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The Choice of Spirits by dawnfelagund
Unlucky in love, Caranthir has settled into his lonely life in Middle-earth when love comes from the most unexpected of places: a mortal woman leading a band of refugees upon his land. In the love that grows between Haleth and Caranthir, the two cannot quite overcome the expectations of their people to be together fully, as they wish, and they face the inevitability of separation after death.
caranthir  caranthir/haleth  haleth  5-10K 
november 2018 by elftrash
This Taste of Shadow by Mira_Jade
Massive collection of ficlets spanning the First to Third Ages, in thematic rather than chronological order. Canon-compliant; canon pairings, gen, family, etc. ENORMOUS.
400+K  gen  celeborn/galadriel  celebrian/elrond  fingon/maedhros  beren/luthien  melian/thingol  galadriel  elrond  elros  fingon  maedhros  maglor  celeborn  finarfin  haleth  caranthir  Caranthir/Haleth  celegorm  luthien  melian 
september 2018 by elftrash
Signs Of Life by asweetcatastrophe
He wanted her to thrive, but he wanted her to be close. He knew both were not possible.
caranthir/haleth  caranthir 
september 2018 by elftrash
Defiant Hope, Take Wing by lordnelson100
Caranthir the Dark does business with an Edain, and unwittingly gives rise to the hope of Middle-earth. Maedhros forms a plan.
caranthir/haleth  caranthir  haleth  fixit  10-15K 
september 2018 by elftrash
Age Before Beauty by Emilyenrose
He seemed to feel her staring. He rolled over and regarded her, heavy-lidded. The eyes beneath the long lashes were glittering dark and knowing, the eyes of a grown man in the face of a beardless youth fair as a girl. It was the face of a young god or a dream-vision. Were they all like this, the Elves of this west country? Ye gods! This ill-spoken prince hadn’t even been the prettiest one at the party.
rec  caranthir/haleth  caranthir  haleth  1-2K 
september 2018 by elftrash
silwritersguild: "The Choices of Spirits"
Caranthir falls in love with Haleth of the Edain, and their lives--and fates--become forever entwined. This story examines the AU relationship between Caranthir and Haleth and how it might have ended...or not.
lotr  pre-lotr  silmarillion  caranthir  haleth  caranthir/haleth  het  maedhros  grieving  marriage  giftofmen  dawnfelagund  length-short 
march 2011 by ratcreature

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