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Goodbye Microservices: From 100s of problem children to 1 superstar · Segment Blog
Our initial microservice architecture worked for a time, solving the immediate performance issues in our pipeline by isolating the destinations from each other. However, we weren’t set up to scale. We lacked the proper tooling for testing and deploying the microservices when bulk updates were needed. As a result, our developer productivity quickly declined.

Moving to a monolith allowed us to rid our pipeline of operational issues while significantly increasing developer productivity. We didn’t make this transition lightly though and knew there were things we had to consider if it was going to work.

We needed a rock solid testing suite to put everything into one repo. Without this, we would have been in the same situation as when we originally decided to break them apart. Constant failing tests hurt our productivity in the past, and we didn’t want that happening again.
We accepted the trade-offs inherent in a monolithic architecture and made sure we had a good story around each. We had to be comfortable with some of the sacrifices that came with this change.
When deciding between microservices or a monolith, there are different factors to consider with each. In some parts of our infrastructure, microservices work well but our server-side destinations were a perfect example of how this popular trend can actually hurt productivity and performance. It turns out, the solution for us was a monolith.
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