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Plast Print
Anna? 00380675004948 rief aus der Ukraine an: Das Unternehmen "Plast Print" wurde 2004 gegründet. Derzeit sind wir einer der führenden Hersteller von nicht finanziellen Plastikkarten in der Ukraine.

Produktionskapazität Offset- und Digitaldruck: Druck auf Plastikplatten und Kartenformen. Produktionsumfang: 1 Million Karten pro Monat. Auftragsumfang von 100 St. bis 1 Mio. Karten Produktions- und Lagerräume - 700 m2. Spezielle Produktionseinrichtung - 20 Einheiten. Einrichtung folgender Marken: Riyobi, Plextor, Datacard, Matica, Eltron, Sysco u.s.w.
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yesterday by Alldesign
Evil Mad Scientist Valentines: 2019 Edition | Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories
2019 valentines

Today we are releasing our newest set of “Download and Print” cards for Valentine’s day. This is our seventh year, and seventh set of cards. The 2013 set had six equation-heavy cards, the 2014 set was a set of six symbol-heavy cards, and the 2015 set included love, hearts, and arrows. The 2016 set featured Pluto’s cold heart, and the perfect card for your robotic expression of love. In 2017 we featured atomic orbitals, exponential growth, and an epsilon delta declaration of love. The 2018 set featured normal force, stable equilibriums, and something about RPN calculators.

This year’s set features geometry, division by zero, batteries, a nod to quantum chromodynamics, and two very bad puns. (Sorry not sorry.)
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3 days ago by Quercki
Perspective Cards - build without bias
You may think your user thinks as you do, but they don’t. Click these cards to discover new perspectives that challenge you to be more inclusive in your work.
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4 days ago by garcon
Personalized gifts, custom branded products, cards, invitations
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9 days ago by esh

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