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Sitting behind a legendary QB means learning from the best - San Francisco 49ers Blog- ESPN
After weeks of watching up close future Hall of Famer Tom Brady's obsessive commitment to his craft, it struck Garoppolo that to succeed in the NFL he would have to make some changes to how he went about his business.

"It's tremendous for a quarterback to sit his first year," Garoppolo said. "You get to sit there and see a guy, if you're lucky, like I got to watch Tom. You kind of try to put yourself in that situation, how to learn from it, what you would do if you were in the spot they were in. There's a ton of things that you could benefit from, and I think if you use it properly, it's good for you."

Pressed on what his "a-ha" moment was, Garoppolo declines to offer detail, but now, almost five years later, he calls it "eye-opening."

"I think [it's] the preparation part of it," said Rivers, who was the backup to Brees for his first two seasons with the Chargers. "We had different styles of leadership, and different routines -- but just to have a routine. Mine is not the same as his, but whether it was Monday morning or Tuesday evening -- if it was 10 o'clock and he was normally doing that, he was doing it at 10 o'clock, it didn't matter what happened the day before. So I was kind of like, 'Wow, that's different.' Because this is a 16-week season and there's a lot of ups and downs, but that was impressive to me."

While Garoppolo had no problem putting up big numbers in college, he soon realized that it would take much more if he wanted to make it in the NFL. He occasionally looks back at his time at Eastern Illinois and wonders why he didn't do more during the week leading up to games. It wasn't until he got to see Brady do it that he understood what was required.

"I think every guy, it's kind of a feel thing," Garoppolo said. "It kind of hits you at one point or another throughout your rookie year. It's a really good learning experience. Some guys it hits early, some guys it might not hit until your second or third year. When you realize you have to be a pro and hold yourself accountable more than having a coach do it for you. I think once you get to that point, it gives you a chance to be successful."

Rodgers, of course, is the ultimate example of waiting his turn. He was drafted in the first round of the 2005 NFL draft by the Green Bay Packers and spent three seasons behind Favre, something he's been getting similar questions about for most of the past 14 years. That much time also brings added perspective, and Rodgers maintains that having to wait was good for him.

According to Rodgers, things might be a bit different if he entered the league today.

"The quarterback today is a lot more ready to play than I was," Rodgers said. "And the best thing to happen to me was sitting behind Favre for three years and learning the game and getting my body in the right shape and being ready to play in Year 4. But some of these guys, because the coaching's improved and the quarterback play in general I think has improved at the lower levels and you're seeing more of the spread stuff coming up from the high school and college ranks, these guys are ready to play, and they're playing well."

"Not everybody does it like Alex, that's the thing," Reid said. "I've been doing this for a couple years and so not everybody does it, goes about their job as thorough as Alex does. And then Alex is a very intelligent guy on top of all that, so you combine those two things, that's why he's been successful. And for Patrick to see that, Patrick also is very intelligent and he wants to be good and he's humble and all that. So, he wasn't afraid to learn from Alex. As a coach, we can tell you to do this and that, but to have a guy like that be able to come in and be able to follow somebody who does it perfect in preparation, that's something special."

Mahomes said he took notes on Smith's weekly routine, from which games Smith would watch on which days to little things like honing his cadence. The key, according to Mahomes, isn't to imitate Smith's plan but to understand how detailed that routine needs to be and then come up with one that works for him.

"I've kind of taken stuff from that and made it my own," Mahomes said. "I make sure I'm prepared for every single situation. That's something he was great at and still is. That's helped me a lot on the field."
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Is the secret of productivity really just doing what you enjoy? | Oliver Burkeman | Life and style | The Guardian
How did Luhmann publish 58 books and hundreds of articles – plus, impressively, several more books after his 1998 death, thanks to manuscripts he left behind? Because, said Luhmann, “I never force myself to do anything I don’t like. Whenever I am stuck, I do something else.”


I’ve experimented with countless time-management techniques, but the results leave me forced to agree: by far the biggest predictor of whether something gets done is whether it’s fun to do. The secret of productivity is simple: just do what you enjoy.
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