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Practice Programming and Find Tech Jobs - CodeFights
CodeFights is the most fun way to practice your programming skills.
Master new languages, prepare for interviews, and much more!
Join an active community of 500,000+ engineers!
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yesterday by eduardoportilho
HackerRank | Technical Recruiting | Hiring the Best Engineers
Practice, Compete, Find Jobs
The HackerRank Community is the largest learning and competition community for programmers
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yesterday by eduardoportilho
No, I have no side code projects to show you | Codementor
I know the exact moment in the interview I lost the job for a boutique app firm in downtown Austin. They wanted to see some of my code, and, of
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yesterday by miguelfteixeira
Дизайнер, закрой Sketch! (Дизайн-кабак (RU))
Толковый пинок под зад начинающим дизайнерам от Ильи Сидоренко ― как правильно строить карьеру на раннем этапе. Важно не бояться общаться с окружающим миром, в том числе более опытными коллегами ― это сильно сокращает путь тем, что подтверждает или опровергает свои планы по развитию.
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yesterday by jvetrau
How to tell if a CEO is worth working for
#1: “When have you had to sugar-coat the truth — or avoid telling the truth — to your team?”
#2: “What do you think is your own greatest leadership blindspot?”
#3: “What does ‘success’ for the company look like to you?”
#4: “What would an employee who’s left the company say it’s like to work for you?”
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yesterday by drmeme
Website guys use to train for big software engineering jobs.
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yesterday by mdpatrick
Jobangebote on Twitter: "(Junior) Product Manager (m/w) Data Advertising #jobs"
(Junior) Product Manager (m/w) Data Advertising #jobs

— Jobangebote (@jobangebote) December 8, 2017
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2 days ago by jobspreader

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