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Apache cassandra v4.0
RT : Here's my slide from yesterday's meetup in Tokyo Feb 2019. Apache Cassandra v4.0
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just now by jbellis
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Austin friends, I'll be speaking at tonight's meetup for the first time in a couple years.
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7 hours ago by jbellis
Why Cassandra is Excellent for Realtime Analytics Workload
Due to its ability of supporting heavy write operations Cassandra is an excellent choice for real-time analytic workloads.
yesterday by yehosef
RT : Thought maybe I had the holy grail of explaining how primary keys work in one visual. Not sure I've nail…
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13 days ago by jbellis
RT : New to ? Here’s the talk you were looking for. Grab a snack and a drink and get the DL on everyone’s favo…
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21 days ago by jbellis

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