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Planning your future
The point is, in the big picture, no one is going to look after your career for you, but you.

A few years ago, a manager of mine gave me the assignment to work on a five-year career plan. I had never created a career plan before (not even to plot out goals for the coming year), so I was completely unprepared for how and why I should do this. Luckily, she shared her own plan as a guide, but I still agonized through the exercise. Over time I have become aware of how important this was for me to do. Looking and assessing where I was at the time, really thinking about what I wanted to be doing in the future, gave me the tools to make the right decisions to make things happen.
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Etsy Lessons | Lara Hogan
Of the many embarrassingly novice questions I brought to these meetings, I asked her once how I should handle invitations where it’s clear that they’re asking me because I’m a woman. My instincts were to be dismissive of these gigs, to be offended that I was just being asked because they’re filling a quota. She totally rocked my world view by responding, “Why would you say no? This is your opportunity to have another soapbox. This your opportunity to go and do work that helps other women. This is an opportunity to show up and blow everybody out of the water.

John Allspaw, former CTO, was famous to me before I went to Etsy. Imagine how floored I was when I arrived to interview and John bumped into me in the hallway in between meetings and said, “Lara! I’m so happy that you’re here to interview with us. We are very lucky.” How did he even know my name? How did he have any idea who this random person in the hallway was?? His attention to individuals, their stories, their families, their quirky traits, makes such an impact. I always felt like he genuinely wanted to make me feel welcomed and supported, even before I started.
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How to say no
Here are a few ways to kindly and firmly say no when you need to focus.
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Tabs, spaces and your salary - how is it really?
A couple of days ago, David Robinson published an article on the Stack Overflow blog with a very provocative title: Developers Who Use Spaces Make More Money Than Those Who Use Tabs. It uses the data from Stack Overflow developer survey to show that indeed, using spaces is associated with higher salaries, even when we account for experience level. So, should you start using spaces instead of tabs to increase your salary?

The answer is clearly No because correlation doesn't imply causation and intuitively the indentation of source code doesn't have any direct causal link to anyone's salary. The whole story left a lot of people scratching their heads and it even made it into a BBC news story.

I believe that data science should be about answering questions and providing new insights into data - and unfortunately the original article doesn't offer many answers. It's a fun correlation but what's behind it? This blog post is my attempt to shed some light into the issue. The original article encouraged people to explore the data for themselves and this is precisely what I did. So I'd like to invite you to follow me through a little data science detective story and a deep dive into the data from the Stack Overflow survey. You'll see that tabs and spaces are not what they seem. Spoiler: your salary has more to do with the type of company and the environment you work in rather than what type of indentation you use.
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