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tassos: Chicago and Change
The NCIS team tracks a national security threat to Chicago's 27th precinct, but Harding Welsh doesn't have a hand to spare. Fortunately Fraser and Ray are in town for a visit.
fic  crossover  duesouth  ncis  gen  fraser/rayk  casefile  humor  postcanon  <15K  +2013-02 
7 weeks ago by spatz
pendrecarc: Harder for You, of Course
New Year's Eve, 1899--Patricia Merton attends a shooting party, experiences fireworks (literal and figurative), and learns what one can get away with in society.

Oh, and then there's the murder.

Just wanted to bookmark this lovely murder-mystery/get-together fic before KJ Charles's version gets released tomorrow!
fic  thinkofengland  slash  pat/fen  precanon  casefile  <20K  +2018-09 
10 weeks ago by spatz
rassaku: Enemy Mine
Harry gets invited on a date by everyone’s favorite mob boss, and *then* things get weird.
fic  dresdenfiles  slash  harry/marcone  casefile  magic  >100K  +2017-01 
12 weeks ago by spatz
northernsparrow: Forgotten
Sam and Dean are working a case in Wyoming, but are distracted by news of a dangerous angel called "Castiel" who they can't remember ever having heard of before. The name seems a little bit familiar, but neither of the boys is sure why.

AU from mid-S9. Excellent casefile that blossoms into some cool epic worldbuilding (continuing in the sequel), with heaping helpings of whump and TFW feels, and a perfectly agonizing amnesia mystery.
fic  supernatural  gen  casefile  h/c  amnesia  torture  friendship  angst  dreams&nightmares  homeless  >100K  +2018-04 
march 2019 by spatz
mishcollin: a turn of the earth
Dean’s your typical half-orphaned, monster-killing 22-year-old until a trenchcoated stranger crashes into his back windshield one September night, claiming he’s an angel that knows him from the future and that he’s on the run.
fic  supernatural  slash  dean/castiel  au  timetravel  angst  h/c  casefile  pining  precanon  <100K  +2018-03 
february 2019 by spatz
How to Fight Loneliness [Mad_Lori]
Elle's eyes narrowed a little at this oblique domestic reference. "What?"

Emily was momentarily thrown off guard. She must have heard. "You…don't know?"

"Don't know what?"

"We're married." She held up her left hand and wiggled the ring finger, adorned with her silver wedding band and moonstone engagement ring.

Elle blinked. "You married Reid? Spencer Reid?"
criminalminds  reid/prentiss  R  mad_lori  het  romance  hurt/comfort  angst  casefile 
january 2019 by pouncer
Crossover [Leviathan]
When Michael Westen is hired by Agent Harris to help a former neighborhood kid cross over from dark to light, he finds that help can come from an unexpected source.
burnnotice  007  gen  PG  leviathan  adventure  casefile  crossover 
january 2019 by pouncer
Muckraker! by orphan
32,800 words | After the probe crash, Eddie's getting his life back together. Sort of. So what if his new beat writing PR puff pieces for Silicon Valley startups isn't exactly glamorous? And so what if every time he closes his eyes, he dreams of the distant stars, and the bottom of a smooth black hole, one that used to be filled with teeth?

Eddie is agitated, pacing across Jodie’s office. A part of him knows he looks crazy, looks erratic. Knows this has gone off the rails, that he needs to calm down so Jodie listens, really listens to what he's saying. A part of him knows that. That part feels like it's coming from very, very far away.
eddie/venom  back.from.dead  casefile  30-50K.words  *4  hurt-comfort 
december 2018 by jerakeen
foolishgames: Those That Make It and Those That Break it
Years later, a weary Max returns to the Citadel to find it transformed into a thriving community, benevolent and generous to strange drifters, a place he can finally, maybe, rest. But this friendly desert community is hiding a dark secret, and Max will need to decide whether he's willing to risk his peaceful new life and anonymity in the name of justice.

A post-apocalyptic police procedural with a side of mutually baffling romance.

