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Full re-write in 10 days with tachyons and functional CSS: A case study (Part 1)
Full re-write in 10 days with tachyons and functional CSS: A case study (Part 1)
This is the beginning of a 4-post series, taking you through a website refactoring process using tachyons, a functional CSS toolkit that is guaranteed to trigger very strong opinions [insert Dave Rupert’s hot drama soundboard effect].
css  tachyon  tachyons  toolkit  casestudy  simonvrachliotis  functional 
3 days ago by 44sunsets
Case Study Club
Learn how people design digital products.
Design  Inspiration  Reference  Article  CaseStudy  project  Awesome  lists  UX  UI  IxD 
6 days ago by rasagy
React Performance Fixes on Airbnb Listing Pages – Airbnb Engineering & Data Science – Medium
There may be low-hanging fruit 🥝 affecting the performance of your page in areas that you might not track very closely but are still very important.
react  performance  debug  javascript  casestudy 
7 days ago by parabola
Variable: UCC Organism
School data represented live as a organic cell system
biology  GenerativeArt  data-art  Reference  Awesome  Inspiration  project  CaseStudy  MustRead  Design  IxD  Data 
10 days ago by rasagy
Postmortem: Every Frame a Painting – Tony Zhou – Medium
Really excellent breakdown of the process behind making Every Frame a Painting on YouTube. Discusses rights, research, logging, project management and burnout.
cinematography  nfts  process  video  av  casestudy  editing  youtube 
13 days ago by mildlydiverting

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