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what are friends for
Three shootouts in Gibraltar back to back to back with barely a moment to catch his breath.
captain.america  the.winter.soldier  steve/bucky 
18 days ago by malfoys
Chris Evans on 'Avengers: Endgame' and Life After Captain America
“I love to rollerblade. It’s a bummer that rollerblading became uncool, because it’s fucking awesome. You have wheels on your fucking feet. Come on! My friends make fun of me, but I fucking love it.”
skating  captain.america 
22 days ago by blurback
Fic: Yes, Captain [steve/bucky, captain america]
“Yes, Captain,” Bucky sasses, when he’s capable of speech again.

Steve stills. His head tilts very slightly. Not shocked, not angry. Considering.

Bucky feels adrenaline flood through his body. This little punk is ninety pounds wet, and Bucky is absolutely frozen in his chair intimidated by him.
mcu  captain.america  pairing:james."bucky".barnes/  author:marlowe_tops  (content:pre-canon)  (content:domestic)  (content:co-habitation)  (kink:d/s)  (kink:bondage)  (kink:bdsm)  (kink:spanking)  (content:angst)  (  [rating:no.pants]  (words:15001-25k) 
5 weeks ago by midnightbex
20th Century Limited - Speranza - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
"Where am I? Where is this?" and he was in Brooklyn, he was on a beach, the train was shaking around him. He was in the plane, ice splintering up onto the windshield. He was in a tank, tubes trailing from his face, from his groin. Christ, he was cold. There was still ice on his fingers. He was in the Grand Canyon. He was in Times Square. This couldn't be Times Square. Where the hell was this? "Tell me! Where am I, who are you, where's—" —Bucky?
fanfiction  slash  stucky  bucky.barnes  captain.america  the.winter.soldier 
5 weeks ago by midwintersong
United States v. Barnes, 617 F. Supp. 2d 143 (D.D.C. 2015)
The Associated Press @AP
Winter Soldier set to stand trial for Washington D.C. massacre and treason
stucky  mcu  fanfiction  slash  bucky.barnes  the.winter.soldier  captain.america 
6 weeks ago by midwintersong
Fic: Reflecting Light [bucky/steve, captain america]
Bucky sits up, settling cross-legged next to Steve. Despite his denials, Steve’s pupils are dark and wide, surrounded by the thinnest line of blue. “You never thought about it?” Bucky leans in slightly, not crowding too close. Steve won’t back down, but he will fight like a cornered animal. “Kissing me?”
mcu  captain.america  pairing:james."bucky".barnes/  author:romanticalgirl  (content:post.civil.war)  (content:get.together)  [rating:pants]  (words:501-1k) 
9 weeks ago by midnightbex
Fic: love is like (a heat wave) [steve/bucky, captain america au]
“What happened?” Steve asks.

“Fuck if I know. They sprayed me with something. Made my heat came on just like that.” Bucky snaps his fingers. “Then Rumlow walked in already in rut.” His grin is savage. “I guess they thought I’d be too out of my head to say no.”

“You said no?” Steve guesses. He’s not ashamed to admit that his knees are more than a little weak with relief that Hydra’s plan failed.

“With a punch to the dick.”

Steve laughs and nuzzles Bucky’s temple, drawn in by his scent. “No wonder he couldn’t stand straight.”

“Not a good day for Rumlow. I broke his dick, you broke his face.”
mcu  captain.america  pairing:james."bucky".barnes/  author:obsessivereader  (au)  (au:alpha/beta/omega.dynamics)  (content:mating.cycles/in.heat)  (kink:knotting)  (content:get.together)  [rating:no.pants]  (words:2501-5k) 
9 weeks ago by midnightbex
Fic: If Only In My Dreams [steve/bucky, captain america au]
Bucky is a highly successful cooking and lifestyle blogger, the gay New England Pioneer Woman if you will. He writes all about life in his Connecticut home with his D.H. (darling husband). Only problem? It’s all complete fiction. He actually lives in a shitty Brooklyn apartment, is single as hell, and has visited Connecticut exactly one time at the age of eight.

When his agent Sam informs him that he's been offered an exclusive sponsorship deal with Stark Media and a three book contract to go with it, Bucky's forced to fess up to Sam, who's predictably...displeased. But Sam's also convinced the deal is too good to miss—even if they have to put on a little bit of a show in order to get it.

So Tony and Pepper descend on Bucky and Sam's fake home for Christmas with a devastatingly handsome War Hero in tow, and their already complicated plan quickly gets even more complicated as Bucky finds himself falling head over heels for Steve. Can he keep it together just for the holidays? Did he ever have it together in the first place?
mcu  captain.america  pairing:james."bucky".barnes/  author:odetteandodile  (au)  (au:modern)  (content:fake.marriage)  (content:christmas)  (content:pining)  [rating:no.pants]  (words:25001-35k) 
11 weeks ago by midnightbex
Fic: Take Your Time Coming Home [bucky/steve, captain america au]
It all started with a drink ticket. Or was it with a letter?

