omega  bodymodification  dubcon 
july 2017 by Mayalaen
Request: Dean/John/Sam, castration, power play
Every year, John and Dean celebrate Sam's birthday by having Sam lock himself into a castration device, tell him how beautiful and smooth he'd look, then release him and fuck him over the nearest surface.
Now that he's finally stopped growing, they kiss his tears away as they turn the device on.
:spn  fps  pairing:sam/dean/john  castration  kink:power-play 
july 2017 by Mayalaen
Request: Castiel/Dean, alien culture/biology, forced mating/breeding, castration, forced sex change
Everyone is part of an alien species wherein everyone begins life as protandrous male pseudo-hermaphrodites and remains that way until they pair off to mate/breed. Traditionally, when mating season comes around, people will pair off and fight one another until one is overpowered, castrated, and mounted. A person’s first mating determines their adult sex and reproductive role, and those who are castrated and mounted mature into carriers/females while those doing the mounting mature into sires/males.

Castiel is an older, mature male who is looking for a second mate. Since he’s already matured, anyone who mates with him will have to forego the traditional fight and become a carrier/female and most aren’t willing to do so. So, like many older males looking for a second mate, Castiel has to resort to buying one. For the right price, poorer families are willing to force one of their sons to be made into carriers without going through the traditional mating fight. It’s considered a bit shameful (there is no shame in losing the dominance fight, only in ‘forfeiting’ before the fight has even begun), but since most mating fights are done in private, with only close family members there to bear witness, it’s not like anyone has to know.

Castiel goes to one of the poorest districts in the city, where he meets John, who is deep in debt and desperate enough to sell off whichever son catches Castiel’s eye. Cas chooses pretty, 18-year-old Dean, who’s just the right age for a first mating and who’s features will look even prettier once he becomes a carrier/female. Dean should be pretty ashamed/upset about not even getting a chance to fight and about being expected to lie still and not struggle during his castration and first mounting. After the first time, Cas mounts Dean regularly as his body changes until Dean is finally pregnant with his first brood.
:spn  fps  pairing:dean/castiel  aliens  genderswap  castration  mating  breeding  dubcon 
july 2017 by Mayalaen
Request: Castiel/Dean, master/slave, castration, penectomy, sexual training
Kind of an Ancient Rome-style culture AU with maybe modern technology/medical tech.

Castiel, the new master of the estate, wants all of the houseboys (young, male domestic/indoor slaves) gelded before his wives and daughters join him there, as they are used to only being served by young eunuchs and Cas isn’t willing to risk allowing an intact houseboy around any of them, since he knows sheltered upper class women and girls won’t hesitate to make use of an intact houseboy if they get the chance. Cas also enjoys taking gelded houseboys into his bed, so it’s a win-win for him if all of the houseboys are cut. The boys who work in the kitchens and common rooms all get their balls removed, while the boys selected to become personal attendants within the bedrooms for either Cas, his wife, or any of his sons or daughters, all have their balls and cocks removed.

Dean is chosen to be Castiel's personal attendant. Cas oversees the Dean’s castration, and then as soon as Dean is healed, Cas takes him into his bed and begins training him to tend to his needs.

I would prefer Dean to be between 12-14 years old. Cas should be much older, since he has wives and children. Up to anon who any of the side characters are. Also feel free to add other kinks. Don’t reprompt with character role changes.
:spn  underage  pairing:dean/castiel  slave  castration  penectomy  kink:training  fps 
july 2017 by Mayalaen
Request: MC/Dean, Castiel/Dean, a/b/o, harems, castration, forced breeding
Alphas keep harems of omegas, both male and female, and these omegas are completely confined to the omega quarters of the alpha's home (though there's generally an outdoor courtyard/garden attached to their quarters so they can go outside, even if it has a high wall around it to keep them in). However, since male omegas are hermaphroditic and are able to both sire and bear offspring, alphas generally have their male omegas gelded before putting them in the harem with the rest of their omegas, to ensure that they can’t impregnate anyone (since it’s common for omegas to pleasure each other when their alpha isn’t around). Some alphas even prefer to have their male omegas’ cocks removed, too, so that they’re just as smooth as the females (though they don’t have vaginas like the female omegas do).

