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Creamy Potato Gratin With Smoked and Fresh Salmon Recipe - NYT Cooking
Swedish laxpudding, the basis for this brunch-friendly bake, is a dish that lives in the same neighborhood as frittata, potato gratin and quiche. The original is much more restrained than this version, comprised only of potatoes, smoked salmon and dill, held together with an egg custard. My additions include saffron and capers, which I borrowed from Sicily and work surprisingly well here. This can be served for any meal but is an especially impressive brunch dish.
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february 2018 by nyx
Prosciutto and Goat Cheese Strata Recipe on Food52
In a large pan, top bread, prosciutto or bacon, goat cheese, onions, and basil in two layers. In a separate bowl, whisk together eggs, milk, mustard, salt, and pepper, then pour the mixture over the layered bread. Drizzle the contents of the pan with melted butter, then refrigerate overnight. The next day, bake the strata at 350º F for one hour, then brown the top with a broiler before serving.
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january 2018 by nyx

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