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Where Halls of Ivy Meet Silicon Dreams, a New City Rises - The New York Times
Focusing mainly on advanced technology and the sciences, three of the city’s biggest academic building projects in years will soon open for business.
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58% of High-Performance Employees Say They Need More Quiet Work Spaces - Slashdot
An anonymous reader shares a CNBC article: Behold the open industrial office space. At one moment, it feels like such a hip environment, bustling with easy communication and collaboration, innovation and headphones just behind every monitor. At another moment, the open office is the loudest, most an...
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How to Skillfully Answer 'What Is Your Desired Salary?' in a Job Interview |
How to Skillfully Answer 'What Is Your Desired Salary?' in a Job Interview
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Sturgeon says May’s Brexit timescale matches referendum plan | Politics | The Guardian
Nicola Sturgeon has said there is no longer any rational case against a second Scottish independence referendum after Theresa May told her that the full Brexit deal would be known within 18 months.

The first minister said May’s disclosure, during a meeting in Glasgow, closely matched the Scottish government’s timescale for calling a fresh referendum between autumn 2018 and spring 2019. [...] She said she had reminded the prime minister that later this week she would be writing formally to ask the UK government to hand over the powers to stage a referendum in about two years’ time, but May had retorted that her position was clear: the UK government would not grant those powers until after Brexit was completed and the UK had left the EU. [ May banking hoping that SNP will lose majority in Holyrood ]
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Coder Career
"Discussing Coding Interview Questions from Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, etc"
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These Are The Best Industries If You Want To Work From Home This Year - Levo
Want to work from home? Well, it helps if you are in the right industry.  FlexJobs announced 5 career categories for remote job seekers to watch for in 2017.
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Side Hustle: The Smartest Way To Start A Business - Levo
It follows the same logic as most widely-accepted “lean” or “agile” philosophies for starting a business: start with the most stripped-down bare minimum version of your product or service and try to get people to buy it, while iterating along the way according to marketing feedback.I.e.
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