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Carter Page FISA Applications: FBI Used Steele Dossier | National Review
To repeat what we’ve long said here, there is no vicarious credibility in investigations. When the government seeks a warrant, it is supposed to show the court that the actual sources of information are reliable — i.e., they were in a position to see or hear the relevant facts, and they are worthy of belief. It is not sufficient to show that the agent who assembles the source information is credible.
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Since the president is tweeting about the application, here's a re-up of my thread going through…
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We Should Care About What Happened to Carter Page - Bloomberg
“Second, the disclosure of the warrant placed a cloud of suspicion over a U.S. citizen without due process. The standard for obtaining a FISA surveillance warrant is much lower than, for instance, charging an American citizen as a foreign agent. There is good reason for this. Counter-intelligence investigations are usually aimed at secretly monitoring the activities of foreign spies, not building public cases against U.S. citizens. When the details of such probes are selectively disclosed, the reputational damage is immense. Unlike someone facing charges, the subject can't even really mount a defense.”
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RT : I love -. He’s got all the makings of the perfect bumbling Russian spy: easy to flip but too stupid to s…
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