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Billy Zane to Play Marlon Brando in Biopic ‘Waltzing With Brando’ |
Hopefully there'll be a scene of Billy Zane as Marlon Brando in Superman.
movies  casting  brando 
6 days ago by hopkins
Type punning isn't funny: Using pointers to recast in C is bad.
A common C programming technique (casting between pointers to structures) leads to problems when strict aliasing is turned on (as it is if you set -O2 -O3 in gcc).
C  programming  casting  punning 
14 days ago by pw201
Legor Group, Your jewelry technology provider
Alloys for gold
Alloys for silver
Alpaca for casting
Bronze designed for lost-wax casting
PINK MASTER ALLOY FOR CASTING: T222-03 is a master alloy to be added with silver, for casting of custom jewellery.
OTTWE is a nickel-free white bronze, designed for lost-wax casting in closed systems.
AG108MA is a ready-to-use silver alloy at title 925‰, designed for lost-wax casting in closed and open systems. It is particularly suitable for stone-in-place casting.
casting  metal  Italia 
23 days ago by mandarine
ASSAY ASSURED | The Trust Mark for Buying Jewellery Online Safely | UK Jewellery Retailers Trust Mark | Genuine Jewellery | Avoid Fake Jewellery
The Web's Trustmark for Jewellery
We have been testing and hallmarking precious metals for over 550 years. Reduce your risk when buying jewellery online and look for the Assay Assured Jewellery Retailer's trustmark.

Our trustmark ensures the online retailer has been audited and their jewellery scientifically tested. We make sure it is what it says it is. Don't get caught out, make sure you buy from an 'Assay Assured Jewellery Retailer'.
casting  jewelry  uk 
26 days ago by mandarine
Casting Weight Calculator
Estimate casting weight of different materials.
casting  tools 
28 days ago by mandarine

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