Teenage Dean (between 14-18 years old) presents as an omega and is sold to MC. To his dread, his alpha is the type that prefers his male omegas completely nullified and smooth. Dean is castrated and brought to the harem, where the other omegas take care of him while he heals and prepare him for his first night in his alpha’s bed. During that time, Dean becomes close to Castiel, one of the other male omegas (and also older than Dean, but still a teenager), and while sex with his alpha is a chore (the alpha seeks his own pleasure and doesn’t care about Dean’s, only concerned with getting himself off and putting a pup in Dean’s belly), fooling around with Cas and some of the other omegas is the only way Dean is able to actually get off and feel good (other omegas up to anon).

Things I want: A castration scene, Dean having bad sex with his alpha (maybe the alpha thinks Dean can't get off because he's been gelded, so he doesn't even try to make it good for him), and castrated omegas Dean and Cas loving each other up to make up for all of the bad sex they have to endure with their alpha (can include other omegas into the mix with them if anon wants).

Up to anon who the alpha MC is, but please no incest. Also no boypussy, and any possible breast growth should be minor (no more than an A cup). Other aspects of feminization are perfectly okay, though, and all other kinks are welcome.
:spn  underage  pairing:dean/omc(s)  pairing:dean/castiel  alpha/beta/omega  castration  breeding  fps 
july 2017 by Mayalaen
Request: Castiel/Dean, a/b/o, omega turning, castration, arranged mating
John dies on a hunt when Dean is eighteen, leaving Dean to care for fourteen-year-old Sam and seven-year-old Adam. As a young, unmated beta that isn’t even finished school yet, Dean isn’t considered guardian material. He’s got a social worker circling like a vulture, ready to take Sam and Adam away and match them with a stable, adoptive family if Dean doesn’t do something to improve his situation fast. Desperate, Dean goes to a mating service, where young omegas and betas (who can be turned into omegas and most of whom are willing to do so if desperate enough) can be matched with a financially stable alpha that wants a mate but doesn’t want to waste time on dating properly beforehand. Castiel is one such alpha. He’s in his mid-thirties, is a bit of a workaholic, and has a family that’s been pressuring him to settle down with someone. All he requires is a good-looking omega mate (or a beta willing to undergo the turning process), who’s willing to have sex when he’s in the mood and give him a couple of kids, and take care of those kids and their home. He doesn’t mind a mate with a little baggage as long as those conditions are met.

Dean and Cas end up being matched. Accepting each other’s terms, they sign an official mating agreement. Then Cas takes Dean to an omega clinic, where he can undergo the turning process (castration and exposure to alpha semen). Officially mated and with a stable alpha, Dean is able to secure custody of his brothers and the three of them move in with Cas, where Dean now has to fulfill his end of the deal. At first, they're distant with each other and the sex is pretty impersonal, but once Dean gets pregnant Cas begins paying more attention to him, noticing what a good caretaker he is to his little brothers and imagining what he'll be like with their own child. By the time their baby is born, Cas and Dean have grown to care for each other.

Other kinks are welcome. Don't reprompt with character changes.
:spn  fps  pairing:dean/castiel  alpha/beta/omega  kink:turning(alpha-to-omega)  castration  arrangedmarriage  mating 
july 2017 by Mayalaen
Request: Castiel/Dean, a/b/o, omega turning, castration, mpreg
AU with werewolf packs that consist of:

1. A head alpha, which is in charge of the pack and is the only one in the pack who can breed with the omegas. The head alpha would kill anyone else that dares to touch one of his omegas.

2. About a half dozen mature betas (male and female) who form breeding pairs and produce only beta offspring. Female betas always sexually mature but don’t experience heats (and are more aggressive and dominant than female omegas), while male betas only do so if they are particularly large in size, physically stronger than average, and, most importantly, have a strong-willed personality that makes them more dominant compared to other betas (but not more than the alpha). They are fierce fighters and hunters. One of the breeding betas will always be the alpha’s strongest and most dominant son, the alpha heir, whom the alpha is grooming to take his position after his death.

