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Mastering Capture One: A Free Guide
Alexander Svet – professional photographer, Capture One trainer. Here discusses the most interesting news about Capture One, reviewing all the latest updates.
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8 weeks ago by imagingservices
Capture One tutorials
Variety of webinars, tutorials, guides created by Phase one very heavily steered towards commercial photographers but soem may be of interest check them out.
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8 weeks ago by imagingservices
User GuideCapture One 11
Welcome to the official User Guide for Capture One. The Capture One help site has been designed as a workflow guide, starting with installation and configuration - working through to processing of files to their final output.
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8 weeks ago by imagingservices
r+p Capture One apps
r+p are big on making everyone’s life on a shoot a little better and easier. Thats why we have written a bunch of applications that automate some of the mundane aspects of digital photography.
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july 2019 by feaverish
Lens Info in EXIF: Sony Alpha SLR/SLT A-mount Talk Forum: Digital Photography Review
These tags cannot be written to an XMP file because they are not xmp tags, so unfortunately there is no way around writing directly to the ARW or JPG file.
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may 2019 by foliovision
Capture One Blog » Blog Archive 12 tips and tricks you probably didn't know | Capture One Blog
Red, Green and Blue Channels: Will move the channels individually, affecting contrast and correcting for any color cast there might be present in shadows, midtones or highlights.
may 2019 by foliovision
Catalogs vs Sessions: An Epic Battle of Our Times - DT Commercial Photo
That means I can find all of my 5-star wedding images using any program that can search folders for files, including the Finder’s Find command in MacOS. 
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may 2019 by foliovision
Sessions Explained • Image Alchemist
Move you images to a different location from within Capture One (Library tool). This will ensure that your adjustments will stick to the images.
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may 2019 by foliovision
Why are the previews of Capture One Pro of such low quality?
C1 is so many versions in and still has this core and crippling problem.

It is also true that you can't really look at your pictures, as C1 presents them in that horrible blurry and low-quality, hazy preview.

Speed is not everything. What advantage do I have from speed if the quality is terribly low?
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may 2019 by foliovision
Capture One Blog » Blog Archive Sessions + Catalogs: Get the best of both worlds - Capture One Blog
Perfect. I can see a way out. Then, someday if C1 ever gets around to fixing the catastrophe of catalogs I’ll be set. If not, no problem.
may 2019 by foliovision
How I organize my Photos to play nicely with Capture One and Lightroom — Sven Stork
Both Lightroom and Capture one allow you to store/sync metadata in the actual files (or side car files). This crucial for my approach. In Lightroom you can enable this in the catalog settings:
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may 2019 by foliovision

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