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Learn how to imitate from the early twentieth century in order to make a tough enough to pass the…
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7 hours ago by aslakr
Google Maps: Lustige Straßen
Weg der Erinnerung, Alzheimer Weg, Weg der Opfer des Faschismus, Zur sinnlosen Abkürzung
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14 hours ago by raphman
GitHub - mapbox/robosat: Semantic segmentation on aerial and satellite imagery. Extracts features such as: buildings, parking lots, roads, water

RoboSat is an end-to-end pipeline written in Python 3 for feature extraction from aerial and satellite imagery. Features can be anything visually distinguishable in the imagery for example: buildings, parking lots, roads, or cars.

Have a look at

this OpenStreetMap diary post where we first introduced RoboSat and show some results.
this OpenStreetMap diary post where we extract building footprints based on drone imagery in Tanzania.
The tools RoboSat comes with can be categorized as follows:

data preparation: creating a dataset for training feature extraction models
training and modeling: segmentation models for feature extraction in images
post-processing: turning segmentation results into cleaned and simple geometries
Tools work with the Slippy Map tile format to abstract away geo-referenced imagery behind tiles of the same size.
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18 hours ago by euler
Cartographers Without Borders
...the drone’s spatial resolution affords a degree of photographic detail that far outpaces that of satellite data. That is, Kowadad has sharper eyes than the Guyanese government—which means Fredericks can present real-time evidence to the state, at a higher quality than that to which it has access, when illegal loggers and miners hurdle over their concession boundaries and infringe upon Wapichan forest lands….

Mapping is a means to establish land claims on an ontological footing equal to the government’s. The drone, which resembles an exaggerated model airplane and was assembled via YouTube and Skype tutorials with the onsite help of the Oakland-based nonprofit Digital Democracy, is the latest tool to aid the efforts….

For the state, the forest is strategic. It is either to be conserved or exploited (but never lived in). Decisions must be made about the relative merits of biodiversity and resource extraction and tourism. Perhaps a forest is valuable to the state because it can be logged for timber. ...

Parcels must be divvied. And to align with the logic of private property, these decisions must be mapped. For communities residing in and around forests—who may be quite literally written out of the equation—the map simultaneously speaks and silences. The erasure of community by mapping is a reminder of the enterprise’s inherently sticky subjectivity. …

It is a small irony that the neoliberal hollowing of the state and its twin cults of individualism and privatization would pave the road for decentralized counter-cartographies….

Overlapping permits have led to a situation in which “130 percent of the total area of West Kalimantan is now covered by concessions for mining, palm oil, logging, and pulp and paper plantations,” according to a 2017 study by Indonesian scholar-activist Irendra “Radja” Radjawali and his colleagues….

“The government, the military, the companies—they all use maps,” he explained, speaking shortly after Fredericks back in Paris. “We have to counter-map. We have to use the very same technology to fight back.”…

in a case heard before the Constitutional Court of Indonesia—unrelated to the question of concession boundaries per se—drone orthophotos of West Kalimantan were accepted as supporting evidence of detrimental environmental effects of mining in the region. When the court ruled against the mining corporations in the case in question, environmental activists and civil society organizations celebrated it as having set a precedent for the evidentiary use of counter-maps in the legal system.

In Guyana, Fredericks contends that his central cause is the preservation of traditional knowledge. When we last spoke, he reflected on how it was the proliferation of cell phones among the young people in Shulinab Village that had originally motivated him to seek out ways “to use technology to our benefit”—that is, not as another vector of Western influence but as a means of upholding and elevating indigenous practices.

It’s a quiet little paradox, and one that suggests Amerindian and other indigenous cartographers are often fighting two battles at once: one on the legal front, in an effort to ensure community mapping techniques count as admissible evidence in court; the other epistemic, in which indigenous ontologies square off against Western (colonial) mapping practices.

The latter case is often fraught with compromise. Fixing borders cartographically, for example, may threaten to cement something traditionally conceptualized as fluid or shared. Take, for example, software developer Victor Temprano’s efforts to crowdsource and superimpose Native and First Nations’ territory on a map of North America at To settler eyes, the result is forceful and reorienting. But these territorial boundaries were often never written down as such. At risk of generalizing across diverse systems of indigenous land tenure: they were delineated orally or ecologically or seasonally or cyclically—or, in the case of communal ownership, they didn’t really exist at all.

Fixing borders can not only be misleading, but dangerous. The act of accepting a given state’s administrative units can in turn be co-opted by the state for further land-grabs.
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4 days ago by shannon_mattern
World Airports Voronoi (2014) | Hacker News
Cool discussion and links for various voronoi diagrams and airport visualizations.
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6 days ago by seanclynch
Welcome to dropchop! Here you can drag and drop files and they will show up in the layer list below.
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7 days ago by tonious
OSM bad hike
Limited cartography in default style leads people to get trapped on a mountain
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8 days ago by nelson
interactive latitude/longitude markers across globe
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8 days ago by sushidub

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