3. Several dozen non-breeding male betas, who remain sexually immature, sometimes for their whole lives. They have underdeveloped bodies that lack secondary sex characteristics and their personalities tend to be less aggressive than breeding betas, gentle even, and more submissive. Non-breeders aren’t particularly strong, so they often aren’t sent out to hunt or fight, but the few that are strong make good guards for the omegas and pups. The gentler ones make good caretakers, acting as nannies for pups and tending the omegas’ needs. While a very aggressive and dominant non-breeder can mature into a breeding beta, a particularly sweet and submissive non-breeder might catch the alpha’s eye and be chosen to join the ranks of the pack omegas. If this happens, the beta’s immature testes are castrated and then he is given a mating bite, which will work together to make the beta’s body develop a mature, female reproductive system.

4. Around a dozen, sometimes more, breeding female omegas (that are totally submissive and go into heats) and anywhere from one to a small handful of breeding male omegas. Omegas are able to give birth to both omega pups and beta pups, among which is the future alpha heir.

Castiel is the head alpha, while teenage Dean is a non-breeding beta that Cas has recently taken in after Dean’s own pack was decimated by hunters (up to anon if Sam is there, too). Cas begins to notice what a good caretaker Dean. He always knows just what one of the pregnant or nursing omegas needs and he’s great with the pups. Because of how sweet Dean is, Cas thinks he’d make a great mate and mommy, so he decides to make Dean an omega. Dean accepts Cas’s offer because he knows it’s the only way he’ll ever be able to have pups of his own. He has no hope of ever becoming a beta sire, as he’s not tough enough or dominant enough to get his balls to mature, so he’s better off losing them and becoming a bearer.

I definitely want a castration scene, and I'd also like to see Cas and Dean mating, and Dean having/taking care of his pups and just being a great little mate and mommy, just like Cas thought he would.

Other kinks are welcome. Don't reprompt with changes to character roles.
:spn  underage  pairing:dean/castiel  alpha/beta/omega  kink:turning(alpha-to-omega)  castration  mpreg 
july 2017 by Mayalaen
Request: Sonny/Dean, dom/sub, castration, training
Sonny takes in troubled boys who either haven't differentiated yet or are leaning towards differentiating as doms, breaks them down, castrates them, and trains them into sweet, obedient subs, ready to be matched with a lifelong dom.

Dean is brought to Sonny after he gets caught shoplifting and the police believe Sonny's treatment will be the best thing for Dean's future. Dean fights the training right up until his balls (and possibly his cock, if anon wants) are cut off. Sonny believes gelded male subs make for the sweetest and most obedient male subs and he thinks they service their doms in the bedroom better once they're no longer thinking about their own pleasure. It's also easier to train a gelded boy into a sub, and Dean proves a lot easier to handle once he's been cut, even if he's a little resentful at first.

Would love if Dean comes to accept and possibly even appreciate that he's been gelded once the sub training really begins to set in and he learns that he'll be rewarded with comfort and care when he's truly submissive and repentant for bad behavior.

Other kinks are totally welcome. If anon wants, Sonny can be changed to someone else as long as there's no incest. Don't switch Dean with anyone else in a reprompt. Dean should be around 14-16 years old, preferably.
:spn  underage  pairing:dean/omc(s)  D/s  castration  kink:training  season:preseries  fps 
july 2017 by Mayalaen
Request: Castiel/Dean, forced semi-sexual infantilism, castration, non-con body modification
Since angels aren’t supposed to have biological children of their own, some groups eventually took to capturing grown humans and forcefully conditioning them to be babies/toddlers and keeping them as their permanent children to fulfill that caretaking desire. They use their magic to keep the humans basically immortal and hairless for as long as they want them, and just take care of them and all of their needs. For the most part, the angels treat them entirely like babies, (subjecting them to diaper usage, onesies, baby food, bath time, baby toys, cribs, anything anon can think of for typical infantilism kink), with one exception. Since the people they’ve captured are all in adult bodies, their caregiving sometimes includes dealing with their baby’s sexual needs, like quickly masturbating them during bath time or before a diaper change as a reward for good behavior or to help calm them down. This isn’t sexual for the caregivers and they don’t get off on it. They deal with it rather clinically as just something the baby needs to be comfortable. Others opt to have their baby neutered/genitally modified so that they don’t have to deal with those issues, or deal with trying to keep their babies from touching themselves.

