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CSS Grid Application Layout in Production – commercetools tech
GitHub is where people build software. More than 28 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 79 million projects.
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28 days ago by aaronmcadam
How we built for less than $1 a month on AWS | Bad Sector Labs Blog
"The combination of AWS and Gitlab allows for incredibly inexpensive yet powerful hosting solution with CI/CD and monitoring that enables quick response to issues and automated building and deployment; all for under $1 a month!"
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6 weeks ago by mechazoidal
GitHub - andrew--r/frontend-case-studies: A curated list of technical talks and articles about real-world enterprise frontend development
frontend-case-studies - A curated list of technical talks and articles about real-world enterprise frontend development
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7 weeks ago by sathishpaul
Hotseat: Opening the Backchannel in Large Lectures | EDUCAUSE

Despite their flaws as teaching and learning environments, large lectures remain a standard teaching approach because of their relatively low cost, ease of preparation, and long tradition in education.
Research shows that active inquiry yields positive results in learning outcomes, and one way to make the large lecture class more active and participatory is to create and leverage a backchannel.
Hotseat is a backchannel management tool developed to connect students to each other and ...
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9 weeks ago by casey.chow
Aaron Z. Lewis
He frames his expertise/projects based on the problem he was solving for the customer.
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9 weeks ago by yolandaenoch
// TODO: Talk openly, develop openly
TODO: talk openly, develop openly. We believe we can better improve our open source programs - and our contributions to the open source movement as a whole - by working together.
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11 weeks ago by jabbrwcky

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