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Happy Birthday to two incredible and inspiring Capricorns!! ♑️ 🎉 💜
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january 2019 by morsecode
Happy birthday, Sade! = best people ja! :)
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january 2019 by rtanglao
27 Memes That’ll Make All Capricorns Feel Targeted
not all of these are good and who knowz about the multiple-sign-combo ones, but hey... I'm a Capricorn

and #5 is too close to home :-(  list  meme  image  funny  zodiac  capricorn  personality  social_media 
june 2018 by cluebucket
,,,,,: It’s good to protect yourself and not want to be emotional…
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april 2018 by DocDre
Capricorn Bowden Tubing | E3D Online
Your extruder system has a finite amount of pushing force. You want as much as possible of that pushing force to be used to generate pressure in your HotEnd, as it’s what causes the molten filament to actually extrude from the print-head (crucial to 3D printing!).The friction of filament sliding its way from the filament drive to the HotEnd saps away some of this force, leaving less force to create useful pressure. When we use a bowden system the filament has to travel on a longer and more convoluted path, and so we get higher losses to friction. While standard PTFE is slippery enough to mitigate this effect, it does not eliminate it.

Another error source in extrusion systems is the compression/buckling of the filament. As we apply pressure to the filament in order to extrude it will bend a little (but a little is all it takes) between the extruder drive wheel and the HotEnd melt zone. Because of this spring-like compression we can advance the filament by 1mm at the drive wheels, but 1mm’s worth of filament will not immediately exit the nozzle in perfect synchronicity. In a bowden system this filament-spring is “softer” due to its much increased-length. The subsequent deformation under force results in extruder motor speed changes taking longer to be reflected at the nozzle, and the errors being greater in magnitude. 

Capricorn XS bowden tubing helps with both of these issues. It is made of pure PTFE that has been treated with a special additive to reduce friction. It is also made to highly precise standards, with an extremely tight internal diameter to improve filament constraint between the extruder and the HotEnd.
capricorn  bowden  tube  tubing  3d  printer  printing  europe  online  store  ptfe 
february 2018 by 44sunsets
The Day of Laconic Authority
secret language of my birthday
Innocent Laconic Authority

the day of laconic authority
the week of the ruler
the way of innocence
the path of the innocent ruler
the month of supporter
the season of evaluation
?  report  profile  personality  astrology  birthday  capricorn  card  ruler  innocence  supporter  evaluation  winter  season  gary_goldschneider  thomas_rezek  december  me  advice  emotion  tip 
may 2017 by cluebucket
Wendy Stacey, Professional Astrologer, Buckinghamshire, UK
UNUSUAL poignant history lesson & context for world #economy #culture #philosophy disruption #kudos
astrology  reference  pluto  capricorn  insight  analysis  history  disruption  aspect  future  exceptional 
february 2017 by csrollyson

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