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mokemokechicken/docker_capture_web: Docker Container to take full screenshot of a web page
Docker Container to take full screenshot of a web page - mokemokechicken/docker_capture_web
docker  capture  screenshot 
22 minutes ago by oppara
Full Page Screen Capture Chrome Extension - Peter Coles

one-click full page screen-capture—the easiest way for anyone to do it
captures all content on the page—including scrolling down and right (if necessary)
pauses to prevent the scrollbar from appearing in the screenshot on Mac OSX
handles most sticky headers that always appear at the top of the page when you scroll (e.g.,
opens a new tab with your screen capture, which is given a named based on your current URL—right click on the file and hit “save as” or just drag it to your desktop
plugins  chrome  screen  capture 
2 days ago by vegarev
Rocket recycling – catching rocket stages after launch
Huh, catching a winged first stage booster rocket by the nose, air towing to a landing site, then releasing it again so it can glide to land. Avoids boost-back for recovery (more fuel for main flight), doesn't require a landing site forward in the ground track for the booster either. Catch-and-release, like a big mouth billy bass...
DLR  germany  europe  EU  air  capture  tow  towed  glider  gliding  booster  rocket  space  recovery  research  technology 
2 days ago by asteroza
Firefox Screenshots
"Screenshots made simple. Capture and download screenshots without leaving Firefox."

"Select the Screenshots icon from the page actions menu in the address bar, and the Screenshots menu will appear on top of your browser window."

"Click and drag to select the area you want to capture. Or just hover and click — Screenshots will select the area for you. Like what you see? Select Save to access your screenshot online or the down arrow button to download it to your computer."

"Use the buttons in the upper right to capture full pages. The Save Visible button will capture the area you can view without scrolling, and Save Full Page will capture everything on the page."

"Take your best shot. Screenshots lets you download your selection or copy it right to your clipboard."
firefox  tools  screen  capture 
9 days ago by eric.brechemier
Insta360 EVO
Interesting transformer design, from 360 spherical capture, to 2 camera 3D 180 capture
360  3D  180  image  capture  digital  video  camera  VR  hardware  electronics  devices 
10 days ago by asteroza
Drones catching drones
Sorta Rube-Goldberg but if it works, it works
linecatch  line  midair  recovery  UAV  drone  capture 
10 days ago by asteroza
Zero Mass Water - Perfecting Your Water
Claim to be a water harvester/dehumidifier using active dewpoint raising and passive condensation. Which sounds fishy...
water  harvester  scavenger  dehumidifier  moisture  capture 
10 days ago by asteroza
6 ways UVC drivers changed the video capture industry
“With the introduction of UVC drivers in all major operating systems, UVC-compatible grabbers don’t need any installation or set-up and are able to immediately capture content. The video grabber shifts from being an extension of its capture computer to becoming a true accessory of its capture device (i.e. video camera, tablet, HDTV).  This decoupling of the video grabber from one specific capture computer creates true portability in video grabber capture.”
webcams  video  capture  podcasting  uvc  2019 
12 days ago by handcoding

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