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And This, Your Living Kiss by opal_bullets
Only a very few people in the world know that the celebrated and reclusive poet Jack Allen is just Kansas mechanic Dean Winchester, a high school dropout with a few bucks to his name. Not that it matters anymore; life has left him so wrung out he never wants to pick up another pen.

Until, that is, a string of coincidences leads Dean to auditing a poetry course with one Dr. Castiel Novak. The professor is wildly intelligent, devastatingly handsome...and just so happens to be academia's foremost expert on the poetry of Jack Allen.
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  rating:m  au  college!au  complete  chapter  angst  pining  romance  poet!dean  poetry  professor!cas  writer!Dean  pinefest19 
5 weeks ago by emi.caro
Four Letter Word For Intercourse by bendingsignpost
As a grease monkey turned college freshman, Dean's constantly three seconds away from being stressed out of his mind. It hardly helps that he's finally figuring out his sexuality in his thirties.

What might help with that stress is a little phone number (and a big credit card bill). If he can't figure out how to be bisexual in person, he can at least give it a go over the phone, right?

(It's probably a bad idea, but he really can't help himself.)
Supernatural  rating:E  Castiel_Dean  chapter  complete  au  mechanic!dean  student!dean  professor!cas  sex_worker!cas  bdsm  mental_health_issues  anxiety  phone_sex  slow_burn  two_person_love_triangle  hurt_comfort  romance  length:195k 
11 weeks ago by emi.caro
Novaks, Rebooted by violue
A single father, his trans daughter, a whole new life in The Golden State.
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  rating:E  chapter  complete  au  trans!claire  fluff  romance  family  length:57k 
december 2018 by emi.caro
Observe and Report by VioletHaze
Recently demoted from his job as a field agent, Castiel is back behind a desk. It’s humiliating to be here with the same coworkers he left behind only a few months ago, but he’s bound and determined to keep his head down, do his job, and prove to his boss that he won’t make the same mistakes twice. Everything is going as planned until he finds himself distracted by one of the people he’s charged with monitoring: Dean Winchester.
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  rating:E  chapter  au  complete  govt_agent!cas  mechanic!dean  romance  angst  injury  length:55k  dcbb18 
december 2018 by emi.caro
Love Leaves Its Abuser by SillyBlue
Castiel is a witch born with powerful magic. While he is happy to only use it so people think the coffee tastes a bit better than it does and compel them to return to his café, his coven forces him to complete his initiation. They order him to get rid of Dean Winchester, the hunter who stumbled into Cas’ café while investigating a freak storm. Cas doesn’t want to kill Dean but he also can’t disobey the only family he’s ever known. So, he chooses the least disastrous option: a love spell.
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  chapter  complete  rating:M  witch!cas  casefic  coffeeshop!au  au  romance  canon!au  length:41k  dcbb18 
december 2018 by emi.caro
Green Corners by rustling_pages
After the death of his son, there is nothing left for Dean other than his garden market. His days are tough, the nights are tougher, but at least there's a reason to get up in the morning. And with the new boom on do-it-yourself garden magic, his business is going okay.

Amidst the passing of time, there is only one thing that distracts him from functioning like a normal human being: Diagonally across the street, in the display window of that traditional Herb and Potion shop, plants are dying in masses.

Storming in to confront the owner goes differently than he imagined, though. Castiel Novak may be the kind of guy who wears old-fashioned mage robes and keeps his shop in sweltering heat, but he's also a talented herbalist, the kindest soul Dean has ever met, and utterly beautiful.

Not that Dean is ready for anything other than friendship.

(Not that Cas doesn’t get sick a bit too often.)
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  chapter  au  complete  rating:T  friends_to_lovers  angst  hurt_comfort  grief_mourning  magic!au  romance  length:73k  dcbb18 
november 2018 by emi.caro
Oh, How it Shakes the Ground by MajorEnglishEsquire
“Tell me how I can help,” he requests.

“You can go and work with Sam,” Dean shakes his head. “You can let me wrap this up, man. I’m finished when I’m finished. That’s all there is to it.”

