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Wallet app on Behance
The app helps you with managing your finances, creating a budget and analyze spending. 
It's connected to your credit cards to shows 
your payment activity.
casestudy  design  finance 
15 days ago by jpkoudstaal
Burger King Turns To Fans To Create The InstaWhopper • Creative Campaigns • WeRSM - We are Social Media
In Spain, Burger King and Lola MullenLowe Madrid had the wonderful idea of turning to the brand's fans to help create THE InstaWhopper. How? By sharing a series of polls on Instagram Stories.
socialmedia  casestudy  burgerking 
18 days ago by jasonkeath
Visa Design System and Services – Punchcut
Punchcut worked with Visa to design intuitive flows and interactions for its mobile payment transactions. Key attention was focused on creating motion, audio and visual cues that guide adoption of this new payment ritual.
casestudy  designsystem 
24 days ago by mayrav
Bias detectives: the researchers striving to make algorithms fair
What does it means to make an algorithm fair?
In the age of predictive policing, this piece highlights the challenges that data scientists & policy makers are facing in evaluating biases in algorithms
algorithm  DataScience  Reference  ethics  Article  MustRead  bias  CaseStudy 
25 days ago by rasagy

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