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Carnival Cruise Line to pay a $20M fine over pollution
Carnival’s pollution problem is so bad that across its fleet, the large boats pollute 10 times more than all 260 million of Europe’s cars. That tidbit comes courtesy of a study by the European think tank Transport & Environment, which looked at 203 cruise ships sailing European waters in 2017.

The report also found that besides over-tourism and crashing into ports, there’s a good reason for European cities to dislike cruise ships: they are emitting sulfur dioxide all over the place. If you can’t keep your pollutants straight, sulfur dioxide causes both acid rain and lung cancer. Cruise lines, it turns out, have been dropping the gas all over Europe; the report says Barcelona, Palma Mallorca, and Venice were the cities worst affected by sulfur dioxide emissions. Per the FT, “sulfur dioxide emissions from cars was 3.2m kt versus 62m kt from cruise ships, with Carnival accounting for half that, the study found.”
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12 days ago by jm
RT : cruise was caught dumping waste into OUR . They were fined/placed on probation. They've been caugh…
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The Politics of Brazil's Carnival
Resistance leaders in 2019 Brazil carnival remind us that Carnival was always rooted in politics, freedom
nrazil  carnival  politics  resistance  Q1  2019  dasilva  fascism  crackdown  lgbt  movement 
march 2019 by csrollyson
When the Menopause Carnival Comes to Town | Topic
"Want to feel like your body and mind are suddenly on fire? Step right up."

"Is this some kind of metaphor?"
mimi_pond  comic  painting  image  menopause  carnival  freak  aging  women  growing_up 
january 2019 by cluebucket
Releases · carnivalmobile/carnival-android-sdk
An example project for the Carnival Mobile Android SDK - carnivalmobile/carnival-android-sdk
carnival  release  note  list  sdk  version 
december 2018 by lgtout
Carnival Mobile
Mobile Marketing and Analytics for brands. Carnival Mobile has 7 repositories available. Follow their code on GitHub.
carnival  github  project  list 
december 2018 by lgtout
carnival-android-sdk/AndroidManifest.xml at master · carnivalmobile/carnival-android-sdk
An example project for the Carnival Mobile Android SDK - carnivalmobile/carnival-android-sdk
carnival  integration  example  project  manifest  android 
december 2018 by lgtout

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