“I did not ask how I could make you feel better,” Cas settles further into his chair. “What I asked was how I could help you."
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  rating:E  oneshot  cu  complete  hurt_comfort  romance  length:39k 
october 2018 by emi.caro
Silver and Cold by superhoney
The death of a young man in an apparent animal attack brings hunter Cas Novak to the small town of Sydnam, Maine. It doesn’t take long for him to realize he’s tracking a werewolf, but discovering the killer’s identity is no easy task. All signs point towards Dean Winchester, a lonely recluse who lives in the middle of the woods and whose antagonistic behaviour does little to lessen Cas’ suspicions.

As the investigation drags on, their mutual distrust gives way to a wary alliance. Cas’ instincts warn him that Dean is hiding something, but as he uncovers the man beneath the mystery, his professional interest becomes far more personal. Praying his faith in Dean isn’t misplaced, Cas races to catch the killer before the next full moon rises and another life is abruptly cut short.
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  rating:E  chapter  complete  hunter!Cas  creature!dean  casefic  au  romance  angst  length:65k  dcbb18 
october 2018 by emi.caro
Oddly Shaped Empty by jemariel
Dean grew up thinking -- knowing -- he'd be an alpha.

Until he failed to present.

Being an omega would have been better. After all, who in their right mind is going to fall in love with a beta?


Roommates, pining, a lot of firsts. Queer themes, finding identity, reconciling the past, and a whole lot of smut.
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  rating:E  chapter  complete  beta!dean  pining  domestic  fluff  romance  miscommunication  length:66k 
september 2018 by emi.caro
riptides by sharkfish
“I’m going to kiss you now.”

Cas pauses, giving Dean a chance to back out, but Dean just licks his lips and waits.

Cas’s mouth is up against Dean’s for a couple seconds before Dean responds, and then it’s Cas that’s being kissed senseless, because kissing is definitely not something Dean does tentatively. Dean reaches up to cup Cas’s jaw in his hand, tilting his head for a better angle, mouth plush, tasting like whiskey.

Cas tries to remember what it was like the first time he kissed a man. All-encompassing, the world jerking off its axis, the feel of stubble under his fingers intense in a way it never really is with women, as much as he loves them.
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  rating:E  chapter  complete  smut  pwp  schmoop  romance  fluff  hurt_comfort  mental_health_issues  bdsm  writer!Cas  drug_use  length:139k 
august 2018 by emi.caro
Everyone's a Critic by Englandwouldfall
The one where uninspired chef Dean Winchester has a one night stand with the male (!) food critic who described the flavour of his garlic bread as 'closeted' and accidentally ends up dating him to try and prove that he's a kick ass chef, thank you very much.

(He may have a point about the 'closeted' thing).
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  rating:T  chapter  complete  au  food_critic!cas  chef!dean  food  misunderstandings  coming_out  angst  hurt_comfort  self-worth_issues  romance  length:109k 
august 2018 by emi.caro
demo day by sharkfish
“Guess what today is?” Dean says, grinning into the camera.

Out of the corner of his eye, he sees Cas rolling his eyes with a smile touching his mouth. Dean unbuttons the top few buttons of his plaid shirt and pulls it apart, Superman style, to show the words DEMO DAY printed across the t-shirt on his chest.

“Demo day!”
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  rating:E  chapter  complete  abo_dynamics  trans!Cas  trans-alpha  contractor!dean  designer!cas  hgtv  fixer_upper!au  au  pining  fluff  romance  length:16k 
june 2018 by emi.caro
Get a Whiff of This by bendingsignpost
When no good deed goes unpunished, Dean ends up sentenced to community service for physically defending another Omega at his job. That is, at his former job. It's all a steaming pile of shit, and that's exactly what he has to clean up at the joint animal shelter and clinic he's been assigned to.

With a face full of allergies and a horrific mood, all Dean has to do is get through six weeks of this sinus-assaulting torture. That's not so easy with a smartass Alpha receptionist, but at least the weird Beta vet might just end up being kinda cool.
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  rating:E  chapter  complete  au  abo_dynamics  vet!cas  vet!au  sexual_harassment  pining  fluff  romance  length:28k 
may 2018 by emi.caro
Fly With Me by youaresunlight
Dean only goes to watch the Men’s Half-Pipe Finals because Alfie asks him to – because the kid’s the baby of the Figure Skating Team and a huge snowboarding fan and Dean can’t say ‘no.’

