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Julian's Hot Wheels Blog: 1969 Dodge Charger Funny Car (2016 Walmart Exclusive Race Rewards - Zamac Edition)
I had issues getting this funny car but Mattel's excellent customer service resolved it surprisingly very quickly. But one way or another, here it is. It's all metal and it opens up!
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yesterday by rgl7194
2017 Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet Test | Review | Car and Driver
The rarest of 911 Turbos is still a knockout.
Behold the rarest of Porsche 911 Turbos. And by 911 Turbos, we mean only this current 991.2 generation. So, actually, we’re brewing up something of a statistical tempest in a teacup here, but try to follow along: The Porsche 911 Turbo cabriolet does not sell in big numbers, because this car with its $172,550 base price is too cheap for the majority of 911 Turbo cabrio buyers, who, we are informed by Porsche, generally spring for the 580-hp Turbo S (add $28,900) over this lowly 540-hp version. And, actually, the majority of all 911 Turbo buyers go for a coupe anyway. And when we say “the majority,” we really mean barely enough people to populate a decent curling tournament, as 911 Turbos are now up in the rare air where Bentleys and Aston Martins fly and thus do not sell in big numbers, period.
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2 days ago by rgl7194
the Lamley Group: Whether you like the real car or not, there is no denying the Matchbox BMW i3 is darn cool.
I like the BMW i3. I know in some circles that is a blasphemous thing to say, but I think it is pretty cool. It is unique to say the least, and I am cool with anything forward thinking like the i3 is.
But I know many of you disagree. You don't like its looks, its preformance, what it represents. That is fine too.
Hopefully, though, we can all agree that the new Matchbox BMW i3 is awesome. The Matchbox Team sent the completed FEP over for a preview, and I can honestly say I am way stoked with this one.
Matchbox at its best releases a variety of vehicles, from sports cars to utilities vehicles to emergency to classics, and everything in between. And mixed in might be that unique street car that may not get us giddy like say a Datsun 510, but makes for a great model nonetheless. Think Prius Taxi for example.
The i3 surely fits in that category. Pick a unique car and replicate it well. That is what Matchbox did.
cars  BMW  electric  matchbox 
2 days ago by rgl7194
Final Form's Street-Style RX-7 Is An Exercise Of Constraint - The Drive
Check out this proper '90s icon from Houston, Texas.
Is it car season yet? Although Monday, March 20, marks the first day of spring, New York City has only just gotten over last week's snow storm. But while we anxiously wait for the new builds 2017 has in store, Car culture documentarian Krispy shared his 4K coverage of Stance Wars Houston 2016 back in November.
Krispy took in Houston's sights and sounds, and more importantly, one of the cleanest street-style FD3S Mazda RX-7s I've seen (you can follow this RX-7 on Instagram @clayspec). Check it out below...
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2 days ago by rgl7194
Lotus Elise Sprint: Because You Can Always Go a Little Lighter | News | Car and Driver | Car and Driver Blog
The most revolutionary thing about the Lotus Elise Sprint is its dashboard, which functions in the year 2017 with but a single dot-matrix readout under the tachometer. That’s as refreshingly old-school as any brand-new sports car can possibly get.
By Lotus standards, backlit color screens and multicore processors are not only heavy, they aren’t worth wiring inside a 20-year-old car. (Oh, you forgot that the Elise is that old?) So, while the Sprint chops even more weight from the Elise’s wee body, the Elise of today is still the Elise from 2000, right down to the ignition-key cylinder on the nonadjustable steering column. By comparison, an Alfa Romeo 4C Spider is a pampering luxury car with an onboard supercomputer.
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3 days ago by rgl7194
Uber president quits, says firm’s values are incompatible with his
"Uber's president Jeff Jones, a marketing expert who joined just six months ago to help soften Uber's abrasive image, has quit because his "beliefs and approach to leadership" were incompatible with what he "saw and experienced at Uber."
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3 days ago by jonerp

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