Castiel is a part of this group, and he decides to adopt Dean from among the adoption center’s new intake. At first, he’s undecided about whether or not to neuter Dean or to shorten Dean’s penis (even though the adoption agency and the baby clinic both advocate the advantages of it), so he just makes it very clear to Dean that he’s not allowed to put his hands in his diaper or touch himself and will be punished if he tries to. However, it quickly becomes clear that Dean was a more sexually active human compared to other babies and is often sexually frustrated. He might even try to rub up against things for stimulation to bypass Castiel’s ‘no touching’ rule. Cas doesn’t want to spoil Dean by masturbating him too often, but he also doesn’t want Dean to be sexually frustrated all the time, so he ultimately decides Dean will be a happier and more comfortable baby if he’s neutered and has his penis shortened. I really want to see Dean reacting to the surgery both before and after, as well as the way Castiel deals with Dean’s feelings, and I’d like to see how Dean changes afterwards.

Dean should be around 18-19 years old. Other kinks are welcome. Please don't reprompt with characters switched.
:spn  fps  pairing:dean/castiel  infantilism  castration  noncon  bodymodification 
may 2017 by Mayalaen
Request: Castiel/Dean, a/b/o, cock cages, orgasm denial, castration
Traditional alpha Cas keeps his new, teenage omega Dean in a cock cage because traditional alphas don't approve of allowing omegas to masturbate or have orgasms outside of the prostate orgasms they give them. But since Dean grew up non-traditionally, he's desperate to jerk off, so he picks the lock on his cage. But Cas catches him in the act, so he decides to have Dean castrated so that Dean's cock won't be able to get hard anymore and he'll lose interest in touching himself. Would love it if afterwards, Cas does something to really drive home the fact that Dean's cock has been rendered impotent.

Would prefer Dean between the ages of 13-16. Other kinks are totally welcome, feel free to add whatever. Please don't reprompt with character changes.
:spn  underage  pairing:dean/castiel  cockcage  orgasmdenial  castration  alpha/beta/omega  au 
may 2017 by Mayalaen
Request: Bobby/Dean, castration, possible dub-con
Monsters are known but are second-class citizens to humans, made to register as whatever type of non-human creature they are and they're all made to wear collars that are permanently sealed around their necks with identification tags on them for the authorities to inspect as needed. These collars are magically enhanced to be able to dampen any special abilities monsters might have, such as shape shifting, super-human strength, or their ability to infect/turn humans, and are also enhanced so that only an authorized human could ever remove them. The government has even passed a one-child only law for all monsters to limit their population and forcibly sterilizes them afterwards.

12-year-old Dean is an orphaned werewolf that Bobby takes pity on and adopts. However, due to his work as a bounty hunter (the modern-day version of monster hunters now that all monsters are know) Bobby doesn't really approve of allowing monsters to procreate. His neighbors and the members of his community, especially those with young daughters, also don't like that there's a young, intact werewolf living in their community now. So, Bobby decides to have Dean neutered prematurely to put everyone at ease (something which the government legally allows human foster parents to have done to their monster foster children). Dean can be pretty upset about it, but Bobby should be very comforting despite being firm in his decision and takes good care of Dean afterwards, helping him bath without disturbing his stitches and applying cream to help him heal. Up to anon if Bobby does anything sexual to Dean after Dean is neutered. After Dean is neutered, the community is a bit more welcoming to him now that he's been rendered "harmless" to their daughters (or sons, depending on Dean's sexuality), though they still treat him as a lesser being.
:spn  fps  underage  pairing:dean/bobby  castration  dubcon 
may 2017 by Mayalaen
Request: Castiel/Dean, master/slave, sexual training, castration, penectomy
Castiel bought Dean a few years ago and sent him to a training school for companions (high class, privately-owned sex slaves who are trained in various forms of entertainment on top of receiving sexual training stopping short of anything penetrative). Dean has been in a cock cage from the moment Cas bought him and his training has taught him that his genitals don't belong to him anymore and aren't to be given any of his attention. With his training on the verge of completion, Dean is fully-castrated (as all truly authentic male companions are made into eunuchs to enhance their beauty and docility). Dean has known since day one at the school that he'd be made into a eunuch before leaving, so he's had time to come to terms with/accept the eventuality of it, even if he really doesn't want to lose his cock and balls. At this point, they've done a thorough job of training any hostility or bad behavior out of him (such as fighting against a master's sexual attention) and have trained him to accept (possibly even to embrace) his role in life.

