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Carter Bays on Twitter: "Talent agent walks into a vaudeville booker’s office.
RT : Talent agent walks into a vaudeville booker’s office. The booker says, “Are you here to pitch an act?” “No,” says the agent. “I want to tell you about a presidential candidate! He’s run for President twice before and lost both times by a lot! >
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7 weeks ago by coslinks
Kids with disabilities face many challenges, but church shouldn't be one of them | Commentary | Dallas News
Faith communities often create barriers to inclusion with their physical architecture (when there are no wheelchair ramps), liturgy (when rituals or sacraments are not adapted to meet individual needs), communication (when lights, sounds or visuals limit participation), programming (when activities present obstacles for children with different needs) and attitudes, according to research by Erik Carter, the Cornelius Vanderbilt professor of special education at Vanderbilt University.<...
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january 2019 by kbrobeck
Harold Brown, US defense secretary under Jimmy Carter, dies at 91 | US news | The Guardian
Brown was exhibit A for Carter as the great cold war president. pity he didn't succeed with the SLBM Only plan
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january 2019 by yorksranter

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