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“Maps Are Weapons.” 1942 US Army poster says national security demands accurate maps.
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2 days ago by ljegou
The Soviet Military Program that Secretly Mapped the Entire World
Davies and Kent argue that the maps were a pre-digital Wikipedia, a repository of everything the Soviets knew about a given place. Maps made by U.S. and British military and intelligence agencies during the Cold War tended to focus on specific areas of strategic interest. Soviet maps contain plenty of strategic information too—like the width and condition of roads—but they also contain details that are unusual for military maps, such as the types of houses and businesses in a given area and whether the streets were lined with greenery.
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6 days ago by madamim
Graphics IV: maps -
Through his maps and art, Sami artist Hans Ragnar Mathisen is making "a peaceful appropriation" of his people’s land, traditions and culture.

For a millennium, Sami have co-existed with Norwegians — and with the Vikings before them.

"After 1000 years, we still have our language and culture," Mathisen said. "It shows Sami are very strong, but not stupid, because if we were stupid, we would fight with weapons and lose."

To do this Mathisen has chosen to enrich Sami language and culture through his series of maps that depict the world, as seen by Sami eyes.
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6 days ago by shannon_mattern
Stroly | Map Design Studio in Japan
Great set of custom, hand painted maps and vintage examples
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9 days ago by rasagy
Toward an epistemology of the form of the Informal city: Mapping the process of informal city making | Informal Settlements Research ISR
The current scale of poverty on the planet has overwhelmed the capacity of the formal market to incorporate the masses of impoverished settlers arriving to urban centers all over the world. The informal city now serves as the place for up to one-third of the planet’s urban population.  Even with renewed interest in the role of design to improve informal settlements living conditions, the urban design discipline lacks a comprehensive understanding of variations within this urban phenomena and therefore, effective intervention tools. I believe that we must develop new multifaceted methodologies for intervening in informal settlements. This paper seeks to develop such methodologies by analyzing data collected from interviews with residents in informal settlements in the city of Medellin, Colombia, over a period of the last three years. This analysis challenges some misconceptions of urban informality still present in urban design literature in a search to inform more coherent methodologies for the near future.
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9 days ago by shannon_mattern
Deeply saturated primary colors are the cheap cologne of
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9 days ago by ljegou
DC Water Atlas
Critique of Typical Presentations of Spatial Data

American Panorama, a project out of the University of Richmond, is impressive and well-designed, and represents all that is right and wrong with the pursuit of the digital spatial humanities today. With a $500,000 budget (from a Mellon Foundation grant), two full-time historians, and four technicians, it is a difficult behemoth to compete with, but does provide a measure of an objective standard to just how much work and resources one of these projects needs.

The aspect of American Panorama and other projects of its ilk that I most would like to question is the continental-scale conception of the representation of space. Even if indeed one can zoom into a particular canal, the fact that the project is essentially a presentation of data without any interpretation is apparent. The canal remains a polyline, a series of coordinates linked in a chain, only one step up from looking at a database, and conveys no sense of space or place. Instead, these digital humanities projects rest on the laurels of the act of database creation, even if it means the landscape will always remain generic.

The Water Atlas, because of extensive processing, does convey a sense of place and space to the structures and landscapes it considers. A combination of cartography and orthographic drawing conventions, the Water Atlas%
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10 days ago by shannon_mattern

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