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Leading Ideas: Buffer’s new Engineering Career Paths Framework
Buffer's take on a Career ladder (explicitly not a ladder). Uses a "sphere of influence idea" to gauge level, instead of a checklist of skiils
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'How One Sales Guy Used an Explainer Video to Land a Big Promotion (and a Raise!)' via
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What are really the highest paying jobs in America? Here’s an accurate new ranking
combines the BLS figures with new tax data to accurately estimate the whole income distribution of the 11 highest-earning professions.This is the best ranking we’re currently aware of.

the majority of the highest-earning people are managers

Collectively, the 11 professions in the table above (excluding “Other”) account for 18% of jobs and 42% of income. They cover about 60% of people earning over $100,000 and over 90% of those earning above $300,000

Those earning $300,000 per year mostly work in management, law, finance, and medicine. Those earning over $10m per year mostly work in management and finance

The average front office banker in the UK who stays in the job past 35 likely earns over $500,000

We’ve also roughly estimated that hedge fund traders might earn a mean of $400-$900k. This would make “hedge fund trader” and “investment banking” the top of the table

Lthe average venture capital-backed startup founder earns over $1m per year

Future swings in income could be even more unpredictable due to automation. If you want to maximise your expected earnings taking account of uncertainty, then make sure to gain flexible career capital, focusing on skills that are unlikely to be automated, and can be used in lots of areas. Management skills, leadership, problem solving, creativity and social skills seem most attractive on these grounds

The key factor is personal fit – your chances of excelling in the career. The 99th percentile of a profession earns 5-30 times as much as the median, larger than the differences between professions, and you’re not going to reach this level if the job does not suit your strengths.
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What should you look for in a job? Introducing our framework. - 80,000 Hours
How to think in terms of career capital, impact, personal fit. Actionable decision-making spreadsheet.

Aimed at effective altruism.
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平庸程序员的各种迹象 - 文章 - 伯乐在线
这个系列并非试图对程序员划分等级,只是适合某些程序员阅读,他们相信自己有能力判断一件事情在什么情况下是不良习惯的迹象,在什么情况下则是特殊环境导致的结果。 本文是第二篇。
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What are the 10 most harmful jobs? - 80,000 Hours
"50% of Zynga’s revenue comes from 0.15% of users who use their products an enormous amount. Some of these people pay vast sumsfor access to ‘items’ in the game. It’s plausible that their lives are being made worse."
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