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Welcome To My Planet
18000. After Chuck Vs. The Suburbs, Chuck is forced to live under full-time watch. His relationship with Sarah was already strained – now it's minced and shredded.
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june 2011 by Cassandrexx
In the Middle - Anonymous - Chuck (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
The way Casey looks at it is that sooner or later, whether he approves or disapproves, and whether it's going to get them killed or not, Chuck and Walker are going to get stupid together. (So yeah, it'll probably get them killed, and then it'll be Casey cleaning up the mess, disposing of the bodies, shrubbing away the bloodstains - and, of course, report to the Big Cheeses what's happened.)

His getting involved in things is only logical. Unlike Chuck, Casey is not an idiot, and unlike Walker, Casey is not a fool. He's grounded, sensible, rational. With him in the middle, he can make sure they're all going to survive this.
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december 2010 by yarngeek
alazysod - This is How it Works
This is the twenty-first century and Chuck knows the difference between Morgan being his heterosexual life partner and the sudden urge to bite Casey's neck.
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january 2010 by misbegotten

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