Incomplete, but I love Max's POV and the post-Joe Citadel worldbuilding so much.
fic  madmax  het  max/furiosa  postcanon  casefile  incomplete  <15K  +2018-04 
december 2018 by spatz
copperbadge: Victory Bonds
The year is 1947, and Daily Planet front-pagers Clark Kent and "Louis" Lane are about to get the story of their careers, courtesy of the fledgling Justice League: the enigmatic Superman, the spy-turned-vigilante codenamed Bat, intelligence agent and newly minted Green Lantern Alan Scott, and Ambassador Diana, Princess of Themyscira.
fic  dcu  het  lois/clark  casefile  teamfic  au  historical  <50K  +2014-03 
december 2018 by spatz
a_t_rain: The Murder of Count Vormontaigne
The Imperial Auditors review a Time of Isolation murder case over dinner.
fic  vorkosigan  gen  casefile  <10K  +2018-09 
december 2018 by spatz
The Domestic
Ben Aaronovitch short about Peter investigating a recurring noise complaint involving an old woman and a mysterious other person who is never there when officers investigate (a ghost, obviously). Twisty and darkly funny.
origfic  riversoflondon  gen  casefile  humor  <5K  +2017-03 
september 2018 by spatz
maldoror-gw: Freeport
Freeport colony: a notorious den of pirates, smugglers and thieves. Wufei persuades one of its denizens, his one-time ally Duo, to help him catch a killer hiding there. Agent Chang thinks he knows what to expect from this case, from Freeport and from Duo Maxwell. He couldn't be more wrong.

Reads like a long, awesome original novel if (like me) you're only passingly familiar with the canon, with complex worldbuilding and lots of twists in the investigation and a great slow-burn relationship. (AO3:
fic  gundamwing  slash  duo/wufei  postcanon  scifi  dystopian  casefile  smut  action/adventure  ptsd&trauma  undercover  epic  >100K  +2011-09 
september 2018 by spatz
kitrinlu: The Dancers
Private detective Marie Slade is landed with a strange case that just keeps getting stranger. Will she be able to solve the mystery before it's too late?

Noir retelling of the 12 Dancing Princesses.
fic  fairytale  gen  dark  casefile  yuletide  <10K  +2012-12 
july 2018 by spatz
the_wordbutler: Motion Practice
When Clint Barton takes a job prosecuting traffic offenses and DUIs at the Suffolk County District Attorney's office, he's pretty sure his life is finally going in the right direction. But the problem isn't the direction: it's where he ends up.

REALLY long and sprawling lawyer AU - I care more about certain storylines (Clint/Coulson, Wade/Nate, the YA kids) than others, but ymmv.
fic  avengers  deadpool  youngavengers  marvel  slash  clint/coulson  wade/nate  bruce/tony  fostercare  au  normallife  kidfic  pining  angst  marriage  casefile  >100K  +2013-03 
july 2018 by spatz
rageprufrock: Ravenous
Clarice Starling meets Hannibal Lecter armed with a copy of the Buffalo Bill file.
fic  hannibal  gen  slash  hannibal/will  au  outsiderpov  casefile  fakemedia  <50K  +2017-02 
july 2018 by spatz
tawabids: Olivia Dunham and the Man in Her Head
"He had a wallet and passport on him, but it seems to be fake," Broyles skimmed away the hospital photo to showed a colour scan of the passport. "British nationalist by the name of Charles Francis Xavier, but it says he was born in 1932 - which his doctors say he clearly wasn't - and the design of the passport is decades out of date. We've contacted the EU office and the British embassy and they say they've got no records of a man by that name."

"Maybe there's more to this one than just tele—" Olivia began dryly, but cut herself off. Holding the phone between shoulder and ear while she dialed, she had picked up the photocopy of the passport, but almost dropped it as she looked at it properly. "Oh my God."

The picture was black and white, and scratchy despite the high-quality scan. Broyles narrowed his eyes at her. "You recognise him?"

"Yeah," Olivia breathed, looking up at her boss. "He was in my dream last night."
fic  crossover  fringe  x-men  xmfc  marvel  gen  telepathy  casefile  <15K  +2011-09 
july 2018 by spatz
rionaleonhart: Fox River State Penitentiary Blues (1/2)
When Operation Folsom Prison Blues goes horribly wrong, Sam and Dean Winchester find themselves in Fox River State Penitentiary. Fortunately, Sam's new cellmate has a plan.
fic  crossover  supernatural  prisonbreak  gen  au  casefile  humor  captive  <15K  +2011-05 
july 2018 by spatz
airgiodslv: Synergy
There’s only one team member that the Fischer and Rothchild jobs had in common, which means only one person who could theoretically tie the two cases together.

Whatever the FBI knows, Eames wants to know it, too.
fic  crossover  inception  criminalminds  slash  arthur/reid  casefile  dreams&nightmares  <50K  +2011-06 
july 2018 by spatz

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