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CQC: Driving improvement through technology
Technology in health and care services is growing in importance. Digitally-enabled care can offer significant benefits to people who use services and those who run and deliver them.

These case studies illustrate some of the developments in use and testing.
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Lululemon Brings Experiential Store To Chicago |
As Lululemon looks to compete with Amazon and differentiate itself, the fitness apparel retailer is opening a massive store in Chicago. The location, which is in the city’s Lincoln Park neighborhood, is 20,000 square feet, CNBC reported.
The store features workout studios, a restaurant, and so-called one-of-a-kind merchandise. Its first floor showcases women’s attire such as the company’s famous leggings along with yoga pants and sports bras in addition to accessories, while its second level features men’s merchandise such as ABC pants, sweat-wicking tops and underwear. In addition, the second floor has three studios for daily classes.
Consumers can purchase classes in packs of five, 10 or 20 at a bit of a discount with approximately six to 10 classes occurring on a particular day. The company is also providing customers with a special benefit at Lincoln Park, as they will be able to test out certain Lululemon gear at the time of workout classes to give it a try prior to making the decision if they want to purchase it.
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8 days ago by dancall
From social commerce to TikTok: The 9 most successful mobile campaigns of 2019 | Mobile Marketer opted to forego an expensive Super Bowl ad this year in favor of commenting on other brands' ads in real time on Twitter. The messaging was customized to link back to car shopping, with the digital approach enabling the brand to target people who were in the market for a new car and grab their attention during conversations they were already engaged in around the game.
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9 days ago by dancall
10 of the latest examples of augmented reality brand experiences – Econsultancy
Both Magnum and Benefit have experimented with AR individually before, however, the two brands partnered up in Singapore earlier this year to create the ultimate immersive experience. Combining beauty and ice-cream, the ‘Magnum Beauty Store’ pop-up experience involved seven different zones, where visitors could engage in activities such as the personalisation of ice creams and eyebrow shaping.

There was a large AR element, too, relating to the theme of “Release Your Beast”. This involved visitors engaging with Magnum’s ‘four beasts’ – the leopard, polar bear, lion and tiger – through an interactive LED wall. As well as interacting with the ‘beasts’ using AR in real time, the photobooth allowed guests to take photos which they were then able to share direct to social media.
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11 days ago by dancall
Memes Are the New Pop Stars: How TikTok Became the Future of the Music Industry - The Ringer
And, well, that’s exactly what happened. Sueco made an account and posted a video set to his moody trap tune “Fast.” He asked a friend of a friend, a pouty 16-year-old skateboarder named Lukas Daley, to share the song in a video with his hundreds of thousands of followers. Soon enough, other TikTok influencers lifted the track, using the first bass-heavy 15 seconds of the song as the backdrop for lip-syncing, loosely choreographed dance moves, and surprise outfit changes—among many other things.
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11 days ago by dancall
6 fashion jobs created by the circular economy - Vogue Business Talent
Luxury consignment retailers build their reputations — and their client bases — on the quality of their stock. For that, they need individuals whose job is to ensure that only genuine labels make the cut. Before an item is hosted online, authenticators determine an item’s credibility by checking everything from minute stitching detail to ensuring that colours align with the exact colours produced that season. A degree in fashion design or art history is desirable; an eye for detail and an encyclopaedic knowledge of fashion or gemology are a must. Look at leading consignment sites such as The RealReal, Vestiaire Collective and ThredUp for opportunities. 
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12 days ago by dancall
How re-thinking the business model for cleaning products can influence design
Splosh sells customers a one-off ‘starter box’, containing a range of simply designed bottles. A sachet of concentrated liquid is added to the bottle with warm tap water to create cleaning products. Bottles can be used repeatedly, with refill sachets delivered in boxes through the post.

Angus Grahame set up Splosh in 2012 with the idea that there must be an opportunity to sell household cleaning products outside of the supermarkets using a ‘one time sale’ model.
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12 days ago by dancall
(1) It's a Thursday Night Tide Ad (Tide Media Campaign) - YouTube
Ads as content segments in televised NFL games - a bit embarrassing - it couldn't happen here etc.
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12 days ago by dancall
(1) Renault Kangoo The unaffordable Campaing - YouTube
Ask small business Kangoo owners to upload a version of their own van & then use that in ads
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12 days ago by dancall
(1) You Seeing This? (ESPN X NBA Media Case) - YouTube
ESPN campaign - used live streams of NBA action in ads in Insta, Twitch etc (+ a bot) to promote games while they were happening
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12 days ago by dancall
Got artists to put sneakers on their characters, with codes so that people could buy them instantly
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12 days ago by dancall
The bigger they are, the harder they fall — WeWork and Uber’s fight against reality
WeWork has 1/10th of the space  and 1/7th of the locations of the oddly comparable IWG Group that owns Regus, it’s got about 1/2rd of the revenue, 1/3rd of the workspaces, and while WeWork losses are $1.9 billion per year — more than its entire revenue, IWG makes $200 million per year in profit, and yet the market values IWG at about 1/10th the price.

The cost of making profit has never been more expensive when you can claim fast growth and a big future, and burn money like no tomorrow and the oft broken promises of a ludicrous investor deck. 
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12 days ago by dancall
Yoox Net-a-Porter CEO: “We sit on a gold mine of data”
Challenges remain. Rival Farfetch now has a market cap of $6 billion and, according to analysts, is growing faster. Some brands are eschewing white-label e-commerce solutions like YNAP’s and instead investing in their own e-commerce sites to secure transactions directly. (That includes Kering, which announced in November it would not renew its contract with YNAP and instead move all e-commerce operations in-house.)

Despite those threats, few companies — or sectors — are as well-positioned for growth. E-commerce accounts for around 10 per cent of the growing global luxury goods market, a figure that is expected to rise to 20 to 25 per cent in the next decade. Even if brands’ own websites capture the lion’s share of that growth, multi-brand platforms still stand to double their sales over the next 10 years, says Luca Solca, managing director of luxury goods at Sanford C. Bernstein Schweiz. He expects YNAP will do much better.
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