No, probably it all started the day Steve Rogers decided to move into an apartment-share with a guy he's never laid eyes on. And since their agreement is that Steve has the place at night and the other fella takes it over during the day, there's no reason they ever even need to meet.

Unless there are a whole lot of reasons why they absolutely should.
mcu  captain.america  pairing:james."bucky".barnes/  author:odetteanddodile  (au)  (au:canon.divergence)  (content:pre-canon)  (content:pining)  (content:epistolary)  (content:roommates)  (  (content:get.together)  [rating:no.pants]  (words:10001-15k) 
11 weeks ago by midnightbex
Fic: ain't really quaint [steve/bucky, captain america]
Natasha stops by on a Tuesday, early enough in the morning that it would have been late by Steve’s old standards. Now, though, it takes him nearly three minutes just to limp to the door, yawning, and when he opens it he has to lean heavily on the doorframe.

“Hi,” Natasha says, over the beginnings of birdsong. She’s not alone. “Can we come in?”
mcu  marvel  captain.america  avengers  pairing:james."bucky".barnes/  author:silentwalrus  author:quietnight  (au)  (au:canon.divergence)  (content:crack)  (content:recovery)  [rating:no.pants]  (words:35001-45k) 
11 weeks ago by midnightbex
Ain't No Grave (Can Keep My Body Down) - Chapter 1 - spitandvinegar - Captain America - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
It's six in the morning, and Steve is heading out on a run when he nearly trips over a bouquet of sunflowers on the front steps of his brownstone.

For a second paranoia takes over, and he kicks the flowers a little, waiting for them to explode. They don't. They also came with a card, which he picks up. The front of the card has a tasteful picture of the Brooklyn bridge at sunset. It's very nice and sedate, like the kind of card you would buy to give to your boss. On the inside someone has written a short message in big, shaky block letters.


Steve sits down hard on the steps.
fic  avengers  captain.america  steve/bucky  homelessness  recovery 
march 2019 by sequat
Fic: How to Woo the Winter Soldier [steve/bucky, captain america]
“I think I’m ready to date again,” Steve said.

“What,” Natasha said.

“What?” Clint said, lowering his binoculars. He blinked at the dumbstruck look on the Captain’s face, then followed his gaze to where he was staring dopily at—at the Winter fucking Soldier.

“Steve, no,” Clint groaned.

Or: Steve courts the Winter Soldier.
mcu  captain.america  avengers  pairing:james."bucky".barnes/  author:writeonclara  (content:humor)  (content:courtship)  (  via:midnightbex 
march 2019 by yarngeek
Fic: where somebody waits for me [bucky/steve, captain america au]
After his wife's death, Steve Rogers was left with a one year old daughter, a much emptier home, and a grief that left him near catatonic. Bucky Barnes - Iraq vet and Steve's longtime best friend - stepped up to help him stitch his life back together and raise his daughter until he was back on his feet. It wasn't a hard decision as far as Bucky was concerned. Steve needed the help, and he needed it from someone he already trusted with his kid, so who else could do it?

Years later, Steve and Bucky have been platonically coparenting Sarah ever since Bucky offered to help out, and Bucky is starting to realize just how much he likes playing house with Steve... and how close everything is to blowing up in his face because of it.
mcu  captain.america  pairing:james."bucky".barnes/  author:isabellajack  author:debwalsh  author:ftmsteverogers  (au)  (au:modern)  (content:kid.fic)  (content:co-parenting)  (content:pining)  [rating:no.pants]  (words:10001-15k) 
march 2019 by midnightbex
Fic: How to Woo the Winter Soldier [steve/bucky, captain america]
“I think I’m ready to date again,” Steve said.

“What,” Natasha said.

“What?” Clint said, lowering his binoculars. He blinked at the dumbstruck look on the Captain’s face, then followed his gaze to where he was staring dopily at—at the Winter fucking Soldier.

“Steve, no,” Clint groaned.

Or: Steve courts the Winter Soldier.
mcu  captain.america  avengers  pairing:james."bucky".barnes/  author:writeonclara  (content:humor)  (content:courtship)  ( 
march 2019 by midnightbex
Where the Need is Greatest
In which Steve Rogers takes one look at the history of American military interventions since the end of World War II and nopes straight out of it, follows in his Ma's footsteps to become a paramedic, joins Doctors Without Borders, gets sent on an unsanctioned humanitarian mission to Syria, and somehow still ends up being a determining factor in Hydra's downfall - all of this without throwing a single punch.

Somehow, he's okay with it.
fic  au  marvel  captain.america  bucky.barnes  nick.fury  natasha.romanov 
march 2019 by Beatrice_Otter

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