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Simulate mobile device with selenium | Testingrepository - Testing repository - selenium webdriver solution and more
Now that mobile technologies becomes so popular most of the traffic that businesses receives comes from mobile. Your team might not have a setup to run the tests using appium in house or using some third part service provider. There is a solution that you can rely on , to simulate mobile device with selenium using chrome browser.

I know there might be voices saying that you might miss important bugs , I would say not really because:

User Agent Recognition
One important concept in the mobile world is the so called User Agent of a device. The detection of a mobile device can be done on the client-side (browser) and/or the server-side, and these approaches have certain major differences.

When you want to see how a site would look on a certain mobile phone model without using the actual device, your best bet for accurate results is to mimic the User Agent string (UA) of the device. What happens when you download a web page is your browser sends its UA to the server.
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RT : Do you ever wish your rats were this big? 😂
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Testing best practices | GitLab
Test a happy path and a less happy path but that’s it
Every other possible path should be tested with Unit or Integration tests
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Headless Capybara Feature Specs with Chrome
We're experimenting with running feature specs using Chrome's new headless mode. How do we set it up, and how does it compare to Capybara-WebKit?
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Wish all of my Sundays featured a moment with a (I mean.. it was literally yawning! 😍)
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Write Reliable, Asynchronous Integration Tests With Capybara
Algumas dicas sobre como escrever bons testes de integração com o Capybara.
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