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All About Your Baltimore Car’s Timing Belt
Your car’s timing belt works by making sure your camshaft and crankshaft turn at the right speed. The crankshaft makes sure your car’s pistons move up for compression and exhaust cycles and down for power and intake.
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Uber and the Ongoing Erasure of Public Life | The New Yorker
"A study by the San Francisco County Transportation Authority, published in October, concluded that, from 2010 to 2016, over fifty per cent of the increase in traffic delays in San Francisco were due to Uber and Lyft—and that Uber and Lyft cars constituted an estimated quarter of the total delay on the city’s streets. Another study, of twenty-two large U.S. cities by three University of Kentucky civil engineers, which was presented at the Transportation Research Board’s annual meeting, in January, deduces that T.N.C.s create immediate declines in bus and rail ridership."
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Car Cost per Year - New vs Used | Hacker News
Its to best to byu about 8 years old car and switch cars every eight years. Or same with 10 year old vechile.
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Emoji license plates will soon be available in Queensland, Australia - The Verge
Drivers in the Australian state of Queensland will soon be able to personalize their license plates with emoji. The state’s official license plate vendor, Personalised Plates Queensland (PPQ), is launching the option on March 1st, with preorders ava…
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AVS Home
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十一天深度体验 Model 3 之后,我想把它推荐给每一个人 - 少数派
我们不是为了把车卖给富人,而是为了改变汽车的本质。 整个春节,我开着它从广州回到湖南老家,县里乡里走亲戚,过完年又大包小包回到广州。 via Pocket
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