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Tabs Out | The Tape Loop Labyrinths of Justin Lakes
Making tape loops is fun. It can be frustrating at times, especially when you have lil’ sausage fingers like I do, but still fun. Think of them like ships in a bottle, but for weirdos. And in the end, you have a tape loop instead of a useless ship in a bottle. Justin Lakes, who records under the name Shredded Nerve and operates the NYC based store Thousands of Dead Gods, has taken the hobby of making tape loops and upgraded that shit to a fine art (for weirdos). Using extra (sometimes WAY extra) pinch rollers and spools, Lakes transforms cassettes from machines to contraptions with meandering paths of analog tape.
art  cassette  tape  loops 
21 days ago by bezthomas
Mixtapes — Quartz Obsession
“Cassettes and vinyl are the analogue cockroaches to the nuclear Armageddon that is digital formats.”
cassette  mix  tape 
28 days ago by jntolva
SAMMANHANG Wall shelf Black 80 cm - IKEA
IKEA SAMMANHANG Wall shelf Black 80 cm Perfect if you want to create a personal exhibition, and since everything is easy to reach, you can quickly change themes.
tape  cassette  storage  shelf 
4 weeks ago by ihatemornings
Cassette Store Day
I missed going back 24 years by 24 hours. Still love my mixtapes.
cassette  mix  music 
october 2018 by jntolva
RT : Galaxie 500 cassettes for last year's 30th anniversary fanzine.
cassette  ink  galaxie500  sketch  from twitter
september 2018 by grange85
Analog Tape 101, part 3: Bias Magic - Mixonline
Welcome to the final part of this series on analog tape recorder maintenance. Wrapping up each section has been a bit like making yogurt or sourdough
hi-fi  cassette  bias  repair 
september 2018 by gma
Set-Up, Use And Other Suggestions
At a minimum have them 1) calibrate the meters on playback and record 2) calibrate the transport speed 3) calibrate the bias to the tapes you use most often 4) clean and demagnetize(only if necessary) 5) set the head-azimuth to zero' 6) check the performance of the analog sections. After 5 or so years it is a good idea to have them check the motors if the deck has had very heavy use.
hi-fi  cassette  repair  bias 
september 2018 by gma
Cassette Decks: Yamaha KX-300 | Adrian Online
This is my preferred deck for recording cassettes - and was used mostly with TDK Chrome soundalike "SA90" series of tapes for best results recording either from vinyl, radio or CD. I never got into using 'Metal' formulation tapes - their price put me off! The single directional tape transport of the KX-300 is soft…
hi-fi  cassette  bias  yamaha 
september 2018 by gma

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