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Animator or Software engineer? - Overwatch Forums
Animator Churn a lot but coders if they leave get better pay and upgrade skills:

Coder salaries start at about 90,000 for entry level, and go up quickly from there.
Animators might be half of that.

Coders are always in high demand - but NOT in the video game industry as much as in web. But you have the flexibility to switch between these and other options. Keep your skills current and if what is hot changes, so can you.

Animators mostly are going to be making TV commercials for dry cleaning products in China or something... and be super lucky to ever get a video game spot. You will also spend a LOT of your career filling in the 'extra background stuff' on movie projects that are in post-production.

Coders and Animators in the game and movie industries are hired as contractors, and laid off at the end of projects. Coders might be able to see the game through its whole lifecycle. Most of the animators will get churned every new 'mini-project'.

In the rest of the software industry, coders tend to stick around for 1-3 years in any job if fulltime. Or about 6 months if contractor. There are no animator jobs in this side of things. Coders don't leave because they get laid off so much as because dong so tends to add another 10-50% onto their salary...

When animators leave a project, they tend to have to negotiate down their salary just get on a team. Only the project leads will have any security from avoiding monthly, quarterly, and in some companies, weekly layoffs...

Animators are basically like pro-athletes who top out with the salary of a plumber... You are hoping to 'make the big leagues' where you can finally land a job that pays what your brother that dropped out of school gets paid.

Coders are like street hustlers that get paid what investment bankers make. You hustled your education in community college and some home-study. You made a blog for your mom. Now you're driving 3 BMWs you bought with cash while your brother that got a Ph.D is paying a mortgage that he won't pay off until 2087...
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yesterday by akiraman
The Real Reason Women Quit Tech (and How to Address It)
Women frequently experience being excluded from more creative and innovative roles and instead channeled into less fulfilling execution roles, not receiving high visibility “stretch” assignments, having to prove themselves again and again, and having their ideas ignored until a man makes the same suggestion later. Women receive more vague feedback and personality criticism in performance evaluations, whereas men receive actionable advice tied to business outcomes.

Mentorship is NOT the solution. When women receive mentorship, it’s advice on how they should change and gain more self-knowledge. When men receive mentorship, it’s public endorsement of their authority and concrete steps to take charge and make career moves. Sponsorship is when a mentor goes beyond giving advice to using their influence with senior executives to advocate for the mentee. With a sponsor, women in tech are 70% more likely to have their ideas endorsed, 119% more likely to see their ideas developed, and 200% more likely to see their ideas implemented, compared to women without a sponsor.
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yesterday by wahbahdoo
If you think women in tech is just a pipeline problem, you haven’t been paying attention
41% of women working in tech eventually end up leaving the field (compared to just 17% of men). When researcher Kieran Snyder interviewed 716 women who left tech after an average tenure of 7 years, almost all of them said they liked the work itself, but most were unhappy with the work environment. In NSF-funded research, Nadya Fouad surveyed 5,300 women who had earned engineering degrees (of all types) over the last 50 years, and 38% of them were no longer working as engineers. Fouad summarized her findings on why they leave with “It’s the climate, stupid!”

Here is a sampling of just a few of the studies on unconscious gender bias:
• Investors preferred entrepreneurial ventures pitched by a man than an identical pitch from a woman by a rate of 68% to 32%.
• Applications randomly assigned a male name were rated as significantly more competent and hirable and offered a higher starting salary and more career mentoring.
• In 248 performance reviews of high-performers in tech, negative personality criticism (such as abrasive, strident, or irrational) showed up in 85% of reviews for women and just 2% of reviews for men. It is ridiculous to assume that 85% of women have personality problems and that only 2% of men do.

There is a well-documented confidence gap between men and women. Don’t rely on people nominating themselves for promotions or to get the most interesting projects, since women are less likely to put themselves forward. Google relies on employees nominating themselves for promotions and data revealed that women were much less likely to do so (and thus much less likely to receive promotions). When senior women began hosting workshops encouraging women to nominate themselves, the number of women at Google receiving promotions increased. Groups are more likely to pick male leaders because of their over-confidence, compared to more qualified women who are less confident. Don’t rely heavily on self-evaluations in performance scoring. Women perceive their abilities as being worse than they are, whereas men have an inflated sense of their abilities.
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yesterday by wahbahdoo
These are the skills you should learn that will pay off forever | World Economic Forum
The further along you are in your career, the easier it is to fall back on the mistaken assumption that you’ve made it and have all the skills you need to succeed. The tendency is to focus all your energy on getting the job done, assuming that the rest will take care of itself. Big mistake.
yesterday by jeffhammond
Recruiters Explain What The Worst Resumes Have In Common
Recruiters know all too well that not all resumes are created equal. But while the weaker ones land in the rejection pile for lots of different reasons, there are some common themes. Here are a few resume mistakes recruiters say they keep running into.
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Behavioral Based Job Interview Questions
Examples list of behavioral interview questions
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2 days ago by menk
Becoming a veteran UX Designer – Design at IBM – Medium
How do you know when you’re ready for that mid-career promotion? Usually about two major promotions in (e.g. Band 8 at IBM), it’s the one that tells people you have battle scars, victories under your…
2 days ago by sanchit
There’s always more work to do—but you still don’t need to work long hours
Have you ever wished you could reduce your working hours, or even just limit yourself to 40 hours a week, but came up against all the work that just needs doing? There’s always more work to do, always more bugs, always some feature that’s important to someone— How can you limit yourself to 40 hours a week, let alone a shorter workweek, given all this work? The answer: by planning ahead. And planning ahead the right way.
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2 days ago by e2b

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