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How to Carve on a Snowboard — Online Snowboard Coach
Carving tutorials on a snowboard, learn the secrets to carving like a pro snowboarder...
snowboard  carving 
4 weeks ago by matteo.orefice
Part 3 of the triptych. It’s slower progress, but it’s coming along!
carving  noroomforerror  shadow  opart  from twitter_favs
september 2019 by gyaresu
F-Engrave: a text or image to g-code program
F-Engrave is a text or image to g-code program (for both engraving and v-carving) that is written in python and is based on the text engraving software (engrave-11) available in the LinuxCNCKnowledgeBase. The name F-Engrave is simply the predecessor programs name "engrave" with an "F" slapped on to indicate that the program can perform more formating functions like justification (left, right and center) and text on a circle.
cnc  carving  making  fonts  dxf  cxf  opensource 
august 2019 by cyberchucktx
Barn the Spoon
Spoon carving, green wood furniture, etc
woodworking  carving  wood-spoon  knife 
july 2019 by mattone

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