After he heals from the castration/penectomy, Dean has his graduation ceremony where he must demonstrate the best of his entertaining skills for his master and the rest of the school before being taken home to privately demonstrate his skills in sexual pleasure. Castiel has been anticipating Dean's castration and graduation from the training school for the last few years, ever since he bought Dean, so he's thrilled to be there for both events (though the castration is a more private affair, with only Cas, as Dean's master, and one of his instructors from the school being permitted to bear witness to the doctor's work, while the graduation is more public, as all of the instructors and students are there for it, and possibly even the masters of some other students are invited). More than that, Cas is beyond thrilled to finally be taking Dean home and to have sex with him and put his hands all over Dean's pretty eunuch body.

Dean no older than 21 please. Other kinks are welcome (but please, please put a lot of attention on the castration kink). Don't reprompt with changes.
:spn  fps  pairing:dean/castiel  slave  kink:training  castration  penectomy 
may 2017 by Mayalaen
Request: MC/Dean, a/b/o, omega turning, castration, non-con, sexual dysfunction
16-year-old beta Dean is subjected to an omega turning when John leaves him and alpha Sam alone in a traditional town. Because betas (who are only ever male) are always sterile, traditional communities believe it’s cruel to leave them that way when their sterility can be “cured” by being turned into an omega. When a teacher at school brings it to the local sheriff’s attention that one of the new kids in town is a beta at 16 years old, and that his father leaves the kids alone with hardly anything to eat and not enough cash to buy any food for long stretches, and notes that Dean and Sam have been taken away from John and put into care once before, he figures John is a cruel/neglectful parent and has Dean and Sam removed from their dad’s custody permanently. The brothers are separated, with Sam going to a local foster home for young alphas while Dean is taken to be turned before he'll be placed in a foster home for young omegas until he's old enough to be mated

The problem with the turning process is that, while it does restore fertility, it comes at the cost of sexual functionality/pleasure, which is why most modern betas don’t choose to go through with it and betas from traditionalist regions have to be forced through it at a young age (as the people there believe fertility is more important than the turned omega’s ability to feel pleasure). When a natural omega presents, his balls retract back up inside him (and stop producing masculinizing hormones) and his sac shrinks and flattens out until it’s gone, making it look like he doesn’t have any balls, but their continued presence in his body is necessary for him to maintain the functionality of his penis and experience penile pleasure, which aids in the production of slick necessary for comfortable and pleasurable penetrative sex. In order for a beta’s body to turn, he has to be castrated because his balls won’t stop producing masculinizing hormones the way a natural omega’s do. As a result, a turned omega’s penis shrinks and becomes much smaller than a natural omega’s small dick and is completely impotent, which also impairs his ability to produce slick naturally.

The sheriff takes Dean to the local hospital and has him castrated to kick-start the turning process, then takes him to his home to finish the process, as he's a licensed omega turner, and he completely disregards Dean's lack of pleasure (and possible pain) because everyone knows turned omegas aren't able to feel good from sex. Later, when Dean is fully turned and gets some alone time at his foster home, he tries to explore his turned body to see if anything feels good anymore, and is miserable when he realizes he really is impotent now. Up to anon how he copes with not only that, but also with his foster parents' setting him up with a "nice local alpha" to court him until he's old enough to mate at 18.

Kinks: a/b/o, beta-to-omega turning, castration, non-con, sexual dysfunction, forced courting/threats of future forced mating, possible mpreg (if anon wants to continue writing up through Dean being mated). Other kinks are welcome.

Up to anon who the sheriff is and who Dean's possible future suitor is, but I'd prefer either Castiel, Gabriel, Michael, Crowley, Bobby, or Alastair. Don't reprompt with character roles changed.
:spn  fps  pairing:dean/omc(s)  alpha/beta/omega  turning  castration  noncon  kink:turning(alpha-to-omega)  au 
may 2017 by Mayalaen

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