It’s not until he meets the charming gold medalist that Dean thinks, maybe, he made the right choice.
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  rating:T  oneshot  complete  au  olympics!au  figureskater!dean  snowboarder!cas  fluff  romance  length:5k  dctropefest5k18 
april 2018 by emi.caro
on my way to you by teacass(Fushigi)
Somehow, he thinks, it doesn’t even surprise him. Dean has been all he can think about for these last few weeks, he’s the reason Cas smiles and he’s the reason Cas gets angry and he’s the reason Cas gets drunk and cries his eyes out. He’s also nice and gorgeous and frustrating and the love of Cas’ life.
In which Castiel gets drunk at a party and lost in the middle of nowhere and decides to call Dean for help.
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  oneshot  complete  rating:T  au  coworkers  office!au  friends_to_lovers  romance  fluff  drunk!cas  length:4k  dctropefest5k18 
april 2018 by emi.caro
All I Need by VioletHaze
The whiskey isn’t good, but it’s cheap. Dean switched over to the hard stuff after nursing his first two beers, trying not to keep one eye on the door as the hours tick past. He has no business feeling stood up. Any disappointment is on him and him alone. What he has with Cas isn’t exclusive—hell, it isn’t even official— but somehow over the past month or so it has at least become consistent. There’s no planning, no checking to ensure the other’s availability. Even if Dean wanted to (which he totally doesn’t) they’ve never even exchanged numbers. Despite that—or maybe precisely because of it—each Friday night for the last five weeks they’ve both ended up at this bar.

(aka four times Dean and Cas hooked up, one time they were both dumb, and one time they figured it out)
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  rating:E  oneshot  complete  au  5+1  smut  romance  miscommunication  pining  length:5k  dctropefest5k18 
april 2018 by emi.caro
Known Seismic Risk by dorkilysoulless(custodian)
Dean's feeling rough after one of his least favorite things in the world -- a long international flight -- but keeping his head in the business part of the music business is part of why his and Sam's band Hunters has been so successful over the years. But when an afternoon that should be all about contract negotiations and meetings goes weird, he finds himself face-to-face with someone he never expected to meet.
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  oneshot  complete  rating:M  au  author!cas  pornstar!cas  musician!dean  fluff  romance  length:5k  dctropefest5k18 
april 2018 by emi.caro
Don't Ever Change by whelvenwings
Dean Winchester and Castiel are not dating.
They’re really not. They just get hungry sometimes - who doesn’t work up an appetite during a hunt? And when they’re both hungry, it’s only reasonable to make a stop. But that’s all it ever is - just a stop on the road, nothing more.
Until one evening, when everything seems to shift; they’re booked in to have dinner at a fancy restaurant together, Dean finds out that Sam’s assumed they’re dating the whole time, and Castiel is walking around shirtless. After a night like that, nothing could ever be the same.
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  rating:G  canon_divergence  oneshot  complete  pining  fluff  first_kiss  length:5k  dctropefest5k18 
april 2018 by emi.caro
The Shape of Regret by Halzbarry
Two years ago, Dean walked away from Castiel after discovering his biggest secret—that he’s a witch. Since then, Dean’s spent his days hunting alone, filling the emptiness inside with sex, booze, and the next case.

When he gets a desperate call for help from Castiel, Dean doesn’t hesitate to go. But things in the small Maine town aren’t what they seem, especially when he comes face to face with Castiel, who insists he wasn’t the one to place the call.

Dean’s been given an opportunity to fix his past mistakes, but it means working alongside a very bitter Castiel, and Benny, a local deputy with knowledge of the supernatural, to figure out what’s plaguing Newport and why it all seems fixated around Castiel.
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  rating:E  chapter  complete  au  casefic  pining  angst  enemies_to_friends_to_lovers  magic  witch!cas  length:70k  pinefest18 
april 2018 by emi.caro
Freeze Frame by surlybobbies
Dean's got about two minutes before Cas comes back, which is more than mildly inconvenient because Dean's just found out Cas is in love with him.
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  rating:T  oneshot  complete  au  pining  friends_to_lovers  romance  length:5k  dctropefest5k18 
april 2018 by emi.caro

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