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Debugging Carthage Dependencies – Alloc Init
For debugging and modifying one's frameworks as one debugs the main app.
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november 2017 by idStar
Carthage bicycle lane striping project nears completion - Four States
The city is nearing the completion of the bicycle lane striping project. This means that cars and bikes will be sharing the road.

The city has included bike route signs like "sharrows" and bike lanes to show areas designated for bicycles. Sharrows have a bicycle with two arrows above it stating cars and bicycles share the road. Bike lanes are a designated portion of the outside lanes that indicate only bicycles are allowed.

MoBikeFed comment: When this project is complete, Carthage will have (by far!) the most bicyle lanes and routes per capita of any city in Missouri.

That's pretty good!

More info here:
carthage  bikelanes  planning  routes  bicyclefriendlycommunity 
may 2017 by mobikefed

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