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Five Steps to a Moth Free Wardrobe - Total Wardrobe Care
Get rid of moths with these easy moth prevention tips: Clothes Moth Clean Out, Keeping it Clean, Clothing Storage, Moth Repellent Products, Season Change.
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2 days ago by pauldotdo
Care Instructions | Washing Instructions | WoolOvers
WoolOvers’ care instructions of how to wash wool with detergents, as well as advice on Spin Speeds, Temperatures, Drying, Pilling and Moths
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2 days ago by pauldotdo
Ms BROWN Wool & Cashmere Wash
All natural, Australian-made and 100% biodegradable Wool and Cashmere wash for your most precious wool and cashmere pieces. Plant extracts and organic herbs gently cleanse, soften and refresh natural wool fibres. Pure organic lavender flower extracts and pure Kangaroo Island Eucalyptus oil subtly scent and deter moths.
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2 days ago by pauldotdo
Cotton Care – How To Care For Cotton Fabric | PimaCott
Learn how to care for cotton fabric and get the most out of your Pima cotton products. Follow these simple cotton care instructions to keep your products from shrinking and looking and feeling beautiful wash after wash.
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2 days ago by pauldotdo
General wool care
Washing wool is easy, but there are few other steps to help your wool clothing keep its ‘as new’ look and feel for longer.
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2 days ago by pauldotdo
The Woolmark Company
The Woolmark Company is the global authority on Merino wool and owns the Woolmark logo, a quality assurance symbol applied to more than 5 billion products.
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2 days ago by pauldotdo
Bringing the Kitchen Out of the House - e-flux Architecture - e-flux
Urban kitchens are used by a community and act as complementary to private ones, which have ceased to be regularly used as a result of the propagation of this communal typology. Since the origin of the typology, these domestic, yet communal organizations have become spaces for the formation of political communities and agencies that go beyond the act of cooking and eating. They are radical systems that blur not only the established limits between private and public, between family structures and domestic roles, between labor and housekeeping, between female and male roles… but that also act as a place for neighborhood management in a way that is connected directly with municipal and larger political institutions. They are a model that has influenced Peru’s neighboring countries and beyond, and have led replicas and similar formulas to propagate....

this resulted in two general strikes, one in 1977 and the other in 1978, as well as many other smaller, more sector-specific strikes. The economic instability and struggles taking place during these years gave rise to the organization of collective cooking, typically in front of markets, to supply food to those suffering from the recession. The act of collecting leftovers from markets and citizens volunteering made the instability of the moment visible....

During that moment, a group of women began to extrapolate this collective form of cooking to their neighborhoods, arranging spaces for community food production in the vicinity of their homes. During those years, an international food program subsidy was in place, which was organized and managed by different NGOs and Catholic organizations, such as Caritas. Because of this, it was not unheard of or impractical to encourage a self-managed system of food production and distribution among those who were receiving assistance....

the programmatic and legal constraints of governmental programs tend to work against projects that understand the house as an urban infrastructure. Even if there is a clear need for these domestic-urban infrastructures, there are still a host of legal barriers and social bias that prevent them from growing and evolving.
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4 days ago by shannon_mattern

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